Onwukwe Paul Chinwendu’s October 2023 Report

Calvary greetings to you and your family!

I hope you all are doing well? To God be the glory, Amen.

I want to use this opportunity to give my August and September Report. I thank God for the way the Lord’s work is moving forward here.


In August, a soul was added to the Lord’s church at Uvuru Central, which is my congregation.  In the same month of August, I was invited for a three-day Gospel meeting at Abia State.  During and after the program, we had total of ten baptisms.  August was our summer break here and I used it more on evangelism and many prospects visited our congregation and worshiped with us.


I have many challenges facing my work here but I will just mention few.

(1) Our congregation is in need of a permanent place of worship because where we are is not accommodating us comfortably. We are looking for financial support to buy land.

(2) I have been finding it difficult here because I have not received my support from the Great Smokey Mountains church Of Christ for six months and it is affecting my family and my work as a preacher.

(3) We are reviving our three-day annual evangelism by next year and we will need your financial support.

(4) Please remember us in your daily prayers, things are very difficult here in Nigeria.


I must thank you for the good work you are doing here in Nigeria and your concern for me, my family, and the Lord’s church here where I am preaching. I don’t have gold or silver to give but may our heavenly father continue to bless, protect and guide you and your family through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Yours In His kingdom,

Onwukwe Paul Chinwendu.

Walter Howell Memorial Christian Academy Launches in Imo State, Nigeria

Onwukwe Paul Chinwendu, a local preacher in Imo State, Nigeria, has started a Primary School in his area because of the high demand for education in his area. He has started the school and has hired three teachers. He has recently sent me some pictures of the progress of the school.  Here is what he shared with me:

The school will officially start on 9th September 2019. The following are some of the things we have been able to achieve there:
(1) We rented house we paid for a year.
(2) We have employed three people to be our teachers.
(3) Our Carpenter is working hard on the desks our students will be seating on.
(4) We bought some small plastic chairs and their tables for the nursery section
(5) We also bought some plastic chairs and table for our teachers.
(6) We have selected our school uniform and PE wears.
(7) We bought some instructional materials.
Here some of the pictures of the things we did at school.
Thanks and remained blessed.
Yours In His Kingdom
Onwukwe Paul. C.

If you’d like to give directly to the school, you can do so here:

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