1st QTR 2021 Report from Mike Udam


I am delighted to share with you the report of work for the months on January, February, and March 2021.

The church witnessed 20 New birth through baptism, and one very significant restoration – a man that was baptized in the early 1990 and whose wife was converted to the faith six years ago turned himself in and reconciled with God.

Under this period, we did not record any withdrawal of fellowship even though we are still having members that are very epileptic in their attendance.

In February, the church organized her annual couples retreat to help shape the tone of couples living with each other in proper Bible-defined harmony. Over 80 couples attended and the bond of friendship in marriage was renewed.

In March, the church planted a very big farm for me to cater for my feeding. Since it is a rural congregation, that is the best they can do to support the work of their preacher.

Arrangements have been concluded to establish a congregation this year in a neighboring village. For the next quarter, all my evangelism efforts shall be focused in that area, and with God on our side, we will set up a congregation there.

Keep us in your prayers.

Within this first quarter, follow-up work with WBS students was resumed. We hope to have a WBS seminar sometime in July Lord willing and if the funds are available.

We are also struggling to finish our mission house where we hope to be keeping most of the visitors that come here to work with us. We have plastered and now we are at the stage of fixing doors and windows.

Thank you for supporting me to work out here. I am grateful.

My family shall be heading to Enugu state tomorrow April 1st for a four-day Family Retreat. It is a time once in every year where we go out and meet other Christian families and spend time together in fellowship during the Easter period.

I am doing well in health and the Lord is faithful to me.

God bless you all.

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Ilori Gbenga’s Jan-Mar 2021 Report


The WBS students from different denominations churches who study with the WBS correspondence courses  have completed there seven lessons course and now graduated. Now, some are studying the advance course. “Christian Life” and “The Church”. About 12students graduated and two have been baptized and added to the church of Christ Ewupe. Brother Gbenga Ilori(Evangelist COC Olugba),Brother Yakubu Jundu(Evangelist COC Ewupe) and Brother Dairo Joseph(Evangelist COC Ota) are the WBS Team workers doing these great Work in Ogun stare, Nigeria.

The 🎓 took place at Church of Christ Ewupe, Ogun state where we presented the graduant Certificate of completion and a copy of Bible to encourage them in 17th, January 2021. I enroll 200students with the WBS correspondence courses at “Legacy model seed school” Olugba, Ogun state in February and also enroll 150students at Imeko Comprehensive College, Imeko Ogun state, in March last week. 

I am now grading all my WBS students lessons with my WBS Team members. The WBS work in Ogun state is bringing more fruit in the kingdom of God Nigeria. 

Thanks. Gbenga Dare Ilori (WBS follow-up worker/Evangelist)

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Sunday Solomon Udoh’s January-March 2021 Report

Greetings from my family.

I wish you the best in the Lord’s vineyard as we are partnering together in the spread of the gospel.

The 1st quarter of the year 2021, which is ending today has witnessed tremendous growth and success in the Lord’s kingdom due to WBS activities.

This is the summary of my report during the quarter:

·        Ikot Abasi Local Government: Six souls were baptized in the area during the 1st Sunday of January, 2021

·        Atai Otoro Abak: between 24th January and 7th February 2021, a total of two souls were baptized at Atai Otoro.

·        Another round of evangelism took place at Ikot Obiofuk in Atai Otoro on 14 February, 2021, there was no baptism. Many people were interested to study the Bible with the WBS.

·        A WBS student was baptized at Ukpom during the quarter after some period of Bible teaching.

·        Ikot Akpabio in Afahaobong also had one soul during the period.

·        In a bit to start a congregation at Obio Ndot in Abak, tremendous efforts are on the making. The 3rd week of February witnessed a large number of people in the area for house to house preaching and Open Air Service.

·        Abak Preachers/Leadership workshop: Took place at Ukpom during the period.

·        WBS Seminar/Evangelism, Ika L.G.A./Manta Edem Idim and Ikot Akwa Ebom, Abak, were well attended during the quarter. Bibles and other reading materials were given to some of the students.

