Rivers State ACTION!

Breaking News!

Students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Rivers State, Nigeria were sent out for two weeks practical field work in January 2021. The report sheets gathered from various congregations visited showed that the 53 students visited 53 congregations in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Imo States in Nigeria.

The students conducted Sunday services, Bible classes, prayer meetings, visitations and evangelism programs.

They had a total of 15 baptisms, 21 restorations and encouraged many weak brethren.

Bear valley is indeed, working in Rivers state Nigeria.


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SWSE March Update

Dear fellow servants of God,

Grace, peace and mercy be with you all from God our Father and from Christ Jesus -our Redeemer and Sustainer.

Here is the summary of some of our activities in the month of March 2021.

WEEKEND EVANGELISM/CAMPAIGNS :As usual, the students and staff of the BVBIN &  SWSE, Butubutu village Ibadan were divided into six groups for the evangelization of Butubutu village,Jago, Badeku, Egbeda, Ajia and Igbooloyin,all in Oyo State every weekend, starting from Friday evening through Sunday evening.To God be the glory,our joint effort were crowned with six conversions (3 in Ajia, 2 in Butubutu village and 1 in Badeku) and many prospects.

THIRD SEMESTER CLASSES AND INSTRUCTORS. This semester classes begin on February 22 and will come to an end Lord’s willing on April 23 before the students will embarked on a month Vocational Training/ preaching trip.Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is handling Life of Christ-3(Luke) and 1, 2 & 3 John ;Bro. Andrew Adeolu is handling Biblical Eschatology and Wisdom Literature-2(Psalms and SOS); Bro.Emmanuel Godwin is handling Preachers’ Life & Works and New Testament Church-2(Worship);. Bro.John Makinde is handling 1&2 Thessalonians and 1&2 Peter & Jude ; Bro.Guda Silas is handling Romans 1&2; Bro. Lawrence Dada is handling Hebrews 1&2 and OTP(Minor Prophets) while I, Bro. Makinde Ebens is handling Marriage and the Home, Teach with Success and Bible Geography. Our lectures time has been extended by an hour in the evening (7:00-10:00pm) from Monday through Thursday.

WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL FOLLOW UP TEAM. Our WBSFUW continue reaching more souls with the gospel of Christ through the WBS correspondence courses and VOTI booklets and Mission Printing International booklets in this month of March. A group led by Bro. Andrew Adeolu reached out to eight High Schools in Ona-Ara and Egbeda Local Government and shared about 300 WBS introduction lessons out of which 214 were returned. Another group led by Bro. Akinrinade Sunday reached out to four High Schools in Akinyele Local Government of Oyo State and recruited over 100 students for the free Bible correspondence courses. Bro. Matthew Rowland, the preacher of Abusoro congregation in Akure, Ondo State recruited over 1,500 students from seven High Schools in and around Akure city in the months of February and March 2021.The WBS office in Ibadan posted three big packages of return lessons to WBSTC in California this month of March while more will be posted on or before April 15,2021 Lord’s willing to Bro. Joel Coppinger-International director of WBSTC, California. Brethren willing to teach more people the gospel of Christ through the free Bible Correspondence Courses should contact Bro. Joel Coppinger, WBSTC, P.O. BOX 3700, VISALIA,CA. 93278-3700(559)735-0944

19TH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR 2021:The 19th Annual Leadership Seminar held on March 24-26 in Doug Wheeler Hall was graced by over 150 church leaders from 13 States of the Federation (Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Kwara, Kogi, Edo, Delta, Kebbi, Taraba, Enugu and Rivers). Over 2000 copies of VOTI volumes 106,106&108 and Mission Printing International booklets and our local tracts were freely distributed to all congregations present. Some of the dignitaries that participate actively in the just concluded Leadership Seminar are : Bro. Ayobami Akanji (SWSE-Board Chairman), Bro. Mfon Etim (Director, BVBIN-IKORODU), Bro. Timothy Iwe (Director, BVBIN-LAGOS ISLAND), Bro.Samuel Nwuoka (Instructor, BVBIN-ENUGU STATE), Bro. Paul Akinwale (WBSFUW-OGUN STATE), Bro. Amos Olusegun (WBSFUW-OSUN STATE). In addition, the three (3) days Seminar was moderated by Bro. Emmanuel Godwin, Bro.Okoro Chinyere and Bro. Samuel Oladokun while Bro. Ohaebuka Philemon, Bro. Akilapa Samuel and Bro.Akinyoola Micheal served as our songs leaders. 

