Abuja WBS Team Report

2019 Report



The year 2019 is a year full of successes, failures, accomplishments and struggles. From personal to group, it was indeed an eventful year of evangelistic work for the Lord. Some expectations were achieved, while some couldn’t be achieved, but the grace of God triumph in all time and events.


Activities; Among the activities of the team for the year ended includes the followings;

* WBS Great Workshop, Mbaise 2019: A total of Two (2) team members participated in the program. They are Bro Alabi Samson and Omota Smart. As usual, we participated in the Lectures, Evangelism and registration of participants. Thanks for the support from WBS.

* ICT Training & Leadership Seminar: The capacity building programs were held in September at the Church of Christ Kado, with Bro Mike Udam, Princewill Amaefule, Osita Onuora, Abiodun Adegoroye etc as facilitators. Participants benefited more from the activities. Special thanks to the WBS Missionary for the support. See report as sent before.

* The Nigeria Gospel Chariot Evangelism Campaign: This was a month packed event, moving round Twenty (20) locations within Abuja and Nasarawa State, preaching the undiluted gospel of Christ, establishing new congregation, strengthening weaker ones and helps to support stronger and vibrant congregations. A total number of Eleven (11) souls were baptized, while thousands received the words and many enrolled for the WBS & Nations University programs. Thanks to Elders of  Church of Christ Kado, Abuja and team members who were Local organising committee for their support. See report as sent before.

* Enrollment and Follow-up on students: This we couldn’t do much because of circumstances beyond our control. There were no new enrollments and new lessons were not sent back on time to us from the U.S (in fact, our student’s lesson 3 has not been received as at now, since sending the lesson 2 in February). Most of the team members assigned to follow-up on Online students didn’t perform as expected and timely, which resulted in failed results on the study schedules with the students.

* Abuja 2019 Mobile Evangelism: Some of the team members were actively involved in the planning and execution of the Abuja Mobile Evangelism in Dutse-Alhaji, Bwari axis. The evangelism train moved through three routes of Dawaki – Dutse-Alhaji – Dutse-Makaranta; Jigo – Ushafa; Bwari – Kuduru – Garam. Thousands saw and heard about the church on that day.

Challenges: Among the challenges experienced are;

* Lack of commitment from members: This particularly affected the follow-up on online students and other activities, as only few (2 in particular) are seriously committed to most of the team’s activities.

* Inadequate Funding: Inadequate funding of team members and activities caused some failures in the team’s programs. Self sponsorship from committed members couldn’t achieved much as there were limited funds as a result of the social economic problems of the country.

* Overseas Congregation support: The congregation overseas supporting with WBS lessons lost communication with the team throughout the year, hence the student’s lessons did not get to them. The cause of the lack of communication can not be ascertained as at this time, as no responses were received from the congregation.

* Functional Office and Staff: The team does not have a functional office apartment, equipments and working staff. This has hinder the smooth work of the team, especially the team leader, who has to work from his house or on the move.


* Abuja as the capital of Nigeria and the gateway to the Northern Nigeria needs urgently a good, equipped and staffed functional office apartment, for efficient and effective execution of the WBS mandate to the world. It will also project the image of the program and the church in good light to interested students of the word. It will aid the work and motivate the workers accordingly, considering the peculiar nature of the environment.

* The WBS Missionary to Nigeria should help with one or more congregations overseas who will work with the team on student’s enrollment and study. While we still hope that our existing relationship with the overseas congregation (J. Tidwell, 6117 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN 37211, USA) who had sent lessons before will be established back and communication restored in the shortest possible time. The team needs regular supply of lessons to keep both the team and the students busy and timely.

* Funding should be increased to the team considering the enormous work at hand. This will motivate more follow-up workers to be committed to the work. The support received couldn’t achieve the targets because of the number of workers it can take of and the assignments available. Northern Nigeria needs new systematic approach to Evangelism which will requires capital funding for the project.

* A scheduled follow-up activities among committed team members, according to their locations, should be made by the team leader. This will help to be timely and effective with the student’s study program.


It was indeed an eventful year that needs a review that is proactive in its implementation. Mistakes must be corrected, actions must be timely and resources efficiently utilized for a more result oriented team. The world and the church should feel the positive impact of the WBS  program in its evangelism approach. The gospel must be preached through it.

