Ukpagada Couples Retreat 2019

For four years running, the church meeting at Ukpagada have been gathering couples from around the country together towards the end of the year to brainstorm on ways of making our marriages work according to the standard that God expects it to be. It is one event that has recorded so many testimonies of it huge impact on the couples that had followed regularly.

Research conducted in the early 1990, by a group of family experts places the family as the main institution that God expects man not to fail and sadly 60% of 100 men interviewed showed signs of lack of capacity to “Dwell with them with understanding” 1 Pet 3:7.

So it became imperative that couples come together to build capacity in how to live with each other peacefully.

The retreat is usually divided into 3 parts.

First we spend time introducing our spouse in public stating the things you know about them, their likes and dislikes.

Then we receive a lecture by a seasoned family expert.

Then we split to deal with issues based on gender.

In between these periods, we break to eat together and have fun in the process.

This year 45 couples attended and it was colourful. Adegoroye Abiodun, the minister of the church meeting at Kado Abuja was our guest speaker. He spoke on having the mind of Christ even in our marriages. He destroyed so many preconceived positions and prejudices that have made our marriages a war room.

During the split session, the men were told to learn to look inward and build their marriages. Honesty and transparency in handling family finances was emphasized.

The women were told how to truly be submissive to their husbands while husbands were called upon to be assistive to their wives in the kitchen which was not the case before.

The retreat came to a close with a closing prayer by the host minister Mike Udam.

The saints were edified and the Lord glorified.

Ogoja Evangelism Report

Greetings from Ogoja WBS Team.

We write to give a report on the activities of  Ogoja WBS Evangelism Team for this year 2019.

         The team has gone out three times to different locations for door to door evangelism this year. We have also engaged members of the team for enrollment of students and following up the students.

     This team have organized seminar for the WBS students two times at Okuku and two times at Bekwarra of which Mike Udam was called to speak to the students.

Statistics shows the following results:

1.  20 baptism

2.   5 restoration

3.   300 new enrollments

4.   400 follow up  students

5.  Shared over 60 Bibles

We have spend #100,000 naira for Postage of WBS lessons back to United States. We also have spent a lot of money for our transport to do the team work at chosen locations.

God has been with us throughout these periods. We will do better if you can attract support of any kind to aid the team for;

1. Postage of Students lessons back to United States

2. Transport of our team members to evangelism locations

3. To assist buying of bibles for students who are dearly in need

4. Support for WBS seminars.

Attached here are some pictures of Ogoja WBS Team activities.

Thank you for your kind considerations.

Yours faithfully, 

Cornelius Monjok

Team Leader

Report from Ngor-Okpala

Greeting in Jesus our Saviour’s name, Amen.

The Umuneke Evangelism started on 5th and ended on the 7th Dec. 2019, 70 people were invited, 48 attended, the program started by 1pm with praises and prayers, after which orientation was given after our lunch, we went out for our house to house preaching, by 4pm, and came back to camp by 6pm.

After resting and having our dinner, by 8pm we went for praises and prayers which lasted till 11pm. On Friday morning 6th Dec. 2019. We had our morning devotion by 4.30 to 5am and then we went for open air preaching which was to last till 6:30am.

As we reach the venue and set our public address system (which we have been using) after singing and praying the speaker introduces his topic, entering into the body of his teaching, the public address system blew off, so the preaching stopped, we sang some choruses and went back to camp, we continued with praises and prayers till 9:00am, our people went for house to house, but I carried the amp. With a brother to a technician who repaired it, before our people came back, we have mounted the system and use it to play some religious tunes, by 1pm we had on lunch, rest for 1hr and went out sharing tracts around the place we were to have our evening open air, by 4pm everything was ready, and we were happily praising God, after which we prayed and the speaker started speaking in a very short time before the amplified burnt again, our people went on singing, I and a brother went out and hired a P.AS which the owner set in order, but as the speaker again came to speak that system burnt that made us to go house to house preaching and came back to the camp by 7:00pm disgusted, after our dinner, we went on praises and prayers till we went to bed.

Early on Saturday morning, we hired another system which the owner mounted at the same venue where we were speaking on Friday morning before the amp. Burnt, as we sang and pray, I and the brother went out and hired another PAS. As the Preacher introduced his topics, the Amp. blew off again, which was the forth times, on the whole 3 amplifier burnt, ours burnt two times and our 2 horns speakers burnt, I have never had such experience since I became a Christian, we were worried, some left saying that the gods of the river that is close to our camp were fighting us, I calmed everything and made them to understand that it was a technical fault. I encourage them to keep on with our programmed. Then we prayed and sang to God‘s glory.


