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Students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Rivers State, Nigeria were sent out for two weeks practical field work in January 2021. The report sheets gathered from various congregations visited showed that the 53 students visited 53 congregations in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Imo States in Nigeria.

The students conducted Sunday services, Bible classes, prayer meetings, visitations and evangelism programs.

They had a total of 15 baptisms, 21 restorations and encouraged many weak brethren.

Bear valley is indeed, working in Rivers state Nigeria.


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BVBI-Port Harcourt Evangelism Report


Bear Valley Bible Institute Port Harcourt Rivers State started on the first week of November 2019 with two centres and has a total of 61 students.

The centre in Port Harcourt Metropolis is located at the meeting hall of church of Christ Rumuokwuta – Port Harcourt and has 33 students among them are:2 sisters, 7 pulpit preachers and 1 senior citizen of Nigeria. 

The second centre is located at the meeting hall of church of Christ Ahoada Town in Ahoada local Government Area of Rivers State Nigeria. Ahoada is about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Port Harcourt town. This centre has a total of 28 students including: –2 sisters, 6 pulpit preachers and 1 elderly brother in Christ.

From the month of November 2019 to February 2020, the students have studied and written exams on 4 courses which are: Life of Christ, Acts of the Apostles, Christian Evidences and how we got our Bible. For the two centres, we have 5 regular committed teachers.


On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th February 2020, the students of the two centres and their teachers went to a community known as Edeoha in Ahoada – East for evangelism outreach which featured:

  • Open air evangelism
  • House to house evangelism
  • Tracts distributions
  • Street rally

Before we went to the community we visited the traditional ruler and all leaders of the community and obtained their permission to preach the gospel in their community.

During the two day evangelism program, we used public address systems for the open air preaching, while a few students took turns to speak publicly on the street and the village square, many of the students and teachers went into the shops and the homes of the dwellers for house to house preaching.

At the end of the two day intensive evangelism, we got many prospects that were willing to study more with us; we discovered 3 sisters and 2 brothers who were living in the community but had nowhere to worship. We also discovered two families who were members of the church but backslide because they could not found a congregation to worship.  So, we saw the need to establish a congregation in the community. On Sunday being the 1st of March 2020, the director of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Rivers State and a few students who stayed back in the community worshiped with some of the prospects and those brethren who were restored. The worship took place in the community hall and that was how a new congregation was established in the community. A total of 22 worshippers were in attendance.

After the worship, a student of Bear Valley Bible Institute known as Victor Udo who is living in the community but worshiping in Ahoada town was asked to become the preacher of the newly established congregation.

We are therefore, appealing for support for the new congregation and for the young man who is now working as the preacher there.

Report submitted by:

Anthony E. Oluria

Director of Studies