ABOUT ONE OF OUR YEAR-2 STUDENTS: Bro.Falodun Olutola Samuel is a native of Ado Ekiti in Ekiti state. Born in the year 1976.Attended St, Micheal Primary School in Ado Ekiti where he obtained school  leaving certificate and in  Orin Ekiti Secondary School for Senior Secondary School certificate. Also he obtained Higher National Diploma at Federal  Polytechnics Ado in Ekiti state in 2005. He had a post graduate diploma in education at National Open University Nigeria in Lagos(NTI) in  the year 2015. He had Diploma in Bible at Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan in the year 2020. He love reading  and singing. His mission is to be one of the competent ministers of God in Nigeria and beyond.

SPECIAL CHALLENGES:1.  Filling of the floors and the two rooms with red sand and roofing of the meeting place of Ajia congregation will cost us between N960,000 to N1,350,000($2,500 to $3,500).NB: This we need to do before heavy downpour of rain in the months of April through June so as to prevent the Hall from collapsing during the raining season.2.  Our outstanding debt of N865,000($2,200) been part of the money loaned in September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan need to be settled to friends that helped us out when we were pressed to the wall in 2019.

OUR ACCOMPLISHMENT: With God on our sides coupled with financial assistance from Bro. Doug Wheeler, Bro. Steven Ashcraft and associate, Bro. Chad Wagner and associate and Nigerian brethren, we were able to successfully host this year Annual Leadership Seminar from March 24-26,2021.MISCELLANEOUS:CHURCH PLANTING ON MAY 2-11,2021 @ ARAMOKO TOWN,EKITI STATE. Lord’s willing, the school will be working with some of her graduates(Bro. Emmanuel Godwin and Bro. Augustine Olorunda) and a graduate of WNCC(Bro. Lawanson Akinola) preaching in Ekiti State and a pioneer founder of SWSE, Ibadan ( Bro. Olayisade Adebowale) on May 2-11 in evangelization and planting of the Lord’s church in Aramoko town, Ekiti State, one of the biggest and ancient town in Ekiti State of over one million populace without the Lord’s church. We shall appreciate any financial assistance rendered by any of our supporters there in USA .The one week program will cost over N300,000 for accommodation and feedings of the participants and renting of meeting place for the church.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate you all for your tenderness and compassion toward us in Nigeria most especially in BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan. May God in His mercy bless you richly with a happy life (that is) filled with joy , peace and love. May your cup always overflow in all good things of life is our fervent prayers in Jesus Christ name, AMEN.

Yours in His Grace as a servant…….. Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The chief servant of BVBIN & SWSE Ibadan And WBSFUW)

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Nigeria’s part-time schools

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

Greetings from Nigeria.

Report reaching me from BVBIN-WEEKEND SCHOOLS in  Lagos State shows that 21 students are in class today in Agege, 16 in Ikorodu and 11 in Lagos Island.

As for the full time program in Butubutu village Ibadan, the six groups of students were busy with the weekend evangelism/ campaigns.

We, the instructors after the morning session join the  members of Onikokoro congregation with some friends in the burial ceremony of one of our brothers, Bro. Ayodele James Waleola who died three weeks ago in the city of Ibadan after a brief illness. The burial ceremony is one of the most grieving moments for families and friends of the deceased especially if his/her children are young. Our late brother’s body was finally lay to rest and people wish him goodbye to mother earth by 3:00pm. 

Brethren, it seems this month is month of harvest for the school because we have recorded five  baptism so far. A couple on March 1st at Butubutu village and a family of three today in Ajia. To God be the glory and honor.

Thanks for your partnership and encouragement expressed through your unconditional love and support.

May the Lord continue to bless our work together in Christ Jesus, amen.

Sincerely yours in His Grace….. Makinde.

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SWSE February Report


Dear fellow ministers of God,

Grace and peace be with you all from God our Father and from Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Here is the summary of some of our activities in the month of February 2021.