Thanks and God bless you

2020 Plans


The World Bible School, Abuja Team’s proposed program of activities for the year 2020 are as follows;

1) WBS Great Workshop 2020: The WBS Great Workshop, Abuja 2020 will be hosted by the team and the Church of Christ, Nyanya on the 5th – 8th February 2020. A total of 500 participants are expected from across the country, including International visitors. The team planned to provide comfortable accommodation for the participants throughout the program, instead of the ‘sleeping in the hall’ method of accommodation.

* BUDGET – A total sum of Eight Hundred thousand naira (N800,000) is projected as expenses for the accommodation for all participants.

2) ICT TRAINING AND LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: This is an annual event aimed at developing the capacities of Ministers and Church Leaders in order to perform optimally and efficiently in the course of discharging their duties to the church. It is scheduled for August 2020. This is organized in partnership with and sponsorship from Bro Mike Udam, Director, Denmike Computers and WBS Great Workshop.

* BUDGET – Four Hundred thousand naira (N400,000). This is expected to cover the Resource Persons, Feedings, Honorarium, Logistics etc for the 2 programs.

3) THE NIGERIA GOSPEL CHARIOT: This has become an annual event and a tool for mass evangelism through open-air campaigns within Abuja and its environs. It has helped to reach thousands of unbelievers and also in establishing new congregations, as well as strengthening weaker ones and helps to support stronger and vibrant congregations. It is expected in September 2020 for another one month mission work in Abuja.

* BUDGET – One Hundred thousand naira (N100,000). This is to provide logistics to help mobilized more team members to participate in the activities across the state.

4) ENROLLMENT AND FOLLOW-UP WORKS: We planned to increase the numbers of active follow-up workers to Five (5) from Two (2). This is to enable the team meet up with numbers of students that needs follow-up study. This number will also aid the process of enrolment into the WBS program effectively, as more schools, groups etc will be reached on time and scheduled. This is necessary especially for our online students, whose locations most times are beyond the city.

* BUDGET – Six Hundred thousand naira (N600,000). A support of Ten thousand naira (N10,000) per month for each worker for a year, will help meet up with the great potentials of reaching out to both new and old students.

5) INAUGURATION OF THE KADUNA WBS TEAM: Although this was supposed to be done in 2019, but for circumstances beyond the control of the team, it was not done, hence the need for it to be completed this year 2020. There are Six (6) Evangelists who are willing and ready to work for the Lord in Kaduna State as WBS Follow-up workers. We are to provide guidance and instruments (materials) for their work, and this we have decided to do in order to help the work in the Northern Nigeria.

BUDGET – Fifty Thousand naira (N50,000). This is to enable selected team members to travel to Kaduna for the inauguration and orientation.  

We hope and pray that God will grant the enablement to execute these activities to His glory and provide the financial means to meet up with the financial needs of each activities.

EDITOR’S NOTE: if you’d like to help this good work going on in the capital city of Abuja, you can do so here: https://accc.kindful.com/?campaign=339692

Recent Seminar Success in Abuja



The need to develop the capacity of Preachers and WBS workers in Abuja and its environs on ICT and leadership skills necessitated the organization of these programs, because of the importance of continuous improvement on their work in the church.

This year’s date 4th–7th September 2019, and venue, Church of Christ, Kado was agreed upon during consultations with the facilitator, Brother Mike Udam, and the Church of Christ Kado, Abuja because of the centrality of the venue to participants.



The objective of the program is to train preachers and workers on the use of ICT for evangelism. It is to update their knowledge of the usage of computer and other ICT equipment.

The 3-day program had Brothers Mike Udam, Abiodun Adegoroye and Princewill Amaefule serving as facilitators, with 16 participants in attendance throughout the program. The training covered the following areas: Microsoft Word/Power Point Presentation, Cyber Crime Prevention, Effective Use of the Internet’s Search Engine -Google, et al. The participants were also given various educational materials meant for edification such as videos, texts etc., to aid their work in their various ministries in the Church.

The training program came to an end with appreciation made to the organizer and facilitator by the Abuja Preachers’ Forum.


