Christian Family Retreat

The 2021 Christian Family Retreat took place in Enugu over the weekend and to the glory of God, it afforded me and my family the opportunity to meet with other 7 families to spend time with each other in fellowship.

Since 2015, each year we use the holiday period during Easter to meet and critically look at how we are faring in our families. This retreat was born out of the fact that so many preachers and church leaders are not getting it right with their families. They may be effective in preaching but very poor in family management. They may be eloquent in evangelism but very poor in interpersonal communication with their spouse. So, to fill this gap, we decided to come together to share experiences with each other and help each other build a very strong home.

My family was blessed being in this year’s retreat. Our thinking is that a strong family leads to a strong church. Your support is part of what gave me the financial muscle to attend this retreat. We have to pay for accommodation for four days and pay for feeding during this period. I am glad that the retreat is having positive results. Lord willing, we shall be in Port Harcourt next year.

Enugu School Report


Enugu Study Centre, Enugu State Nigeria

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Enugu Study Centre resumed on the first week of June 2020 after the relaxing of lockdown caused by COVID-19; only 15 students that resumed due to the economical changes after the lockdown.

From the month of June to August 2020, the students have studied and written exams on 3 courses.

The centre had their evangelism by the month of September 2020 to practicalize what they have learnt and the outing was successful; Douglas Street Church of Christ where the BVBI is situated had newly baptized members through the effort of the outings of the students.

We appreciate BVBI of Denver coordinators and resource persons/churches for their great efforts and supports financially, morally and spiritually to all the study centres globally. Also to resource person/persons in Nigeria, we say thank you.

May the good Lord bless and keep you as you continue in this good work in Jesus name Amen.

Report submitted by

Bro. Patrick Makwe

Enugu Study Centre coordinator.

Evangelism Campaign for Enugu Team

The evangelism was proposed to be two days programme which was intended to be house to house and open air, but due to the government policies on social/religious activities, the management decided to carry out massive house to house and tracts sharing on Saturday (23/5/2020) just a day programme.

The students and their instructors with a member of Garriki Church gathered in the morning of 23/5/2020 in the meeting place of the Church of Christ, Garriki and after songs and prayers entered the vehicle (a bus provided by the management) and left for Akwuke village (evangelism venue). They arrived Akwuke by 11:00am, after prayers they went out and spoke to many and shared tracts. The exercised lasted till 2:10pm when they gathered again at the point where their vehicle stationed. They entered the vehicle and returned to the Church’s meeting place by 2:40pm.

Participants’ report of the work: the participants returned with good reports of the listening ears and interactions of their prospects and also informed us of the need to start a congregation in Akwuke Village as many of the people complained of farness of the Church’s meeting place from Akwuke.

After light refreshment, we sang and prayed and the brethren left for their homes.

Financial report: The budget for the evangelism was N60,000 to N65,000, but we later spent N40,000 as the evangelism was just a day programme.     

The expenses was carried out on Polo (T-shirt), Tracts printing, refreshment and transportation.

Based on the report returned with, we hoped to visit Akwuke village again for a greater work which will include open air evangelism any time they relaxed COVID-19 policies. And by His grace establish a congregation there.

NB. One of the students (a minister) pleaded that the students come and help them evangelize their area (Awgu town) in Awgu LGA of Enugu State. We hoped to do so soon, God helping us.

I want to say a very big thank you to God, BVBI team/resource persons, the instructors, the students and all the saints for the grace, support and encouragement/prayers.

May God bless us all as we labour sincerely in His vineyard – Amen.

Yours in His vineyard

Bro. Patrick Makwe

Enugu – Nigeria

Herbert Chukwu Mission Update

First Quarter 2020

Mbanaboh Mission work is progressing. Glory be to God and thanks to Holladay Church of Christ who began to work with us through Brother Dean Hagood, Sister Doris Taylor, Brother Douglas Whaler and Chad Wagner.