1. A month Break/Vocational Training

2. Third Semester Classes begins

3. WBSFUW team

4. VOTI MATERIALS aid in conversions


During the one month break/vocational training,all our students and instructors were actively involved in the church weekly activities and weekend evangelism in their different locations.

Most of our year-1 students went on vocational training while our year-2 students engaged in preaching and teaching programs with their respective congregations.

Report reaching the school from both the students and instructors shows that twenty-three souls were converted and eighteen erring brethren restored back to the fellowship of the saints during the month of February 2021.


As the Lord will have it, our 3rd semester program commenced as scheduled on February 22,2021 and the instructors for this semester are: Bro. Isaac Olaniyan, Bro.Andrew Adeolu,Bro.Emmanuel Godwin,Bro. John Makinde,Bro.Silas Guda,Bro.Lawrence Dada and myself,Bro.Makinde Ebens.

All classes and tests are expected to end on April 23,2021.


Our WBSFUW team A led by Bro.Andrew Adeolu visited 19 High Schools in Ona-Ara and Egbeda Local Government Area. Bro. Sunday Akinrinade who is a leader of team B reported that they visited 12 High Schools in Akinyele Local Government of Oyo State and 3 High Schools in Ipetumodu of Osun State while Bro. Matthew Roland and his team visited 5 High Schools in Akure municipal of Ondo State in this month of February. Over 2,000 WBS introduction lessons were Shared and about 1,500 returned so far and will be posted next week to WBSTC,Tulare County, California after we might have cross-checked the names and addresses on the returned lessons.


Report reaching out office in Ibadan from some of the recipients of VOTI materials shows that the materials is one of the useful materials used to converts souls for Christ Jesus during the month of January and February Gospel campaigns and WBS seminars across the country, Nigeria.

Bro. M.B. Archibong of WBS office in Uyo,Akwa -Ibom State reported that the the VOTI volumes 107&108 aided in him during the January and February Gospel meeting and WBS seminar that led to the conversions of 11 souls. Bro. Akilapa Samuel,a WBSFUW in Ondo State also reported that the just printed VOTI volume 108 is one of the materials that helped in the conversions of 2 souls in his area  . Likewise,Bro. Olorode Samuel informed us that the VOTI volumes 106,107&108 with two packs of Mission Printing booklets and our local tracts aid them in the conversions of five souls in Ode-Ajagba and Ode-Aye in Ondo waterside during this month Gospel campaigns and house- to -house evangelism.


Israel Tajomavwo is my name. I was born into a Christian family in Lagos State in Nigeria, on the 14th of July 1971, as a first child of five children. My father’s name is George Akpovhekaire Tajomavwo and my Mother’s name is Alice Omoyioma Tajomavwo. Both of my parents are members of the Church of Christ. I was baptized into the church of Christ in 1990 and continued to participate actively in the works of the church till date.

I attend 512 Road Primary School in Festac Town Lagos State, from 1977 to 1983 and obtained a First school leaving Certificate. After my primary school education, I attended Festac Grammar School in Festac Town for my secondary school Education from 1983 to 1989 and obtained a West African Certificate of Education. Following this was my University Education at the Edo State University, where I studied Mechanical Engineering from 1990 to 1997 and obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Degree. This institution is currently known as Ambrose alli University. In 2011 I received a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree of the Federal University of Technology Akure in Ondo state. In view of my quest for more knowledge on the word of God, I attended the Southwest School of Evangelism & Vocational Studies from 2019 to 2021, and I received a Diploma in Bible and a Leadership award. This institution is affiliated with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Co. USA.

From 1997 to 2001 I worked with Aluminium Gold engineering as a Steel fabrication and erection supervisor.  From 2001 to 2002 I worked with corporate Success Nigeria limited as Procurement Engineer. From 2002 to 2001 I worked with Ajamy Oil & gas limited as a Procurement Manager. From 2011 to 2015 I worked with Lekki Concession Company as a Procurement Manager. From 2016 to 2020 I worked with GT Vision Consult as a Procurement Manager. 

Since 1997, I have worked in various capacities in the church of Christ, attending to the need and goals of the church. On the 1st of November 2020 I was appointed as the Minister of the Church of Christ, Ebute in Ikorodu Lagos State after my two years training at Southwest School of Evangelism Ibadan. It is my desire to continue to develop myself in the knowledge of God’s word and to work with full commitment in vine yard of the Lord, as long as God’s strength dwells in me.