As we went for house to house and came back by 12:pm, in our Evangelism report 4 people. A man and his wife and two other young men made us to know that they were members of the Lord’s Church, but for 3 to 4 years they were at Umuneke they have been asking if there is any church of Christ around, they pleaded that we plant one and they gave us their phone numbers. We also found another man and his wife with their two Children Mr. Nnamdi and Happiness Okere who were Sister Donnas students and they were happy to see us, and said long distance and bad path roads made them not to identify with us, and pleaded that we should try and plant the Lord’s Church there.


After the program we had some food items that remains.

We shared the perishable ones and kept the imperishable ones we planned to follow the Umuneke evangelism up by having our gospel meeting every 3rd Saturday of the months, Jan. to March 2020, by the grace of God, and to use those food stuff then.


We saw the Umuneke Evangelism as a big challenge, we are committed to pull down the strong hold of the devil and plant the Lord’s Church at Umuneke, and this we want to do before the last day of 2020.

What ever that causes the burning of the 3 amplifiers and 2 horns speakers, we must preach and teach with PAS at our evangelism there, we therefore pleaded to you as we also pleading to some other Christian to help us make our desire a reality to the glory of God.

  1. Help us to have a bigger and better public address systems for our Evangelism in Ngor-Okpala.
  2. Help us to have another 4 day evangelism within the first half of the year at Umuneke, then plant a Church there to the glory of God Amen.

God bless you as we join hands to save some souls at Umuneke.

God bless you all Sirs,

                                        Yours in Him,

                                        Bro. Theo Njoku

                                        Coordinator Umuneke


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Nov/Dec 2019 Report


I have been studying through the Godhead with Abdul Suleiman and this month of November and December we are going to take a look at “WHAT DOES THREE PERSONS IN ONE MEAN” we have seen that God is composed of three persons, each of whom have all the characteristics of Deity. The Bible presents three persons and only three, with Divine titles. Notice Haggai 2:5-7. Three Beings are mentioned as Deity: The Lord of Hosts, the spirit and the Desire of All Nations. The Desire of all nations is clearly a reference to Jesus. In a similar manner, these same three Beings are mentioned as God and mentioned together in Matthew 28:19. In this passage, the word “Name” is singular. Thus three beings make up the one name. Furthermore, the Apostle Paul refers to all three together in 2Corinthians 13:14. The idea of the Godhead would not be expected to be seen much in the Old Testament, yet many statements in the Old Testament are certainly consistent with the doctrine of the Godhead. One of the clearest is the use of plurals in respect to God. If God is one, then only singular forms should be used in respect to God. Yet, the Hebrew name for God, Elohim is plural in form that by itself would not necessarily indicate plurality, see Genesis 1:26. The word “said” is singular, but the verb “Let us make” is plural, as are “our image” and our likeness’. Other similar examples can be found Genesis 3:22. Notice one more example this time from Isaiah 6:8. The shift of number from singular to plural is significant.


We have seen that the Bible plainly declares God to be one, yet at the same time, declares and indicates a plurality in form at other places. How can we understand this mysterious concept? God is one, but he is not one in number, but one in essence or unity. Consider the best known unity passage in the Bible, Deuteronomy 6:4-5 the Hebrew had two words for one. One word indicates one or uniqueness, such as when Abraham is told to offer his only son. Another word, which is used in Deuteronomy 6, indicates a unity or composite of several factors. This same word is used in Genesis 2:24. Several analogies have been proposed to illustrate the Godhead but none are perfect. The Godhead has been compared to water, which can exist as a solid, liquid or vapor. The main problem with that illustration is that water cannot exist in all three forms at the same time. The Godhead has been compared to an egg which is composed of a shell, yoke and white but it is still one egg. The Godhead has also been compared to several physical objects another illustration is that a human being can be a father, son, and husband to the same person. I particularly like an illustration from the Bible. In Genesis 2:24, God commands that man should leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Obviously they remain two separate individuals, but they should be completely united. Similarly, in John 17:11 Jesus prayed that Christians would be one just as He and God were one. Obviously, all Christians cannot literally become one person. Likewise, Paul said that “he that plants and he that waters are one 1Corinthians 3:8 “of course, we must realize that that factors limiting the oneness of human beings do not apply to God, thus the Godhead is united to a much greater extent than humans. Another way of looking at the Godhead is to view the Godhead as a society, a complex of persons. They are bound together by love for God is love 1John. 4:8, 16. Love binds them so closely that they are one. Love requires a subject and an object. Thus, before the creation, God could not have really loved unless He was more than one. This may seem in sufficient, but there are several limiting factors among human beings that is not present in Deity. We are separated by physical bodies. Since God is a spirit, He does not have that limitation. All humans have differing experiences which affect all aspects of our lives. Obviously that limitation is also not present with God. All humans are preoccupied with one’s self, one’s own needs and problems, but that preoccupation is not part of God’s nature. All of these factors, and maybe more, make it impossible for us to completely focus on understand or empathize with other humans; however those limitations are not true with God, thus He is able to be completely united to a much greater extent than is possible with human beings.


