Anambra Nigeria Work Report



Following the inauguration of the Team on 19 Aug 2020, Oba was selected as the first point of contact by the Team. Upon investigation it was discovered that Oba has a sizeable number of christains living there, hence the proposal to establish a congregation there. The Team met on the 4th Sept 2020 in new Town Estate to deliberate on the modalities for the commencement of the project; the following resolutions was agreed upon.

  1. The Mission Team is to meet with the brethren living in Oba to ascertain their level of their preparedness and interest for the project.
  2. Consult neighbouring congregations for support and cooperation, these congregation includes Obosi, Uruagu, Akpulu str and Ichi.
  3. Search for a suitable location for siting of the worship hall

It was also resolve that members should split into groups to make the work faster, delegates were sent to various congregations, the search for a worship hall was also activated all within a week.


The Oba Project was a case of quick revival of  the spirit of evangelism, hence we never had a budget for implementation, we activated with hope that brethren will respond to our plea.

  1. Finance and logistics for actualization of the project
  2. Entertainment for attending guest
  3. Sound system for the Open Air Preaching
  4. Publicity and Orientation for both brethren and Public.

Implementation was swift as the Mission Team went into negotiation, consultation and fund raising drive.

  1. Evangelism and Gospel Campaign was scheduled for 25th Sept 2020, meanwhile the mission team was to carry out house to house evangelism between 23rd and 24th Sept 2020.
  2. The printing of flyers and Flex for both the Team and the Church was also paid for, printing of customized tracts for the gospel preaching was also initiated and implemented
  3. The delegates met with all the neighbouring congregations and reported  back, some positive results were recorded from Uruagu and Obosi Congregations to the effect that they made promises to support the project.
  4. A place was also discovered for the location of the Church in Umuabu Village by Umunnakwa Man Jonny Bus stop Oba, promptly it was secured and paid for in advance.
  5. The Fund raising strategy was individual-based, which turn out to be more effective, the Mission Team themselves was also ready and available with their timely contributions to ensure there was no stoppages.
  6. The renovation of the rented hall commenced, with expansion, repairs, construction of pulpit and baptistry ahead of the Evangelism.

As at the time of this report, congregations and individual brethren sent in supportin cash to the tune of two hundred and eighty four thousand naira (#284,000.00) only, twenty one (21) rubber chairs, pulpit stand, tiles for baptistry were also donated. Also vehicles were made available both by individual brethren and congregations to ease the burden of transport during the campaign. Tracts were printed to suit the location of the Church address and contact. It was a huge success recorded on the part of giving by brethren. Particularly the Anambra Youth Forum was on the ground to energize the foot work as part of the support mechanism.


Oba Project is a huge success and landmark achievement in the history of Anambra Church planting programme, all because of our collective efforts and sacrifice, in time, energy and resources, which happens to be the three (3) reference points of the Anambra Mission Work Team, and today I am excited to enumerate the bulk of the success;

  1. Most important of this achievement is the bringing together of brethren to work in harmony with one another during the campaign.
  2. A brand new baptistry is built in the renovated hall handed over to the church in Oba.
  3. A beautiful signpost positioned at the bus stop and a church flex at hall for proper direction.
  4. More than thirty (30) christains who have been suffering from cost of transporting to worship were relieved of the burden

So far the Team has raised a total of two hundred and eighty four thousand naira (#284,000.00) only from Individual and congregations, though we are not disposed to mention these individuals in this report due to plea of anonymity by greater numbers of these contributors, we have plans to write an appreciation letters to each of these contributors with time attached to this accessment report for their appraisals.

Also a total of three hundred and sixty six thousand five hundred naira (#366,500.00) was expended in the cause of the project; the breakdown is as follow:

  1. Logistics and Transport                                #24,000.00
  2. Materials Purchased                                    #163,500.00
  3. Renovation and Labour                               #73,500.00
  4. Hirings of canopy, chairs and sound system #17,000.00
  5. Entertainment                                              #40,500.00
  6. Rentage                                                       #24,000.00
  7. Printing of flex, flyers and tracts                  #14,000.00
  8. Consultation fees with landlord                    #10,000.00

Total                                                           #366,500.00

This brings us to deficit of #82,500 with an outstanding debt of #18,000 yet to be cleared. These records shows that we can do more in Anambra state without borrowing, and I want to appreciate you all for this sacrifice.


Difficulties abound in the ministry we have chosen, but they are surmountable if only we are in unity both in words and deeds.

  1. The issues of autonomy and church cooperation was brought to test as we progressed, though some are still in doubt as to the authenticity of our actions, we are convinced through scriptural support that we are on the right path.
  2. Funding is an integral part of every mission work, and we intend to re-strategizefor better funding and contribution amongst brethren, with an assurance of good accountability, transparency and report. I do want us to note that the Mission Team Work is locally funded and not through any international donor as may be perceived in some quarters, but we do hope that help will come some day from external sources and we will also be intimated on the development, as a matter of urgency the Mission Team has activated a process of opening account before the next project to enable all and sundry effectively make use of the opportunity to lift the gospel in Anambra State.
  3. Support for Field Workers should be an issue for critical assessment to ensure that Men of God do not worn out in the process, its also expected that with time we will provide uniforms for the Team as they work in the Field as a way of creating awareness especially in fresh grounds.
  4. Logistics may not constitute a problem for now as most willing and zealous brethren are availing themselves of the wonderful opportunity to use their vehicles for the service in the vineyard, but on the long term its necessary to think of a chariot for the Team.
  5. Spiritual maturity of the congregation being planted should also be of utmost importance, the Team has a mandate of providing a follow up exercise for the newly established congregation until they are matured enough to have a Preacher by sending delegates to liase and work with them. I want to also note that this exercise requires sacrificial commitment, individually and collectively.

Our projection is to follow up on the other designated areas as soon as we can, create a budget for each zone with serious consideration to the available resources, consult and liase with neighbouring congregation to ensure we achieve another planting season soon as we can.


The Anambra Mission Work Team has come to stay, we are committed to the great commission, its also going to cost us OUR TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES, our assurance is that He who has called us unto this good work will not let us slack, may we spread this wonderful news that the Lord is doing a new thing in town and that He is calling on His people to come into His Labour, for the Harvest is plenty.

We have a good reason to believe that we can achieve more, those who are yet to key into the program should be encouraged to do so, it’s a life time investment, sowing in the Lord’s vineyard. Our doors are always open for criticism, contributions, and new ideas, even if its an existing congregations that demand synergy with the Team. Our gratitude first is to God Almighty who has put this zeal in our hearts to revive Evangelism and Gospel Preaching in Anambra State, and then sincere appreciation to all who in one way or the other made it happen.

May the peace of the Lord which passeth all understanding be with you all through Christ our Saviour. Amen

Chidi Chibunna I                                        

Coordinator                                                         Anambra Mission Work Team