Friday Opefi’s Ministry Update

Dearly beloved brethren,

I greet you brotherly through Christ our Lord. I hope this email finds you in good health, serving and trusting our Master Jesus Christ. Forever you are in my prayers. I appreciate in no small measure your assistances to my brother and I over over the years. Thank you for the love you have shared to us. May our good Lord continue to provide you with all the enablement you need to continue to do more in His kingdom.

My ministry is going on well. I have recorded several baptisms which I always report to brother Chad Wagner. Brother Chad visits Nigeria almost annually and works with us. He is a good man and a faithful servant of Christ. Last month he sent money to me to buy Bibles for my new converts and other promising young Christians which I have done. Herewith attached are photographs of some ofthose I baptized, those that received bibles from me and my family.

Always keep us in your prayers. Nigeria is becoming increasingly unsafe because of incessant insurgency, boko haram and unknown gunmen terrorizing different places. Pray especially for the safety of God’s people. By November I hope to organize a Bible seminar at Akataka Inyimagu Ikwo. The topic of the seminar will be: THE CHURCH THAT JESUS BUILT. Pray for us to be able to raise funds which we will use to hire canopies, chairs and cook food for our visitors. By the grace of God we shall start a congregation of the Lord’s church there.

God bless you

Yours in Christ,

Friday Opefi