·        Ikot Ekpeyak witnessed the conversion of four souls in the area during the quarter.

·        A Church was planted at Nto Oyom in Obot Akara L.G.A. during the weekend of 21st and 22nd March of 2021 with one soul added to the Lord during the occasion.

·        The three day evangelism at Ikot Edung in Uruan L.G.A brought ten souls to the Lord. Some pictures of events and baptisms are attached.

I wish your continued cooperation and support in the Lord’s work.

May God be with you.

Sunday Solomon Udoh

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Progress Report from Anameti Akpan

Dear Brothers in Christ,

        On 15th June, 2020, Ime Nelson Akpan from Apostolic Church came to W.B.S office in the Nigerian Christian Bible College Ukpom, Abak and picked many tracts for his family, together with W.B.S enrollment forms, I will do my best to preach to his own household. I am therefore in need of your prayers. (Picture sanding with Ime N. Akpan displayed).


        On 17th June, 2020 through personal evangelism, a widow and her son from Apostolic Healing Church got baptized into Christ. (Picture displayed).

        On 21st June, 2020 through personal evangelism in where, I preach C.O.C No. II Ikot Oku Mfang, Abak a new convert from United Evangelical Church got baptized into Christ. (Picture displayed). She is now worshipping with us. The problem now is the husband is not a Christian but I do visit him always and preach to him. By God’s grace I will win him to Christ.

        On 1st July, 2020, I visited a pastor from Christ Faith Church in Ukanafun Ikot Ekpat to preach for him and also taking one carton of gospel tracts for him to distributes to his members along with W.B.S enrollment forms (picture displayed. I am in need of your collective prayers.

On 6th July, 2020 Min. Samuel Iniko from Eket Congregation came to W.B.S Office and picked two cartons of tracts for personal evangelism. Still on 9th July, 2020, Barrister C.J. George came to W.B.S Office in the Nigerian Christian Bible College and picked one carton of tracts along with 25 pieces of W.B.S enrollment forms for distribution not yet return. I am still doing my work, the virus is disturbing but I am in need of your prayers.

Anameti Akpan

Timothy Iwe’s WBS Report

 30th June 2020

Dear brethren,

Report of My Online World Bible Study Help Effort for April to June 2020

INTRODUCTION: Challenging time is really an opportunity to show the true strength of a Christian. The COVID 19 pandemic is no longer a news to all but the effect of it to the church, the school and the society will last long. The lockdown affected most activities giving the Online WBS program an edge. It of great wisdom that the upgrade was pulsed for now for the timing is not excellent in my own understanding. We need the site mostly now.

Progress Report: It is my pleasure to be found useful even during these challenging times. The Online World Bible School Project is a great one and is even becoming more effective this time that many are working from home. The process of upgrading has affected our online studies with our students.  I have been able to grow my WBS Online Students from 1,716 in beginning of May to 1,863 as at the 30th of June 2020. 2 students completed their courses during this period.

I want to thank God for using me in that capacity. 5 souls were added to the body of Christ during this period. “Kerry Lombard wrote Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for arranging my baptism. I was baptized on Monday and have been invited to a church. Feeling very blessed indeed. Regards Kerry. That was Kerry comment from South Africa. Join me to thank God and pray for her to be stable in the kingdom. The last was a family that Bro Titus Blair introduced to me. We will do more as God give us the privilege to serve Him.

CHALLENGES: Electricity is a challenging issue in Nigeria. However, I have been able to provide an alternative power supply for myself. I use Solar Energy however, my battery is showing signs of weakness and need replacement. Paying for Internet here is another issue.

CONCLUSION: We are all pencils in the hand of God. More work will be done as we learn more to work and serve humanity.

Thanks and God bless you.