The seminar took place on Saturday, 7th September 2019. The venue was the auditorium of the church of Christ, Kado. About 40 brethren from various congregations in Abuja and its environs attended the seminar.

The thematic analysis was delivered by Brother Abiodun Adegoroye. He did emphasize that every gospel preacher should spend at least eight hours daily studying the word of God. This will enhance the preacher’s ability in dividing the word of God accurately, effectively and efficiently.

The first key note speaker was Brother Osita Onuora. He spoke on the topic, “Watch the pulpit and who manages it.” The following points were highlighted by the speaker:

  1. The pulpit must always be higher than the pew.
  2. The office of the preacher is the pulpit. For the pulpit to be effective, the man on the pulpit must of necessity develop himself to a higher position, higher than the pew.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the preacher on the pulpit to set things in order and edify the church.

He concluded by saying that in order for the pulpit to be managed appropriately, the man on the pulpit must do the following:

  1. Manage his speech.
  2. Manage his conduct.
  • Live a pure life.

The second key note speaker was Brother Mike Udam. He spoke on the topic, Content Development and Effective Lesson Delivery.” The following points were highlighted by the speaker in his presentation:

  1. The church must be fed from the pulpit whenever they meet.
  2. The pulpit must feed the pew with milk and graduate to solid food.
  • Four basic principles to deploy in content development were enumerated. These include:
  1. Who are you preparing the ‘food’ for?
  2. What is the span of your lesson?
  3. What is your purpose for the lesson?
  4. What do you intend to achieve by the lesson?

There were several other points enumerated. However, the speaker concluded the lesson by emphasizing that a great lesson is first prepared in the mind, drafted in a script and spoken to minds to cause a powerful change in their lives.

Apart from the keynote presentations by the guest speakers, there was an open forum where issues were raised and the panelists of selected evangelists with the keynote speakers proffered solutions using biblical principles. Some the issues raised were:

  1. The concept of hiring and firing of preachers by congregations:

Here, it was concluded that the church does not have biblical mandate to hire and fire a preacher as if the church were in the secular business. But, if the preacher fails in his responsibility and does not manage the pulpit as he should, the church reserves the right to ask the preacher to quit instead of his destroying the image of the body of Christ.

  1. The concept of the preacher being an employee of the church:

The church does not in any way occupy the position of an employer of preacher(s) because Christ is the only employer of the preacher and all the members of the church. Thus, the preacher is to work as fellow worker with other members of the church. However, if the preacher fails in his responsibilities, and does not manage the pulpit as well as living the life, the congregation has the right to end the working relationship she has with the preacher though their spiritual relationship may continue. This means that the preacher and all the members of the church need to maintain cordial relationship and fellowship in order to achieve the task of the master.

  1. The issue of a preacher lording over the church:

The preacher has no biblical mandate to lord it over a congregation. Rather, the work of a preacher is to use the Scripture and guide the church to walk in the path of righteousness. The preacher is a servant leader just like every other person in the church is to use his/her gift to serve the church.

  1. The issue of elders lording over the church:

The Bible has authoritatively instructed that elders should not lord it over the church, but that they should be examples and should lead by example (1Pe 5:1-3)

  1. Relationship between preacher and elders in a congregation: The issue of who is superior?

This issue was one of the issues that generated serious tension. But, it was resolved that according to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, when it comes to administration in the church, the Elders serve as overseers. But when it concerns the spiritual wellbeing of the church, the preacher, being the angel of the church serves as the instrument of the Lord. This is because, the Lord Jesus being the only head and ruler of the church set up the church in such a way that the preachers and elders work as fellow workers in His vineyard. That is why the preacher has the authority from the word of God to caution, advice, and rebuke an elder or the eldership when they stray from their duties and the eldership equally have authority from the word of God to caution, advise and rebuke the preacher when he errs. It was seen as a scriptural check and balance. Above all, the preachers must respect, obey and love an elder or the eldership and vice versa.

  1. How congregations should engage the services of young preachers who are not married:

It was concluded that congregations should not depend on the ideology of men in running the affairs of the church of Christ, but rather, the word of God should be guide in all matters. Examples of Paul, Timothy and Titus were cited as preachers who were not married, but were engaged in congregations as preachers. In addition, congregations were encouraged to always help young preacher in their ministry in any way possible.


