I have decided to title my missions updates for June 2020. ”BUILDING THE BODY OF CHRIST”. Our God is Faithful and good, He will not allow us to stumble or to be stigmatized by the corona Virus pandemic.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has eased inter-state travels and Local flights for a period of four weeks. Church services are in sessions for only two hours with precautionary measures as prescribed by the government such as wearing of face masks, social distancing, wearing of hand gloves by those who share the Lord’s supper, washing of hands and sanitizers before entering the Church hall. A task force set up by the Government is checking churches to arrest offenders. We are doing our best to keep to these instructions while believing in God that the virus will end soon so that we will be able to carry out all our evangelistic programmes.

With God on my side I was able to accomplish the following activities for the lord in the month of June 2020 I have titled my June missions updates “Building the body of Christ”

  1. VISTIS TO TWINS AND NEW BORN BABIES: On 10th June 2020, after our normal Bible class, at the Church of Christ Abak Itenge, we visited a Christian lady who had given birth to twins. She is from a very poor background; I gave some financial assistance for their up keep

On the 11th June 2020, with the company of some Christian women from Church of Christ Ikot Akpabio, we visited a sister who gave birth to a baby recently. We donated some food, items to the family.

  1. TWO BAPTISMS RECORDED AT THE YOUNG CONGREGATION-CHURCH OF CHRIST ABAK ITEGNE: On 17th June, following our normal Wednesday bible class, two souls responded for Baptism. This young Church which I established on January 20, 2019 is growing as God gives the increases. I gave out some used clothes from my deceased wife to the women of this church and they were very happy to receive them.
  1. PURCHASE OF LAND FOR MISSIONS PROJECT: By the grace of God, I was able to locate a piece of land 4 plots besides my residence. I am requesting for some assistances to pay for the land. It costs 5 million naira presently, I have 1 million Naira and the Hillsboro congregation have started to contribute money for the land. I need 3 million Naira to complete the payment. This land will be used to build a Christian Rehabilitation centre and W.B.S study centre where W.B.S lessons will be displayed and distributed. Orphans and those who have various problems will be rehabilitated. I need your help so as to accomplish this missions driven project.

Once again thank you for your prayers and financial support for the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom in Nigeria. May God bless you all in Jesus Name – Amen

Uyai Sunday Joshua

Mission Update April 2020



It is by God’s love and mercy that we are not consumed. The Coronavirus Pandemic has claimed many lives and kept people in their homes but I strategize other methods of evangelism like phone calls, text messages and e-mails to continue preaching the gospel of Christ. Glory be to God for the following results:

  1. THE RESTORATION OF UKEME ETUKUDO: The Church of Christ, Ikot Obong, Afaha Obong, Abak disfellowshipped Ukeme Etukudo for neglecting the Assembly of the Saints for more than five months. He is a photographer who attends denominational functions to take photographs for his living. I called him on phone and sent text messages to him and encouraged him to go back to the Church for restoration. The preacher informed me that he was restored two Sundays ago.
  2. GOSPEL MEETING AT CHURCH OF CHRIST, IKOT OBIOKO, OTORO, ABAK: In spite of the pandemic COVID-19, the Church of Christ, Ikot Obioko, Abak conducted a Gospel meeting on 11th April, 2020 on the theme – Leadership. It had a large crowd of people in attendance and many prayers were offered to God for His Divine Intervention for the virus to end.
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  1. CHILDREN QUIZ COMPETITION AT THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, IKOT AKPABIO, AFAHA OBONG: Children in the elementary school ages 6-10 from the Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio had a quiz from the New Testament (Matthew – John) on 5th April, 2020. The quiz master and the sponsor of the Quiz Competition Usen Augustine Joshua gave a cash donation of ₦10,000 to the winner of the first position, ₦7,000 to the second position and ₦5,000 to the third position and the rest of the competitors were given a bottle of fruit juice each.
  1. ONE BAPTISM DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: We are still holding Sunday Services at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio, though brief worship service 8-10am observing social distancing and washing of hands with sanitizers. On 26th April, I preached a short sermon on the “Lord is Near” and one soul defected from the kingdom of darkness and came into the kingdom of light and I baptized him.