Tim Iwe


I have decided to title my missions updates for June 2020. ”BUILDING THE BODY OF CHRIST”. Our God is Faithful and good, He will not allow us to stumble or to be stigmatized by the corona Virus pandemic.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has eased inter-state travels and Local flights for a period of four weeks. Church services are in sessions for only two hours with precautionary measures as prescribed by the government such as wearing of face masks, social distancing, wearing of hand gloves by those who share the Lord’s supper, washing of hands and sanitizers before entering the Church hall. A task force set up by the Government is checking churches to arrest offenders. We are doing our best to keep to these instructions while believing in God that the virus will end soon so that we will be able to carry out all our evangelistic programmes.

With God on my side I was able to accomplish the following activities for the lord in the month of June 2020 I have titled my June missions updates “Building the body of Christ”

  1. VISTIS TO TWINS AND NEW BORN BABIES: On 10th June 2020, after our normal Bible class, at the Church of Christ Abak Itenge, we visited a Christian lady who had given birth to twins. She is from a very poor background; I gave some financial assistance for their up keep

On the 11th June 2020, with the company of some Christian women from Church of Christ Ikot Akpabio, we visited a sister who gave birth to a baby recently. We donated some food, items to the family.

  1. TWO BAPTISMS RECORDED AT THE YOUNG CONGREGATION-CHURCH OF CHRIST ABAK ITEGNE: On 17th June, following our normal Wednesday bible class, two souls responded for Baptism. This young Church which I established on January 20, 2019 is growing as God gives the increases. I gave out some used clothes from my deceased wife to the women of this church and they were very happy to receive them.
  1. PURCHASE OF LAND FOR MISSIONS PROJECT: By the grace of God, I was able to locate a piece of land 4 plots besides my residence. I am requesting for some assistances to pay for the land. It costs 5 million naira presently, I have 1 million Naira and the Hillsboro congregation have started to contribute money for the land. I need 3 million Naira to complete the payment. This land will be used to build a Christian Rehabilitation centre and W.B.S study centre where W.B.S lessons will be displayed and distributed. Orphans and those who have various problems will be rehabilitated. I need your help so as to accomplish this missions driven project.

Once again thank you for your prayers and financial support for the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom in Nigeria. May God bless you all in Jesus Name – Amen

Uyai Sunday Joshua

February Work Report



P. O. BOX 470, ABAK

EMAIL: mjakpakpan@yahoo.commjakpakpan@gmail.com                                                                                                                          February 29, 2020 Dear Brethren,

SECOND MONTH OF THE YEAR 2020 WAS NOT NEGATIVE MONTH IN EVANGELISM.-  At Two Towns Church of Christ, Manta/Midim we had House to House Evangelism.  There were 5 baptisms.

–  Attendance of WBS Great Workshop at Abuja was very encouraging.  The was 1 baptism.Some people were given Awards to motivate them to work harder in their evangelism work I was one of the Awardees.
–  One senior retired Police Officer that always come and take tracts and Bibles for Evangelism        reported 9 baptisms in February 2020.
–  At Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong – 1 soul was restored to Christ.
–  Sister Ani S. Udoh, a retired Nurse and her husband is a Lecturer in University of Calabar, she always come to get Tracts for Evangelism, she reported conversion of 2 Denominational Pastors.
–  WBS Seminar was conducted at NCBC on February 22, 2020.
–  Anameti reported 2 baptisms.
–  Ikot Ekpene/Abak Prison had 6 baptisms in February, 2020.  There is Skill Acquisition Training   going on there.  It’s Annual Bible Lectureship will take place in April, 2020.
–  Uyo Prison recorded 14 Baptisms during the month.
–  Monthly Women Lectureship is in a steady progress.
–  Monthly Youth Seminars is very very effective.
–  M. B. Archibong reported 10 Baptisms and 3 restoration.
–  African Christian Secondary School is in a steady progress.  We have an approval of Examination   Center for the students at School.  

   We are not able to complete Science Lab building that we appealed for financial help.  We did not receive enough money to complete it.
Please Brethren, keep praying for us and our work.

In His service,Monday J. Akpakpan.