The program was financed and sponsored by our WBS Missionary, Brother Chad Wagner, whose interest and mission in Leadership Development of Preachers and Leaders is highly motivational.


The seminar was an eye opener to the participants on the effective management of the pulpit, the preacher’s qualities and skills development in managing the pulpit and developing content for the pulpit. Testimonies and appreciation from the participants confirmed the success of the program. It appears many have been empowered to develop positive attitudes towards the pulpit. Special thanks to Almighty God for the grace to serve in His vineyard and also to the resource persons, participants, host congregation and the organizer for the successful hosting of the program.

Thanks and God bless you.

Bro Alabi Samson

Team Leader, WBS Abuja Team.

2018 Oro Preachers’ Retreat/WBS Team Inaugurating

The 2018 Oro Preachers’ Retreat at the Uya Oron Church of Christ
meeting hall drawn participants from the five (5) local government
areas of Oron extraction and some other local congregations in Akwa
Ibom State, Delta State, Abuja (FCT) and Cross River State.

The twin events first has the Preachers’ Retreat on the theme”
Osita Onuora as the guest speaker, emphasis was place on image
management as an ambassadors of Christ on earth. The retreat
facilitator “Bassey Essang” in his introductory message opined that
Image Management is the most essential skill to win souls using our
lifestyle as entrenched in Philippians 1:27.

Brother Mike Udam lead the Open Forum session were participants
reflect on the lesson taught by Osita Onuora, many questions arises
and Bible answers was given.

The second segment of the event was the inauguration of the “AKPAKIP
ORO WBS EVANGELISM TEAM” by Mike Udam the director of WBS Great
Workshop followed by a training session by Mojima Etokudo on the newly
inaugurated Akpakip Oro WBS Evangelism Team on the effective use of
this medium for the advancement of Christ kingdom given examples and
methods. I also give answers to many questions arising from my

Brother Bassey Esang the coordinator for the Akpakip Oro WBS
Evangelism Team in Akwa Ibom State join voice with his team and thank
God for the possibilities of this new evangelism vehicle in Oron and
promise to preach the Word but ask for the prayers of the saints.

Mike Udam donated thirty (30) copies of the Holy Bible and Mojima
Etokudo donated  ten (10) copies of Holy Bible to the newly
inaugurated WBS team to help in their evangelism campaigns as many in
the rural areas may not have the money to buy a copy of the Bible but
very eager to study the Word.

Brother Osita Onuora offered prayers for the team.

Some WBS Evangelism Team Leaders present at the event were:
* Mike Udam – Director
* Mojima Etokudo- Ukanafun
* Samson Alabi- Abuja
* Cornelius Monjok- Ogoja
* Osita Onuora-  Warri

It was great to see more men who are ready for the harvest which is
already white.

It is our hope and dream to encourage and lead any disciple
makers to make more disciple makers as well, Lord willing.

Thank you for your prayers and numerous supports in our endeavors. God
bless you.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

WBS Seminar Report-Abuja, Nigeria



The World Bible School Abuja Team was formed in 2017, for the primary purpose of using the WBS platform as a tool for evangelism in Abuja and its environs. Its objectives are as follows;

  • To use WBS as a tool (artillery) for evangelizing Abuja and its environs.
  • To influence young minds and catch them young for Christ.
  • To help young Christians grow to maturity and be rooted in the doctrine of Christ.
  • To work with the Churches of Christ in Abuja so as to grow numerically and spiritually.

The Team’s target area of operation includes the followings; Secondary/Higher schools, Work places, communities/Associations and Churches. It’s proposes activities are as follows; Trainings, Sensitization exercise, Lectureship/Seminar, Open-Air Evangelism etc.  Among the members of the team are; Preachers, Evangelists, Teachers, Youth Workers etc.

As part of its activities, the team organized a seminar for denominational members, friend of the church, new converts etc. This prompted the visit of the Missionary, Bro Chad Wagner to Abuja (out of his busy schedules in Nigeria) on 26-29th January 2018.

The Theme of the seminar is “Salvation Through Christ”, with topics such as ‘Jesus and His Church and The Plan of Salvation‘ to be discussed.