On Wednesday April 29, 2020, I visited the Church of Christ, Abak Itenge in company of Anameti Akpan. We have been teaching them every Wednesday 5-6pm but we could not go there for the past three weeks because of the lockdown. We sang and prayed with the brethren and encouraged them with the Word of God that the virus will soon end. They cried for help because of help because of hunger. I established this congregation on January 2019. They are very young in the faith and made up of very poor village people. They need our prayers and encouragements.

I am building my house on a very small piece of land, the building takes the whole land so that there is no packing space and no allowance for fencing. This has been my problem for a long time and now they want to sell the land in front of my house, four plots at the cost ₦5 million ($11,500) which is beyond my reach. I can only afford ₦1 million. I will appreciate any form of assistance from the Austin Church of Christ family. Thank you sirs. Please let me know what you think and how you can help.

Bro. Chad Wagner was able to raise funds to buy for me to new motorcycle for my rural evangelism. I thank him a lot this help. This motorcycle will take me to villages where roads are bad and my motorcar cannot enter and motorcycle is more economical in terms of fueling and maintenance.

May God bless you all.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

March 2020 Report



God is love, His love and mercies endureth forever. It is the Lord mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. God’s love is new every morning great is thy faithfulness.

     The coronavirus – COVID 19 that is claiming lives of many Americans and Nigerians will not touch any of us in Jesus name, Amen. This virus will soon end.

On Sunday March 1, 2020, I preached the Gospel of Christ at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio, one soul responded and was baptized.

On 22nd March, 2020, I conducted W.B.S seminar at Church of Christ, Ukana Mkpa Eyop, Abak. We thank God that this dangerous virus has not reached Akwa Ibom State, so the seminar attracted a good number of Christians. We also preached from house to house and enrolled many into W.B.S courses. What we are doing in my congregation is that we do not allow many members to sit together, we try to space them and they wash hands with sanitizers and running water before they enter the Church hall. Large congregations split their services into four sessions. This week the federal and state Government has declared no work, stay at home from Monday to Friday and restriction of flights and closure of boarders. But workers are paid their salaries so that they may have food to eat with their families.

On Saturday 29th March, 2020 I participated in the ordination service of the first batch of Elders and Deacons at Church of Christ, No 3 Udoekpo Lane, Abak where three Elders and Deacons were ordained. It was a grand ceremony because only few congregations have Elders and Deacons here in Nigeria, many people came out to see the ordination.

Brother Chad, let me ask, I will like to attend this year’s ACAC at Eswatini-Mozambique if there are some assistance from Austin Chapel, let me know sir. Thank you

        It is our daily prayers that God will continue to protect us from all harms and infections especially this Corona Virus-COVID 19. May this virus ends soon.

Thank you and God bless you richly.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

Two Baptisms & One Restoration

I bring to you greetings of Love from Nigeria.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to assist in the spread of the Lord’s kingdom in Nigeria. May God continue to bless you all in Jesus name – Amen.

 I am reporting the good work God has used me to accomplish in the month of February to 1st March, 2020.

February 5 -8, I travelled with other ministers to Abuja to attend the great workshop 2020 arranged for Nigerian World Bible School Evangelists. The theme was “fixing the broken links”, about 600 ministers attended the workshop, seven keynotes speeches were delivered, one soul was baptized into Christ during the evangelism outings.

On 22nd February 2020, I helped to organize a seminar at N.C.B.C. Ukpom for WBS students on the theme “Christ and His church”

Two keynotes lessons were delivered – I have come that they may have life John 10:10 by Samuel Okon and II identifying the Lord’s church by Monday Akpakpan. Many WBS students from Nigerian Christian School Ukpom and Area churches attended and many new students were enrolled into WBS.

