ICT Training in Adamawa and Taraba States-Nigeria


For the past 6 years, it has been my desire to build capacity in preachers in Nigeria on how to use the internet effectively especially for the sake of preaching the gospel of Christ to the dying world.

The location for this year’s training is Jalingo in Taraba state and so preachers from Adamawa state were drawn into the program.

27 participants including 18 preachers were trained in Basic Internet skills, Internet evangelism and Making of short videos for Internet Evangelism.

The coordinator of the training and minister of the church meeting in Jalingo posted this on the newly created WhatsApp group for continuous training;

“Brother Mike you are great blessings to the Lord’s church. We thank you and your entire Entourage for extending the hands of free blessing to the available Preachers and Church Leaders in Taraba and Adamawa State. It is my belief that the seed you have sown in these lives will grow and endure. Thanks a lot for your help. We were wrong to think we knew.”

I thank you all for the support you send to me to make an impact on the growth of the church.

Keep me in your prayers.

I am back to Ogoja with my team

God bless you. Mike Udam

7 Years!


One big lesson I have learnt working at Ukpagada for these 7 years is simple: The village is a tough place that the preacher is the chairman and CEO, PRO, Medical doctor, Information Analyst, program planner and above all, the pace setter in all things. Just one small mistake, the entire church will crumble. It is really tough. But Jesus had been involved all the way. A smile of victory ahead. Keep us in your prayers and support.In one of the group pictures you will see me with a few persons. They are those I met when I came in 2013. The next group picture is a cross section of those that through evangelism are now a part of the church. Thank you for all the support. Your support has made the difference.God bless you all.

Sincerely yours
Mike Udam

2nd QTR 2020 Work Report

I am delighted to share with you the little the Lord used me to do in his vineyard in this second quarter of April May June 2020.
It is no longer news that the world is currently being ravaged by the novel coronavirus covid 19. I am thankful that he has protected us from the pandemic and kept us safe even as we practice the WHO protocol.
I thank you for your support that has really helped me survive this pandemic as we were literally shut down in the entire country.
Thank you for the covid 19 palliative that you sent to the cameroonian refugees here in Ogoja. God bless you so much for your love.
During this period, we were blessed with 5 baptisms amongst which were two pastors of denominational churches.
A new congregation was started for the pastors with some of our brethren around there joining in fellowship. I teach Bible study there every Friday. The baby church has a membership strength of 35 with adults over 25 on Sunday worship service.
We are trusting God that covid 19 will recede, and we will resume our aggressive evangelism.
We were able to construct a baptistery in my congregation to easy the process of baptism especially that we have a functional borehole in the church premises.
For the next quarter, lord willing, there are two Leadership seminars that I shall be conducting in Benue and Taraba state in North central Nigeria.
Beginning from July 4th, my team Africa Evangelism Mission shall start Virtual Lectureship streaming live across the continent of Africa via Nzuko/Zoom applications. The brethren in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are our principal target. Topics have been assigned to us all. This is our response to the emergence of covid 19. We are adjusting to the New normal. Trial sessions are ongoing. Keep us in your prayers.
I am equally starting 20 minutes Bible classes live on my facebook page Mike Udam from the 1st of July 2020.
One thing I have learned from this pandemic to always put the phrase LORD WILLING in all my plans.
My family is doing well and to the glory of God, I shall be 7 years at Ukpagada on the 5th of July 2020. Keep me and my family in your prayers.
My members are farmers, if you have a small support for them to buy fertilizers and herbicide for their farms, it will be well appreciated.
God bless you.

Mike Udam

Udam’s 1st QTR Report

To God be the glory that he has sustained us to do his will in this very trying moment of our lives as we see people killed daily by the novel corona virus that has ravaged the world between December last year and today.

We have made significant progress this quarter in our quest to serve God in the vineyard of the Lord.

Between January and today, the church meeting at Ukpagada have recorded an additional 10 members born through the watery grave of baptism. We suspect that God gave us this increase through the instrumentality of our evangelism strategy that we adopted this year. For twelve weeks now, each Tuesdays is devoted to outdoor open air preaching. The message of the gospel has been preached and his doctrine shared to the world. We are glad to share the result with you knowing that you have been having us in your prayers.Between January and March, I have made 4 evangelism trips to locations in other states to share the good news to the lost and to strengthen the saved to remain saved. Our God has been faithful and his mercies endure forever.

The plan to go to Kenya for mission work got to advance stage before the outbreak of covid 19 that temporality put it on hold. We had already secured visas for the trip and were working on funds to buy the tickets when this global pandemic struck. It is our desire that as soon as everything is brought under control, we will still make the trip.

The church at ukpagada is greatly affected by the lockdown associated by the covid 19 pandemic. The government has ordered a lockdown at the very period of our starting to activate the farming process. The more the farmers stay at home, the more they are tempted to eat from their farm inputs. Any support to help cushion the effect of these lockdown will be greatly affected.

Cheering news: I recently graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Biblical studies from Sunset international Bible institute, Texas through it affiliate school, Darrell Memorial Bible institute Obudu. I desire to enroll immediately for the masters degree in Youth and family from the same Sunset School. I pray the Lord to make a way.God bless you for the support you send to me to make the work around me easy. 