This is short story of work in progress in the mission for first quarter of 2020. Brother Chad, thanks for the fund you sent to the Mission for work for first quarter of the year 2020, this had enabled the progress of the Mission building work, Bible School work, Church Visitation and track sharing, Evangelism. The sum of N1,740,770.00 was spent in the children department building at IHE Town, and work in Gariki Church Building to enable us start bible school in the church hall and for the flyer production to enable us to teach the people who believe in Christ but do not believe in HIS Church.

Building work, School work, Evangelism and Benevolence service

A.      Material and labour                                                                                N1,740,770.00

B.      Bible School work                                                                                    N160,000.00

C.      Flyer production                                                                                       N300,000.00

D.      House to House  Evangelism                                                                   N15,000.00

E.       Benevolence service to members of the Church      

who need help as a result of COVID – 19 lockdown                                      N89,000.00

I thank God that we are able to complete our evangelism plans, house to house preaching, bible class in church at Anambra and Kogi state respectively and tracts and flyers distribution before the Government’s lockdown because of COVID -19 Virus. We also completed the building to decking level and the Bible School began with 18 students.

God added six people to the church during these works. I am working only in BLC office at IHE producing Teaching materials that will be sent to the churches in the mission for Evangelism such as this attached with this email. We continue to meet for Bible study and weekly worship but with few members and maintaining social distance as ordered by the Government.

We are praying for COVID -19 Virus to pass away and hoping in God by staying safe in faith in Christ who is over infectious diseases.

Stay safe Brethren with hope in God.

Your Brother, Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu

Enugu School Update

Bear Valley Bible Institute-Enugu

May 2020

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Enugu Study Centre started on the first week of January 2020 with 22 students on the first Saturday and additional 3 students on second Saturday bringing to total of 25 students. The centre is located at the meeting hall of Church of Christ Garriki Awkunanaw Enugu. The 25 students are made up of 9 sisters, 15 pulpit preachers and 1 evangelist in charge of a congregation for years now.

From the month of January to March 2020, the students have studied and written exams on 3 courses which are: How we got the Bible, Personal Evangelism and Christian Evidence (part A). The centre has 3 instructors that are committed to this work.

By the end of March 2020, the number of students at the centre is 20 persons (8 sisters and 12 brothers). 5 persons dropped based on health and other personal reasons.

The centre planned having their evangelism by the month of April 2020 to practicalize what they have learnt, but the COVID -19 pandemic outbreak thwarted the plans. The centre shifted the evangelism programme to last week of May 2020 if the situation (COVID -19 pandemic and government polices) is stabilized to normal again.

We appreciate BVBI of Denver coordinators and resource persons/churches for their great efforts and supports financially, morally and spiritually to all the study centres globally. Also to resource person/persons in Nigeria, we say thank you.

May the good Lord bless and keep you as you continue in this good work in Jesus name Amen.

Report submitted by Bro. Patrick Makwe Enugu Study Centre coordinator.

Demo Day coming for Bible Learning Center in Enugu area.

Herbert Chukwu recently reported about the Bible Learning Center in Enugu State:

Greeting to you and your family

Please let me use this medium to remind you of the need of Building Project Fund for Mbanabo Mission. The attached email is the materials and workmanship cost of the construction work that is urgently required to be done to enable me move urgently required to be done to enable me move out of the Mission Biblical Learning Centre Office out from the building, the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing had marked for demolishing. They have informed me that they will continue work on the road on 15th November, 2019.

I really need to do the first floor deck of the children department building this month being September 2019 and the roofing of the building in October to enable me move the office out for the road expansion. Please help me do the first floor deck and the zinc roof of the building that need Four Thousand Dollar $4,000 to do, and the church will continue to do other works in the building.

The Biblical Learning Center is very important to the evangelism work here because of many students that have enrolled in bible study with Truth for today mission school. These students come to the office to do their lessons test and other people that use to come to the office for bible study. Help me to retain this ongoing people’s interest to study bible with us. It will be possible if I have a place to move the office in November, 2019.