1 . The forth coming 19th Annual Leadership Seminar of March 24-26 will cost us the sum of N455,800(about $1,200) for provision of food and water for over 200 church leaders expected from within and outside the South Western States of Nigeria. Thanks be unto Bro.Doug M.Wheeler for already send us$100 for this purpose.

2. Filling of the floors and the two rooms with red sand and roofing of the meeting place of Ajia congregation will cost us between N960,000 to N1,350,000($2,500 to $3,500).

NB: This we need to do before heavy downpour of rain in the months of April through June so as to prevent the Hall from collapsing during the raining season.

3. Our outstanding debt of N865,000($2,200) been part of the money loaned in September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan need to be settled to friends that helped us out when we were pressed to the wall in 2019.


 Thanks be unto the Lord for seeing us through this month (February): two major preaching trips to Ode-Ajagba in Ondo State (February 5-7) and Ilogbo-Ekiti (February 19-21)in Ekiti State.

Though no conversion was recorded during these two outreach, but thanks be unto God for the numbers of prospects recorded in this two cities.


From our hearts to yours,we thank you all for being a part of our success at BVBIN & SWSE, IBADAN. May the Lord keep on blessings our work together is our fervent prayers.

Sincerely  yours in His Grace as a servant…….. Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The chief servant of BVBIN & SWSE Ibadan And WBSFUW)

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January at SWSE


Compliments of the season to you all! Here are some of our activities for the month of January 2021.


End of the year program.ii- Second Semester Classes and Examinations concluded.iii- Bro. Keith Kkasrijian’s Visit to Nigeria.iv- Materials for Great Workshop 2021 Shared.

END OF THE YEAR PROGRAM:The students and staff of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan were actively involved in the just concluded end of the year program that commenced on December 19,2020 through January 3,2021 across the South West State of Nigeria including Abia and Ebonyi States.The just concluded end of the year program featured Open-Air Bible Lectureship, House to House evangelism and morning campaigns. The program was blessed with the birth of two Lord’s church in Lagos State and conversions of over 50 souls and restoration of two erring family in Igbesa-Ogun State and Butubutu campus church in Oyo State. Our present year-1 students’ leader,Bro. Ifeanyi Iyesele and three of our year-2 students,Bro.Odeyemi Durojaiye,Bro. Israel Tajomavwo and Bro. Silas Wayne were blessed with five converts each while Bro. Adeyemi Godwin and Bro. Amos Enyi recorded two conversion in their different locations.One of the just planted congregations in Lagos was as a result of joint effort of one of our year-2 students, Sister Oyeleke Felicia and one of our August 2020 graduates, Sister Akerele Olajumoke with the church of Christ in Mile-12, Lagos State . To God be the glory and honor!
SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES  AND EXAMINATIONS CONCLUDED: All Classes and Examinations for 2nd Semester came to an end as scheduled on January 22,2021. All our year-1 students are now in a month vocational training while year -2 students on preaching tour to the churches of Christ in the South West States of Nigeria that requested for our students services.School will resume for 3rd semester program Lord’s willing on February 22,2021.

BRO.KEITH KKASRIJIAN’S VISIT TO NIGERIA:Our august visitor in January 2021,Bro. Keith Kkasrijian(International Director- BVBID Extension program) visited the BVBIN schools in Nigeria between January 16 through 24. During his visitation, he met with staff and students of the school in Butubutu village ,Ibadan on January 21 and encourage us to be more effective in the work of the Lord since our labours in the Lord is not a labour loss.

MATERIALS RESERVED FOR FEBRUARY GREAT WORKSHOP 2021 SHARED:About 2,600 copies of VOTI volumes 104,105 & 106 and 400 copies of BVBIN & SWSE 2021 calendar reserved for the annual WBSFUW workshop popularly known as The Great Workshop slated for February 2021 was shared to WBSFUW,BVBIN SCHOOLS in Nigeria and some recipients of VOTI materials in the month of January 2021 due to the global pandemic that prevents the public gathering in Lagos State.