It is my desire to be in the states and Canada lord willing this year. My visa interview on the 25th of March was cancelled because of the covid 19. Keep my family and I in your prayers.

Taraba State Evangelism Report

The leadership of the churches of Christ in the 19 northern states of Nigeria came together and formed an evangelism team that goes out once every year for a week to a specific location in northern Nigeria and evangelize the area either to plant a church there or to expand the one already existing.

I was invited to speak to brethren and participate in their gospel campaign for this year in a town known as Baissa, about 9km to Cameroon. The congregation there was established by an American Missionary Ken Klein in the early 1980s and has grown significantly over the years.

I spent my one year youth service 18 years ago with Ken Klein and got to work with him there. So it was an opportunity to visit once again the place I had worked some years ago.

I participated in the Open Air evangelism and spoke during the Indoor lecture on corruption of the pattern of marriage by man.

As at yesterday, 8 souls have already obeyed the gospel and were baptized and added to the fold.

My team includes, Chidi Chibunna, a staff sergeant of the Nigeria Army who resigned from the military deliberately just to work for God in the Lord’s army. Cornelius Monjok our Ogoja WBS Team leader, Festus Okwo my Head of department in school and brother, and Bro Joe Ekpo, a newly converted pastor of a denomination.

Keep us in your prayers.

Great Transformation

Yesterday, the kingdom of darkness lost three souls to the kingdom of light when we boldly declared that Jesus is the Son of God and moved straight to the watery grave of baptism.

We are glad to announce that God is the one rewarding our efforts with this great harvest. Recall that our evangelism strategy this year is using our public address system to preach the gospel into all the homes in Ukpagada nation every Tuesday during our Bible study period.

In one of the Tuesdays, Chad Wagner – Missionary to Nigeria visited Ukpagada and spoke during the Open Air. After hitting the airwaves with the undiluted truth, we got one result when Chad Wagner spoke and yesterday three come forward and God added them to the church.

Keep us in your prayers. We are confident that God will give us more fruits in the coming weeks.

Mike Udam

Ukpagada Couples Retreat 2019

For four years running, the church meeting at Ukpagada have been gathering couples from around the country together towards the end of the year to brainstorm on ways of making our marriages work according to the standard that God expects it to be. It is one event that has recorded so many testimonies of it huge impact on the couples that had followed regularly.

Research conducted in the early 1990, by a group of family experts places the family as the main institution that God expects man not to fail and sadly 60% of 100 men interviewed showed signs of lack of capacity to “Dwell with them with understanding” 1 Pet 3:7.

So it became imperative that couples come together to build capacity in how to live with each other peacefully.

The retreat is usually divided into 3 parts.

First we spend time introducing our spouse in public stating the things you know about them, their likes and dislikes.

Then we receive a lecture by a seasoned family expert.

Then we split to deal with issues based on gender.

In between these periods, we break to eat together and have fun in the process.

This year 45 couples attended and it was colourful. Adegoroye Abiodun, the minister of the church meeting at Kado Abuja was our guest speaker. He spoke on having the mind of Christ even in our marriages. He destroyed so many preconceived positions and prejudices that have made our marriages a war room.

During the split session, the men were told to learn to look inward and build their marriages. Honesty and transparency in handling family finances was emphasized.

The women were told how to truly be submissive to their husbands while husbands were called upon to be assistive to their wives in the kitchen which was not the case before.

The retreat came to a close with a closing prayer by the host minister Mike Udam.

The saints were edified and the Lord glorified.

Ogoja Evangelism Report

Greetings from Ogoja WBS Team.

We write to give a report on the activities of  Ogoja WBS Evangelism Team for this year 2019.

         The team has gone out three times to different locations for door to door evangelism this year. We have also engaged members of the team for enrollment of students and following up the students.

     This team have organized seminar for the WBS students two times at Okuku and two times at Bekwarra of which Mike Udam was called to speak to the students.

Statistics shows the following results:

1.  20 baptism

2.   5 restoration

3.   300 new enrollments

4.   400 follow up  students

5.  Shared over 60 Bibles

We have spend #100,000 naira for Postage of WBS lessons back to United States. We also have spent a lot of money for our transport to do the team work at chosen locations.

God has been with us throughout these periods. We will do better if you can attract support of any kind to aid the team for;

1. Postage of Students lessons back to United States

2. Transport of our team members to evangelism locations

3. To assist buying of bibles for students who are dearly in need

4. Support for WBS seminars.

Attached here are some pictures of Ogoja WBS Team activities.

Thank you for your kind considerations.

Yours faithfully, 

Cornelius Monjok

Team Leader

Ukpagada Lectureship

The 2019 Ukpagada lectureship ended yesterday with a sermon charging the congregation to invest in the vineyard of the Lord.