I need a WBS teacher in U.S.A. to send names of students to.

On 23rd February, 2020 I taught in an indoor lectureship at Church of Christ Ikot Akpabio on the subject of “Christian Faithfulness”.

Imo Friday Okon who had wondered away from the fold for three years and was disfellowshipped came out for restoration. He was restored and prayed for his steadfastness.

On 1st March, 2020, I preached again at Church of Christ Ikot Akpabio and one soul by name Goodnews Eugene responded for baptism.

Jane Uyai Joshua, my first daughter received a gift of smart phone for answering many questions during Sunday school. The gift came from Usen Augustine who was the moderator during the service.

The Church of Christ has appreciated one widow Arit John Uko for her steadfastness over the years. She has no children. On Sunday 1st March, the church decided to buy some clothes and give her some money for feeding. This was the first time the brethren here showed such benevolence. We will be doing this as we have the opportunity.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

“Success all the way”

As the year 2019 is drawing to a close, I am very thankful to God and my dear supporters at Austin Chapel Church of Christ for providing financial support and your prayers which has enables me to preach the Gospel of Christ successfully this year. God is faithful and cannot forget your labour of love.

This month of November has a success story all the way.

October 31st November to 4th, I travelled to Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria, I participated in the National Ministers Forum and N.C.B.C. Alumni meeting.

I worshipped at Church of Christ Kado, Abuja; we had one baptism during the morning service.

On 10th November, I conducted WBS Seminar and evangelism at Church of Christ, Ikot Esu, Ika, we had one baptism. 

On 16th and 24th November I attended a marriage ceremony between Goodnews Peter and Ruth Ikpat. The traditional marriage was at Etinan while the wedding was at Church of Christ, Etonko Street, Calabar. On the 17th November, I took sixty N.C.B.C Students for house to house evangelism at Ikot Akpaetong, Midim Abak, there we preached to many non Christians who promised to worship with the Church of Christ.

On the same day, November 17, a degree student of N.C.B.C. by name Enono Charles serving as a chaplain at St. Annie Christian College, Obio Ndot Abak reported to me that he preached on “the things we must forsake because of Christ” when he extended an invitation  12 souls responded and were baptized.

Last week Wednesday November 20, I baptized Joy Emmanuel, a degree student of N.C.B.C after a series of Bible Studies.

On 28th November, I took ten N.C.B.C. students to participate in evangelism and a Golden Jubilee celebration of the church of Eka Uruk Eshiet, Etim Ekpo. The Golden Jubilee celebration of this church will end tomorrow December 1st, 2019 with thanksgiving service. I will give detail report on this by next week.

Today, November 30, I preached a funeral of a devoted Christian Lady Grace Charles Umoh who lived for one hundred years at Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong. It was a celebration of life well spent.

Summary of work for November, 2019

No. of Baptism – 17

No. of Seminars held – 3

No. of Funeral Preached – 2

No. of Wedding Officiated – 1

May God bless you richly for your prayers and financial support.

Brother Chad and Gary, I need your assistance of about $250- $300 to conduct seminars and buy Bibles for new converts. Thank you Sirs.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

Uyai Joshua’s Monthly Report

I thank God for His mercy and abundant grace. Thank you my supporters at the Austin Chapel Church of Christ, Sardis TN for your prayers and financial support which has helped me to preach the Gospel to the lost souls and to edify the body of Christ in Nigeria. God has continued to bless my efforts with positive responses of baptisms and restorations.

 On 7th October, the North side Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Adia, Ukpom hosted their annual lectureship on the theme “The Beauty of Jesus. It had a large crowd of participants, men, women, and children. I was one of the resource persons who helped to answer questions and led in prayer session.

 The women monthly Gospel meeting was held at Church of Christ, Oku Abak on the 19th October. Many sisters attended and good lessons were delivered to keep them continue in the faith.