ABOUT A STUDENT:AUTO BIOGRAPHY OF BRO DUROJAIYE ODEYEMI, one of our year-2 students: My name is Durojaiye Oluwatomiloye Odeyemi. I was born on February 10, 1973 into the family of Pa. Ojo Lasisi Odeyemi and Madam Olaperi Akanke Odeyemi of Arogbatesun compound, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I attended SS Peter & Paul (RCM) Primary School, Ajigbayin, Ile-Ife, Nigeria between 1979 and 1985. In the same year, I was admitted to St. David Grammar School, Lagere, Ile-Ife, in 1985 but I dropped out of school due to my parents’ financial stress.In February 1987, I was taken to Lagos by my brother who sponsor me to learn the art of Printing at a reknown Christian brother Printing firm: Okusanya Printer Nigeria Limited, Itire, Lagos for a period of 5 years (1987-1993). During this period, on September 18, 1988, I was baptized into Christ at the Church of Christ, Itire, Surulere, Lagos.After the expiration of my apprenticeship in February 1993, I worked with Bro Okusanya’s firm for a period of 2 year and in 1995 began to work privately until 2003 when I gained admission into Lagos State University after attending evening coaching classes which was self sponsored to sit for an exam that finally helped me obtain a West African Senior School Certificate(WASSC).During my first year in University and due to problem of financing my academic, I joined UAC Foods, as a factory worker.I am married to Olufunke Deborah Odeyemi (Nee Oyesola) in 2007 and blessed with three children: Moyinoluwa, Moyosoluwa and Mofetoluwa.I graduated from Lagos State University in 2009 with Second Class Honour (Upper Division) in History and International Studies.In August 2010, I was relieved of my work in UAC when the company was downsizing it’s staff strength.In 2013, I joined Goldlink Insurance Plc as a Life Business Marketer until February, 2019 and continues with my printing profession.In March, 2018, I enrolled for Diploma in Bible at South West School of Evangelism, Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated in August, 2020.I am presently enrolling for Advance Diploma in Bible at the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria.I am presently worshipping and serving as the preacher of the Church of Christ, meeting at #16, Lateef Ayinde Ekun Street, Oloye Estate, Erunwen, Ikorodu, Lagos.My mission is to serve the Lord’s church as a servant of God till death.

ABOUT A STAFF : Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe is one of the instructors working with the school in Butubutu village, Ibadan since year 2013 when we finally moved to our permanent building in Butubutu village Ibadan. He is 45 years old. Married and blessed with four kids. He is presently engaged with a young congregation in Ondo State. His mission is evangelism.SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT:i- Construction of Church auditorium : With the help of the Lord coupled with the support of $1,200 which we received on January 25 from Dorman & Donna Lough, we were able to set blocks for the auditorium of the Lord’s church in Ajia ,Ona-Ara L.G.A,Oyo State from foundation to level stage.ii- Two Working tools purchased: With the generosity of the BVBID and Bro.Steven Ashcraft concern, the school were able to purchase two new Motor bike for two of the instructors as working tools for evangelism.

 OUR CHALLENGES:The school is yet to balance up the remaining sum of N865,000($2,246) loaned on September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan.


i- My father was buried on January 29,2021 in our home town, Onikokoro -Ibadan. 

ii- BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan 19th Annual Leadership Seminar is coming up on March 24-26,2021.     Theme of the Seminar: Satan & his mission.    Note: Free accommodation and feedings plus Free Gospel materials to all participants.** We are expecting between 150 to 200 church leaders from South Western States, Kwara, Kogi, Kebi, Edo, Abia and Ebonyi States of Nigeria.

CONCLUSION:Brethren,we are very grateful for your great contribution towards the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord continue to shower His abundant blessings on you and your associate is our fervent prayers. Have a great season!Sincerely in His Grace as a servant …..Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan and WBSFUW)

SWSE 2nd Semester KICKS OFF


Dear fellow servants of God.

