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Dear Brethren,
The month of June 2021 did not finish with evangelism work.  These are what happened in June 2021 in our area.

.  World Bible School Seminar was conducted at Anua Obio, Uyo and there were 4 converts.

-M. B. Archibong reported 10 baptisms from Odukpani, C. R. S.
.  Women Monthly Gospel Meeting was held at Abak City Church of Christ.  The attendance was very very good.
.  Six students from Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) did Evangelism work at Atan Offot, Uyo and 3 souls were converted to Christ.
.  At Ikot Akpabio Afaha Obong where Uyai Joshua is preaching 2 souls were restored to Christ.  At Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono where Christian Etukuko is preaching there were 5 baptisms during the month of June 2021.

.  There were 2 baptisms in Uyo Prison Yard.  Doctors were taken to the place to give Eye Glasses to those that are in need of them.
.  At Atai Otoro there were 2 restorations and 1 baptism.
Keep praying for us.  Our work of evangelism is in a steady progress.  Special thank to all our Supporters, the Mission Printing Press Members, The Voice of Truth International, Truth For Today and many other Evangelism Materials always sent to use for our Evangelism.

I want to assure you that your labor and our work cannot and will not be in vain.  May God bless you all.  Amen.

Monday John Akpakpan

12 Baptism, 3 Restorations and 1 Burial


I bring you greetings from your brothers and sisters in Nigeria. I am very thankful to you for your regular financial support you have been sending to me and your prayers which has enabled me to spread the good tidings in my area of work in Nigeria. God has really blessed my work with fruitful results.

I.     WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL SEMINARS – world Bible School seminars and follow-up has continued to yield fruitful results in my area. On 27th June, 2021, we conducted WBS seminar at church of Christ Anua Obio Uyo. We went out for house to house evangelism for two hours and enrolled many students for WBS Courses as a result of these efforts, four souls were baptized into Christ. I also went out with Nigerian Christian Bible college Students for weekend evangelism and recorded eight Baptisms in the following places, Atan offot uyo, one baptism, Nsukara Offot two baptisms, Mainland church of Christ Ikot Mbon – Uyo, three baptisms and church of Christ Ikot Ekpeyak – Ikono Uyo = one baptism. Enono Charles, N.C.B.C. student also reported to me of one baptism at St. Anie Christian college, Ndot Abak, where he serves as a Chaplain.

We are planning to hold seminars at the following places: church of Christ obio ibiono – 11th July 2021, central church of Christ Ukpom –  25th July and City church of Christ, Abak  – 1st August, 2021.

II.   FOLLOW-UP WORK WITH EAST POINTE CHURCH OF CHURCH AND COTTONDALE CHURCH OF CHRIST, ALABAMA – presently I am handling over six hundred WBS students from East Pointe church of Christ AL and seventy-six students  from Cottondale church,  AL. and Eleven of their students have been baptized since I started to follow-up last year. Thank you Brothers Wayne Duren and Clifton Parker for providing money for postages of these lessons.


I continue to serve as the pulpit minister with the church of Christ Ikot Akpabio, where I have served for the past eight years. Last month my work has resulted in three restorations and some new members transferring membership to our fold.

I continue to teach Bible classes every Wednesday at church of Christ Abak Itenge which I helped to establish two years ago.

IV.    SISTER DONNA GOULDING OF PERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST, OHIO has stocked a number of items containing bags, clothes, shoes etc ready to depart U.S.A. in a container to Nigeria for Uyai Joshua from Akwa Ibom State and Chinedum Nwankwo from Abia State to be given out to needy brethren in our congregations. When Bro. Chad Wagner returns from Tanzania, he will finalize all the arrangements for the container to leave U.S.A. to Nigeria. Thank you very much Brother Joe and Sister Donna Goulding for your love and care for the needy brethren in Nigeria. Thank you Bro Chad Wagner for making arrangements to send those things to us in Nigeria.

    I am appealing to you my dear supporters to assist me financially to contribute my quota in the burial of my father in law as i earlier requested. i have been given a list of items to contribute in cash and kind as the Nigerian culture and in-law relationship demand, please assist me to fulfill this obligation, thank you sirs and God bless you please send your donations to Chad Wagner before he sends the next wire on or before 10th 2021. 

Thank you very much for your love and support for the ministry of Christ in Nigeria.

God bless you in Jesus name – Amen.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

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Successful Student Evangelism

Students from the Nigerian Christian Bible College conducted evangelism program at Msukara Offot, Nigeria. As a result of their efforts of door-to-door evangelism, open air preaching and distributing Bible materials, the Lord added 4 souls to His church and were baptized! This is a NEW congregation located in this university town.

NCBC resumed classes on April 25th for their second semester. The school continues to do well.

Etim Nyong

Church Planting Report

Dear Brother in Christ,

I greet you all in the precious name of Christ. I sent thanks and love to each and everyone for helping me in my work.

God will continue to bless all-Amen.

On 19-20 March, 2021 I took 18 students of the Nigerian Christian Bible College Ukpom and also 8 students of the C.A.O. Essien Bible College Ikot Usen to come and assist on the two days evangelism and also open Air Lecture in Ikot Eyem, Obot Akara.

On 19-03-2021, we have arrived around 3pm in Ikot Eyem, Obot Akara, around 4pm I went out with the students for house to house evangelism. Then around 6pm open air lecture got started, none members came and listened to the message and also the gospel tracts were given to them. On 8pm, the open air lecture came to an end, all the students and I went back to where we had slept in a brother’s house.

On 20-03-21 around 10:00am all the students embarked again on house to house evangelism and we had many prospects who had listened to the gospel, series of questions, was asked and the students and I were able to answer it from the Bible.

It was very interesting, I also used the opportunity to tell them about WBS lessons and besides I enrolled them many of them into the programme.

On 21-03-2021 Church planting was done in a renting room. Many of the prospect, whom we had preach to were able to attend the Church and promised to baptize, it needs follow-up by me and also by the preacher. Again, one of the new convert got baptized into Christ. Here is the picture of the new convert/other pictures enclosed to all.

Finally, Church of Christ, Ikot Eyem in Obot Akara got started by me through going there for WBS seminars and also evangelism. The place were the Church have been established is a fertile land and there is no Church of Christ in that village. The Church will grow, we need your prayers. My place to Obot  Akara is far, is just a three miles journey to Obot Akara. My plan is to be there on a daily basis for evangelism and also follow-up those prospects  and also for WBS programme.

Bro. Anameti Akpan

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