Day 1: Friday, 26th January 2018.

At the airport to receive the missionary, Bro Chad Wagner were Bro Moses Obakemi, Uche Onyieke, Francis Bassey and Alabi Samson. He arrived at about 12.30pm and was taken straight to his accommodation. We met with Bro Samuel Agbogun (Elder CoC Kado) and discuss on the WBS Abuja Team and the Seminar.

We later left for the Team meeting at CoC Kado around 3pm. Various issues of interest to the Team were discussed with the missionary, among which are the followings; The need to have a full WBS office and materials in Abuja to cater for the Northern part of Nigeria; Support (financial) to Follow-Up Workers and interested preachers who will work for the growth of WBS Program in Abuja and other Northern states; The need to have a Bible School in Abuja, to train preachers who will work in the Northern part of Nigeria; Partnership with Churches of Christ on using WBS materials for Edification, WBS versus ABS (African Bible School), etc. The Missionary commended the efforts of the Team and promised to look into all the issues raised, after consulting with necessary authorities and groups. The meeting came to an end around 4.55pm.


Bro Chad Wagner, Moses Obakemi, Felix Ekpenyong, Godwin Ivoke, Solomon Asuquo, Francis Bassey, Uche Onyieke, Effiong Effiong, Alabi Samson and Abiodun Adegoroye. The Missionary was later hosted to a dinner by Bro P.S Egure (Elder CoC Kado) at his residence, before going back to his accommodation.


Day 2:  Saturday 27th January 2018.

The Inaugural Seminar of the World Bible School, Abuja Team begins with arrival of the WBS Missionary, Chad Wagner and other resource persons. Moderated by Bro Jonathan Inobeme (CoC Dutse-Alhaji), the program started at about 10.30am with the opening prayer by Bro Kennedy Abrotu (Minister, CoC Angwa-dodo Gwagwalada). Bro P.S. Egure (Elder, CoC Kado) welcome the participants and analyze the theme of the Seminar, after which there was a brief introduction of the World Bible School by Bro Alabi Samson.

The first keynote, taken by Bro Moses Obakemi (Minister CoC Nyanya) discussed the topic “Jesus and the Church”. He highlighted the characteristics of the church that Jesus promised in Matt. 16:18 and other churches today. The second keynote delivered by Bro Chad Wagner (WBS Missionary), on the topic “The Plan of Salvation” centered on the scriptural passage of Rom. 3:21-26.

The testimonies of former WBS students were a great motivation and encouragement to all. Bro Obakemi told the story of how the WBS converted him from being a denominational pastor to a member and preacher of the church. Other testimonies from Bro Stephen Omonale (from CAC to the church), Bro Igho Okpako (from Celestial and other denominations to the church) and Bro Attah Ikharo (from Deeper Life church to the Church) confirmed the physical and spiritual benefits of the WBS program.

The Interactive Session had questions and answers on the followings issues; The Church of Christ, Tithe, Prophesies etc.  In attendance were members of over seven denominational churches, which include Living Faith Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Anglican Church, Light House Church, WHOFA Church, Mountain of Fire Church etc, and many evangelism prospects/new convert of the Church of Christ. The total attendance was 67 participants, while over 150 enrolment and WBS Introductory Lessons were distributed.

The Call for Baptism by Bro Uche Onyieke witness the conversion and submission to baptism of 1 participant named Tim Thomas. The program came to a successful end with the closing remarks by Bro Alabi Samson, appreciating all that made the event a success, especially the members of other denominations, while the closing prayer was said by Bro Jonathan Inobeme at 2.30pm.

The high point of the event was the request for visitation and enrolment from some Churches of Christ in attendance and partnership between the WBS Abuja Team and the WBS Club of the University of Abuja, coordinated by Bro Doka Junior (CoC Old Kutunku, Gwagwalada). The Team members with the Missionary later did the baptism at the Church of Christ Nyanya baptistry. It was an interesting, educative and highly motivational program as confessed by some participants. We give God the glory for the enablement.