Greetings in the  name of our Redeemer and Sustainer ,Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. We appreciate everyone of you for making year 2020 a big success through your moral and financial supports . Without you this school will just be as dormant as a graveyard. Here is the summary of our December 2020 activities.


i-  Second Semester Classes and Instructors

ii-  Weekend Evangelism / Campaigns

iii-  End of the year program

iv- Great Workshop 2021


The Second Semester Classes for this 2020/21 set continued as scheduled. Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is handling  World Religions and the Book of Galatians; Bro. Andrew Adeolu is handling Christian Evidences and How we got the Bible; Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe is handling OTP(Major) and Evangelism-2; Bro.Silas Guda Mazi is handling LOC-2(Mark) and Hermeneutics 2; Bro. Makinde John (my second son,a Bsc holder in Agricultural Science from Federal University of Agriculture,Akure ,Ondo State and holder of Advanced Diploma from BVBIN ) is handling Hermeneutics-1;  Bro. Emmanuel Godwin(one of our BVBIN degree students) is handling Acts of the Apostles and Cost of Discipleship while I (Bro. Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi)is handling Research & Writing (Elementary), Homiletics-1 and Ministerial Counseling.

We closed on December 18 to allow our students participate in the end of the year activities. Classes will continue on January 4th through 22nd,2021 Lord’s willing.


According to our schedule, the students and staff of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan were busy every weekend in the evangelization of Butubutu village and environment, Jago / Kupalo, Badeku, Egbeda,Ajia and Asejire of Oyo and Osun State. Even though no conversion was recorded, still we were able to cover many places during this month evangelism and campaigns.


I (Bro. Makinde), Bro.Andrew Adeolu and Bro.Kayode S.Eniafe were the guests speakers at the end of the year program/ three days Mass Evangelism and Open-Air Bible Lectureship organized by the Lord’s church in Badeku town on December 24-26,2020 and we shall also be serving as the guests speakers on December 27-29,2020 at Egbeda congregation, Erunmu road, Egbeda Local Government,Oyo State. The theme of the three days Open-Air Bible Lectureship in the two congregations is Heaven or Hell… Where will you like to spend your eternity?


In preparation for the Annual Seminar for WBSFUW /Evangelists known as Great Workshop in the date yet to be announced by Nigerian Evangelism minister/ WBSFUW Coordinator,Bro. Chad Wagner, we have reserved 3,000 copies of Voice Of Truth International volumes 104,105,106 & 107 , 5,000 copies of WBS Introduction lessons, 400 copies of BVBIN & SWSE 2021 Calendar, 400 copies of my write-up on Evangelism and 400 copies of our 18th Annual Bible Lectureship booklet of August 2020 held at Butubutu village- the permanent home of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan for free distribution during the forth coming Great Workshop in Lagos State ,Lord’s willing.


Bro. Idowu Jonathan Authority is one of our present year-1 students. Admitted in August 2019. Born on September 2003 in Owode-Titun ,Ogun State. His father,Bro. Idowu Innocent is one of the leading members at Owode-Titun congregation,Ogun State. Baptized in early 2019. Presently our chapel prefect. His mission is to acquire more knowledge in the Scriptures in other to become a vessel of honor in the Lord’s church now after his University education.


Due to the economic instability and the rising cost of living in our country-Nigeria. It’s now mandatory for the school to balance up the remaining sum of N865,000($2,246)been loaned on September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan before this year runs out.

We therefore ,humbly appeal to you all to come to our rescue! No amount will be too small or big to help us out! Kindly send your contribution to us through Bro. Steven Ashcraft(Director- BVBID, West Africa Region) or Bro.Chad Wagner (Patron-SWSE,Ibadan,Nigeria & Coordinator of BVBIN)


Due to the rapid development of Ajia town- the home of the executive governor of Oyo State, Engineer Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde, our campus minister, Bro. Andrew Adeolu,who assisted for the period of one year in the restoration of some brethren in Jago congregation moved to Ajia town for the building up of this young congregation on December 15,2020 .


The SWSE (Southwest School of Evangelism) foundation members now appoint me to serve as the campus minister till someone occupied the position in the near future.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate those that have been there for us and all who played vital roles in helping us in the continuation of this preachers’ training program in this part of the world since year 2003. May God in His abundant blessings continue to bless our joint effort in Christ name, Amen. May the New Year  bring you more dew from heaven, give you abundant joy, peace and good health to take you, your family members and associate through the year 2021. HAPPY BOXING DAY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR  TO YOU ALL !

I remain yours in His Grace as a servant…..Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan and WBSFUW)