 We use World Bible School Seminars so much to win souls for Christ. On the 23rd October, we had a W.B.S Seminar at Nkwot Edem Edet, Ikono on theme “The Mystery of Salvation”; we visited Community Secondary School in that area and enrolled more than two hundred students in W.B.S Courses. We recorded eight baptisms.

 I am glad to report on the restoration of Mr. Francis Akpan, N.C.B.C 1993 graduate of the Ministerial Programme. After his graduation, he preached for the Church of Christ for five years but later backslid and went to preach for a denomination, Mount Zion Light House. This month of October, God opened his eyes and he returned to the Lord’s Church. He came to my office last week and asked me to look for a congregation for him to work with.

 During the weekend, 25-27 October, the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom sent out forty-two students to work with twenty congregations in Abak. They conducted 150 personal calls. 5 open air lectures, many prayers meetings. They recorded 5 baptisms and 10 restorations. Two students were sent to my congregation, Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio. I worked with them and recorded one baptism.

On Sunday October 27, I went with Monday Akpakpan to conduct W.B.S Seminar at Church of Christ, Nung Oku Ikot, Etim Ekpo. We had indoor lectures; I spoke on “Why Study the Bible”. We opened a W.B.S office and study center for this young congregation. We had two baptisms.

 On 10th November, we shall have another W.B.S Seminar at Church of Christ, Ika on the theme “Christ and the Church”.

 October 31st– November 4th, I will be at Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. I will participate in the National Ministers Forum and N.C.B.C Alumni meeting. I need your prayers for the trip.

 Please send your regular support to Chad Wagner who will wire money to Nigeria on October 30-31.

 Thanks for your regular supports and prayers.



1.     October                                                     –       16

2.     Restorations                                              –       10

3.     W.B.S Seminars                                         –       3

4.     A Trip to Abuja – October 31st – November 4th


Bro. Chad and Garry, please raise for me $300 to assist me conduct WBS Seminars for November and December. This money will be used to buy bibles, pay transports and entertainment. Thank you sirs. God bless you.
Uyai Sunday Joshua

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Report from Uyai Joshua:

On May 17th, 2019 I participated in the Annual Prisons Evangelism at Ikot Ekpene. The theme was Remorse and Resolve (Luke 15:17-21). Nineteen (19) souls were baptized. Churches of Christ in the Area donated food items and toiletries for the up keep of the prison inmates. Sewing machines, electric irons, generators and barbing accessories were also donated for skills and vocational training of the inmates.
  I have also attached pictures of baptisms of four souls at W.B.S seminars held at C.O.C  No. 2 Ikot Okumfang on 26th May, 2019. 20 students and 4 N.C.B.C staff worked with the Church of Christ at Eka Uruk Eshiet on May 3-5, they baptized one soul. Picture here shows how the women of the Church fed N.C.B.C students and staff with fofo and Afang Soup.
June 14-16 the college sent out twenty students for the weekend to help evangelize at the Ibiaku Itam, Itu Church of Christ. On arrival at the Church, they were engaged in an open air lecture from 7-9pm. The next day June 15, they were engaged in house-to-house evangelism from 9am-3pm. They did participated in another open air lecture from 4-6pm. On Sunday June 16 they conducted worship service and had two baptisms, at Ibiaku Itam where Samuel Okon is Preaching. The church took good care of the students. 
In another development on Friday June 14, the N.C.B.C College Management appointed a new Student Government to manage the Student Affairs for 2019/2020 Academic year. The new student President is Ekomobong Itam (Degree Student) assisted by Ofonono Jackson a mistrial student as the Vice President while Kingsley Nwagbara is the Secretary. 
On June 15 during bible class at Ikot Ekpene Prisons, 9 prison inmates were baptized into Christ making a total of 28 baptisms for May/June 2019. 
To God be the Glory in Jesus Name Amen.

Uyai Sunday Joshua