The activities for the 7th annual lectureship kicked off on Thursday 21st November with a powerful evangelism (door to door) by the Ogoja WBS evangelism team in a village known as Ukpe. It was this same type of evangelism outreach that led to the establishment of the church at Ukpe with 7 baptisms. The church there has grown to 23 within one year. So we decided to hit further on the Ukpe community and to the glory of God, we had a restoration. A woman who neglected the church some 20 years ago decided to return to fellowship now that the church has been planted at Ukpe near her house. We hope to record some conversions soon lord willing.

On the 22nd November, we gathered to commission a borehole project built by 6 brethren for the church and Ukpagada community where I preach. The community only source of water before 22nd November was the river that is constantly polluted. To fill that gap, friends of the church Bassey Esang, Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International based in Kenya, Omota Smart, Ini Ememobong, Friday Obong and my family raised $2000 to sink a generator powered borehole to the excitement of the church.

The church also was on the occasion blessed with a state of the art Public address system to aid in our Outdoor evangelism, sponsored largely by the church meeting at Okoh street in Warri where Osita Onuora serves as the minister. We spent the evening singing praises to God for blessing us with water and providing a means to make the gospel go further through the public address system.

The lectureship on the theme Measuring Church Growth kicked off with three keynote presentations by Okponung Ntekim – Measuring Congregational Growth, Osita Onuora – Measuring Personal Growth and Victor Robert – Setting up a growth plan. 529 persons from 8 states of Nigeria attended the lectureship and it was indeed refreshing and expository as speakers opened our eyes to the need to grow and bear fruit in the vineyard of the lord.

The Okos street congregation in Warri Delta state sponsored a medical team to evaluate and handle some major health challenges of some of the participants who utilized the health window which the lectureship provided. The lectureship had split classes where participants brainstormed on the keynotes. Two kids who recited the beatitudes and the genealogy of Jesus got scholarship from some participants.

The lectureship came to an end with food fellowship. On Sunday, during worship, we started to see the gains of the lectureship as we recorded two restorations and two fresh visitors. We are hoping to see conversions very soon lord willing.

This report is from Mike Udam, who is doing great work in eastern Nigeria along the border with Cameroon. If you’d like to help him in his work, you can do so here: https://accc.kindful.com/?campaign=339550


The report of this quarter shall be presented under three subheadings
1. Congregational development
2. World bible school activities
3. External evangelism and edification
The church at Ukpagada only recorded two baptism during this period and it is not unconnected with our desire to build the inside to be strong through leadership development. We therefore started the Leadership class with men that will be taught to handle the congregation and grow into eldership. The congregation also led the WBS Team to carry out extensive evangelism in one of the Ukpagada villages. We hope to repeat there in May 2018.
During this period under review, World Bible School Great follow up worker workshop took place in Nigeria and I did this summary report below as the director of the workshop.
The world Bible School great workshop is a four day gathering of preachers who do follow up work for world Bible school and those who use world Bible school materials as evangelism tool. In Nigeria the annual workshop holds once every year and was introduced by an American missionary Doug Wheeler in the early 90s and it has survived till today. This workshop is designed to be a capacity building workshop to develop men to be able to face the challenges of following up on WBS prospective students. It is also a platform for a coordinated evangelism within the location of hosting.
The great workshop is the biggest WBS organized workshop not to discuss with students but to discuss with the follow up workers. It is sponsored by congregations in the USA who have WBS follow up workers here in Nigeria. Between 2015 and 2018, over 30 souls have been won to Christ through this workshop. In Warri 2017, a Muslim was converted into the body of Christ. In 2018 a Pentecostal pastor was converted and a strong follow up team is keeping an eye on him and his denomination.
Another important aspect of the Great Workshop is the equipment of the follow up worker for greater service and functionality. At the end of the workshop participants are usually equipped with a pack containing, Bibles, books, tracts, DVDs/CDs and other study outlines. The pack is accompanied with the workshop book containing lecture notes of the conference. As the director of the WBS Great Workshop, my responsibilities include coordinating the entire activities before, during and after the workshop. From selecting the theme to appointing the speakers and ensuring that the workshop goes well lies on my table.
This year’s workshop had 8 speakers taking topics within a theme REPOSITIONING THE CHURCH FOR HIS SECOND COMING. An American missionary and president of African Christian schools foundation Chad Wagner was one of the guest speakers. 649 participants were registered. Two of the participants came from the Cameroon.
7 souls accepted to obey the gospel and were immersed into Christ. The high point of the 2018 Great Workshop is the unveiling of the newly constructed Nigeria Gospel Chariot. A
lot of brethren were excited knowing now that we can storm the rural area with the gospel. The 2019 Great Workshop is scheduled to hold at Mbaise in Imo state of Nigeria.
Beyond the workshop I introduced WBS to the school where I teach and as at today, we have over 350 enrollments. Bibles have been shared to those without Bibles who have passed the first introductory lesson.
Between January and March I had speaking appointments at the Oron Leadership seminar, WBS Great workshop Abakaliki, Orodu Gospel meeting in Lagos and the 1st Men’s seminar held at Ogoja Town.
God has been faithful to me and my family. One major challenge I have fueling to travel up and down across the country to speak at seminars. Between April and July, I have over 6 speaking appointments. I am willing, Able and ready to do his will.
God bless you
Mike Udam