In this series of lessons we have been attempting to explain the concept of the Godhead. While we cannot completely understand it, hopefully this study has enabled us to better comprehend it. And even more so, strengthened our faith in this vital doctrine. The Godhead is composed of three persons or centers of consciousness, but all are so completely united that they become one. All three beings of the Godhead interpenetrate one another, supply life to the others, and all are involved in all aspects of the work of God. Furthermore on November and December 2019 Reports we had evangelism at Nonwa in Tai Local Government Area on the23rd Nov, 2019 with prospects by name Success Guadu and Daniel and follow up is regular. while on the 22nd Dec, 2019 we have Evangelism at Sime Tai and also have three prospects namely Happiness Monday, James Amanikpo and Friday Njaga. Their problem has been knowing the Bible dispensations e.g patriarchal, Mosaic and Christian age and how to rightly divide the word of truth. We buried bro Emmanuel Ndorn age 80years on the 21st of Dec, 2019. The church here extents greetings to you and wishes you a prosperous new year in advance for more propagation of the word of God for the purpose of salvation. Year 2020 is yet another year for us to strive for the course of Christ and win more souls, thus obeying the commandment of our Great God Jesus Christ. Mark 16:15-16, May you everlastingly remain blessed in the Lord for this Great work you have undertaken for the Salvation of lost Souls Amen.


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Abuja WBS Team Report

2019 Report



The year 2019 is a year full of successes, failures, accomplishments and struggles. From personal to group, it was indeed an eventful year of evangelistic work for the Lord. Some expectations were achieved, while some couldn’t be achieved, but the grace of God triumph in all time and events.


Activities; Among the activities of the team for the year ended includes the followings;

* WBS Great Workshop, Mbaise 2019: A total of Two (2) team members participated in the program. They are Bro Alabi Samson and Omota Smart. As usual, we participated in the Lectures, Evangelism and registration of participants. Thanks for the support from WBS.

* ICT Training & Leadership Seminar: The capacity building programs were held in September at the Church of Christ Kado, with Bro Mike Udam, Princewill Amaefule, Osita Onuora, Abiodun Adegoroye etc as facilitators. Participants benefited more from the activities. Special thanks to the WBS Missionary for the support. See report as sent before.

* The Nigeria Gospel Chariot Evangelism Campaign: This was a month packed event, moving round Twenty (20) locations within Abuja and Nasarawa State, preaching the undiluted gospel of Christ, establishing new congregation, strengthening weaker ones and helps to support stronger and vibrant congregations. A total number of Eleven (11) souls were baptized, while thousands received the words and many enrolled for the WBS & Nations University programs. Thanks to Elders of  Church of Christ Kado, Abuja and team members who were Local organising committee for their support. See report as sent before.

* Enrollment and Follow-up on students: This we couldn’t do much because of circumstances beyond our control. There were no new enrollments and new lessons were not sent back on time to us from the U.S (in fact, our student’s lesson 3 has not been received as at now, since sending the lesson 2 in February). Most of the team members assigned to follow-up on Online students didn’t perform as expected and timely, which resulted in failed results on the study schedules with the students.

* Abuja 2019 Mobile Evangelism: Some of the team members were actively involved in the planning and execution of the Abuja Mobile Evangelism in Dutse-Alhaji, Bwari axis. The evangelism train moved through three routes of Dawaki – Dutse-Alhaji – Dutse-Makaranta; Jigo – Ushafa; Bwari – Kuduru – Garam. Thousands saw and heard about the church on that day.

Challenges: Among the challenges experienced are;

* Lack of commitment from members: This particularly affected the follow-up on online students and other activities, as only few (2 in particular) are seriously committed to most of the team’s activities.

* Inadequate Funding: Inadequate funding of team members and activities caused some failures in the team’s programs. Self sponsorship from committed members couldn’t achieved much as there were limited funds as a result of the social economic problems of the country.

* Overseas Congregation support: The congregation overseas supporting with WBS lessons lost communication with the team throughout the year, hence the student’s lessons did not get to them. The cause of the lack of communication can not be ascertained as at this time, as no responses were received from the congregation.

* Functional Office and Staff: The team does not have a functional office apartment, equipments and working staff. This has hinder the smooth work of the team, especially the team leader, who has to work from his house or on the move.