Special thanks to the Team members, especially the Preachers (Bro Obakemi, Onyieke, Kennedy, Felix, Godwin, Solomon etc) who sacrificed their time and resources, and others such as Bro Francis, Omota, Edidiong etc. Special thanks to those who supported financially, such as Bro Attah, Igwe, Umana, Blessing, Mike, Obakemi, David, Eyeifia, Edidiong, Smart etc. We indebtly grateful to Bro P.S. Egure and Samuel Agbogun (Elders CoC Kado) for the accommodation of the Missionary and Sis Adegoroye (Caterer) for the refreshment and support. May God bless you all abundantly beyond your expectations.

The Team later hosted the Missionary to a dinner date at CHOPSTICKS RESTAURANT, Maitama Abuja. It was indeed an exciting experience (he really enjoyed the meal) for him and he expressed his appreciation towards the gesture.

Day 3: Sunday 28th January 2018.

The day began with the invitation to the “Let the Bible Speak” on Raypower 100.5 FM Radio by 7am. The Missionary, Bro Chad Wagner was in the studio with the Radio team before 7am for the program. It was a wonderful presentation by the Missionary as he highlighted the objectives and benefits of WBS program to the listening public in Abuja. In attendance at the Radio Station were Bro Abiodun Adegoroye, David Akpata, Felix Ekpenyong, Chad Wagner and Alabi Samson. The program came to an end by 7.30.

The Missionary later worshipped with the Church of Christ, Kado, Abuja.

The scheduled meeting with the CoC Kado Elders by the WBS Abuja Team commenced at 1.30pm at the Elder’s Chamber. In attendance were Bro Abiodun Adegoroye, David Akpata, Chad Wagner, Uche Onyieke, J.J Effiong and Alabi Samson. The Elders present were Bro P.S. Egure, E.D. Ebong, D.N. Onuora, S. Agbogun and Gbeleyi (Chairman).

The meeting started with an opening prayer by Bro P.S. Egure. In his presentation, the team leader, Bro Alabi Samson introduced the WBS Team present and the mission to the Elders. He narrated the story of the birth of the WBS Abuja Team and explained the objectives, target audience and programs of activities of the team. He gave the report of the WBS Seminar held yesterday and request the total support of the team from the Elders.

In their responses, the Elders appreciated the efforts of the team in using the WBS platform for evangelism. Bro P.S. Egure narrated his experience of the seminar, especially the testimonies of former WBS students who are members of the church, making reference to Bro Obakemi’s story of conversion and others. Bro Onuora requested to know the relationship that existed between the team and Bro Mike Udam of Ogoja. He was told that there is a cordial relationship between the two, as he was instrumental to the formation of the Abuja Team. The Missionary informed the Elders of his willingness to help the team succeed in their activities, after making research on areas of support and discussion with Mike Udam. The Elders in unison promised to support the team in whatever way they can and whenever such areas of support are made known to them. The team later had a group photograph with the Elders, while a prayer was said by Bro Gbeleyi.

The team visited Professor Ernest Agoba, a WBS student in his house to pray with him over his sickness. He was happy to host the team members present, especially the Missionary and appreciated them for the visit and prayers.

The Missionary was later taken on a tour of Abuja city. Among the places visited were Abuja National Stadium, International Conference Center, Presidential Villa, National Assembly, Supreme Court Complex, Transcorp Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Millennium Park, Grand Square, Silverbird Galleria and Shoprite Jabi Lake.


Day 4: 29th January 2018

The visit of the Missionary to Abuja came to an end with his departure to Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State this morning for other activities.

On hand to see him to the airport were, Bro Uche Onyeike and Alabi Samson. The flight was for 9.30 and the team arrived early for necessary check-in. The Missionary appreciate the WBS Abuja Team for the care given to him throughout his stay in Abuja and promised to see them at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State next week. He also expressed his appreciation to the family of Bro Samuel Agbogun, for their hospitality. Thereafter photographs were taken. Hours after, we confirmed he landed safely in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state.


To God be the glory for the successful hosting of the Missionary and the WBS Abuja Seminar. We appreciate everyone who made the visit and the seminar a success, especially the Elders of Church of Christ Kado Abuja for their warm reception of the Missionary and the Team.

We pray for God’s direction and guidance on the Team so as to do its work and achieve its objectives. May God bless us all, In Jesus Name, Amen.


World Bible School Abuja Team,

“Teaching the Word, Reaching the World”.