* Abuja as the capital of Nigeria and the gateway to the Northern Nigeria needs urgently a good, equipped and staffed functional office apartment, for efficient and effective execution of the WBS mandate to the world. It will also project the image of the program and the church in good light to interested students of the word. It will aid the work and motivate the workers accordingly, considering the peculiar nature of the environment.

* The WBS Missionary to Nigeria should help with one or more congregations overseas who will work with the team on student’s enrollment and study. While we still hope that our existing relationship with the overseas congregation (J. Tidwell, 6117 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN 37211, USA) who had sent lessons before will be established back and communication restored in the shortest possible time. The team needs regular supply of lessons to keep both the team and the students busy and timely.

* Funding should be increased to the team considering the enormous work at hand. This will motivate more follow-up workers to be committed to the work. The support received couldn’t achieve the targets because of the number of workers it can take of and the assignments available. Northern Nigeria needs new systematic approach to Evangelism which will requires capital funding for the project.

* A scheduled follow-up activities among committed team members, according to their locations, should be made by the team leader. This will help to be timely and effective with the student’s study program.


It was indeed an eventful year that needs a review that is proactive in its implementation. Mistakes must be corrected, actions must be timely and resources efficiently utilized for a more result oriented team. The world and the church should feel the positive impact of the WBS  program in its evangelism approach. The gospel must be preached through it.

Thanks and God bless you

2020 Plans


The World Bible School, Abuja Team’s proposed program of activities for the year 2020 are as follows;

1) WBS Great Workshop 2020: The WBS Great Workshop, Abuja 2020 will be hosted by the team and the Church of Christ, Nyanya on the 5th – 8th February 2020. A total of 500 participants are expected from across the country, including International visitors. The team planned to provide comfortable accommodation for the participants throughout the program, instead of the ‘sleeping in the hall’ method of accommodation.

* BUDGET – A total sum of Eight Hundred thousand naira (N800,000) is projected as expenses for the accommodation for all participants.

2) ICT TRAINING AND LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: This is an annual event aimed at developing the capacities of Ministers and Church Leaders in order to perform optimally and efficiently in the course of discharging their duties to the church. It is scheduled for August 2020. This is organized in partnership with and sponsorship from Bro Mike Udam, Director, Denmike Computers and WBS Great Workshop.

* BUDGET – Four Hundred thousand naira (N400,000). This is expected to cover the Resource Persons, Feedings, Honorarium, Logistics etc for the 2 programs.

3) THE NIGERIA GOSPEL CHARIOT: This has become an annual event and a tool for mass evangelism through open-air campaigns within Abuja and its environs. It has helped to reach thousands of unbelievers and also in establishing new congregations, as well as strengthening weaker ones and helps to support stronger and vibrant congregations. It is expected in September 2020 for another one month mission work in Abuja.

* BUDGET – One Hundred thousand naira (N100,000). This is to provide logistics to help mobilized more team members to participate in the activities across the state.

4) ENROLLMENT AND FOLLOW-UP WORKS: We planned to increase the numbers of active follow-up workers to Five (5) from Two (2). This is to enable the team meet up with numbers of students that needs follow-up study. This number will also aid the process of enrolment into the WBS program effectively, as more schools, groups etc will be reached on time and scheduled. This is necessary especially for our online students, whose locations most times are beyond the city.

* BUDGET – Six Hundred thousand naira (N600,000). A support of Ten thousand naira (N10,000) per month for each worker for a year, will help meet up with the great potentials of reaching out to both new and old students.

5) INAUGURATION OF THE KADUNA WBS TEAM: Although this was supposed to be done in 2019, but for circumstances beyond the control of the team, it was not done, hence the need for it to be completed this year 2020. There are Six (6) Evangelists who are willing and ready to work for the Lord in Kaduna State as WBS Follow-up workers. We are to provide guidance and instruments (materials) for their work, and this we have decided to do in order to help the work in the Northern Nigeria.

BUDGET – Fifty Thousand naira (N50,000). This is to enable selected team members to travel to Kaduna for the inauguration and orientation.  

We hope and pray that God will grant the enablement to execute these activities to His glory and provide the financial means to meet up with the financial needs of each activities.

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Youth Seminar yields 4 Souls

Uzoma Nwokoma Alozie reports that they recently conducted a youth seminar in Obegu Village which resulted in 4 baptisms. To God be the Glory.

With gladsome heart, praises to God, four persons were baptized today during the youth seminar at Obegu, my village. We can see the Church increasing numerically, we thank the church for organizing the program.It is my prayer that they will grow spiritually.Thank you for sharing our job. Brother Alozie Uzoma