The report of this quarter shall be presented under three subheadings
1. Congregational development
2. World bible school activities
3. External evangelism and edification
The church at Ukpagada only recorded two baptism during this period and it is not unconnected with our desire to build the inside to be strong through leadership development. We therefore started the Leadership class with men that will be taught to handle the congregation and grow into eldership. The congregation also led the WBS Team to carry out extensive evangelism in one of the Ukpagada villages. We hope to repeat there in May 2018.
During this period under review, World Bible School Great follow up worker workshop took place in Nigeria and I did this summary report below as the director of the workshop.
The world Bible School great workshop is a four day gathering of preachers who do follow up work for world Bible school and those who use world Bible school materials as evangelism tool. In Nigeria the annual workshop holds once every year and was introduced by an American missionary Doug Wheeler in the early 90s and it has survived till today. This workshop is designed to be a capacity building workshop to develop men to be able to face the challenges of following up on WBS prospective students. It is also a platform for a coordinated evangelism within the location of hosting.
The great workshop is the biggest WBS organized workshop not to discuss with students but to discuss with the follow up workers. It is sponsored by congregations in the USA who have WBS follow up workers here in Nigeria. Between 2015 and 2018, over 30 souls have been won to Christ through this workshop. In Warri 2017, a Muslim was converted into the body of Christ. In 2018 a Pentecostal pastor was converted and a strong follow up team is keeping an eye on him and his denomination.
Another important aspect of the Great Workshop is the equipment of the follow up worker for greater service and functionality. At the end of the workshop participants are usually equipped with a pack containing, Bibles, books, tracts, DVDs/CDs and other study outlines. The pack is accompanied with the workshop book containing lecture notes of the conference. As the director of the WBS Great Workshop, my responsibilities include coordinating the entire activities before, during and after the workshop. From selecting the theme to appointing the speakers and ensuring that the workshop goes well lies on my table.
This year’s workshop had 8 speakers taking topics within a theme REPOSITIONING THE CHURCH FOR HIS SECOND COMING. An American missionary and president of African Christian schools foundation Chad Wagner was one of the guest speakers. 649 participants were registered. Two of the participants came from the Cameroon.
7 souls accepted to obey the gospel and were immersed into Christ. The high point of the 2018 Great Workshop is the unveiling of the newly constructed Nigeria Gospel Chariot. A
lot of brethren were excited knowing now that we can storm the rural area with the gospel. The 2019 Great Workshop is scheduled to hold at Mbaise in Imo state of Nigeria.
Beyond the workshop I introduced WBS to the school where I teach and as at today, we have over 350 enrollments. Bibles have been shared to those without Bibles who have passed the first introductory lesson.
Between January and March I had speaking appointments at the Oron Leadership seminar, WBS Great workshop Abakaliki, Orodu Gospel meeting in Lagos and the 1st Men’s seminar held at Ogoja Town.
God has been faithful to me and my family. One major challenge I have fueling to travel up and down across the country to speak at seminars. Between April and July, I have over 6 speaking appointments. I am willing, Able and ready to do his will.
God bless you
Mike Udam

2018 Oro Preachers’ Retreat/WBS Team Inaugurating

The 2018 Oro Preachers’ Retreat at the Uya Oron Church of Christ
meeting hall drawn participants from the five (5) local government
areas of Oron extraction and some other local congregations in Akwa
Ibom State, Delta State, Abuja (FCT) and Cross River State.

The twin events first has the Preachers’ Retreat on the theme”
Osita Onuora as the guest speaker, emphasis was place on image
management as an ambassadors of Christ on earth. The retreat
facilitator “Bassey Essang” in his introductory message opined that
Image Management is the most essential skill to win souls using our
lifestyle as entrenched in Philippians 1:27.

Brother Mike Udam lead the Open Forum session were participants
reflect on the lesson taught by Osita Onuora, many questions arises
and Bible answers was given.

The second segment of the event was the inauguration of the “AKPAKIP
ORO WBS EVANGELISM TEAM” by Mike Udam the director of WBS Great
Workshop followed by a training session by Mojima Etokudo on the newly
inaugurated Akpakip Oro WBS Evangelism Team on the effective use of
this medium for the advancement of Christ kingdom given examples and
methods. I also give answers to many questions arising from my

Brother Bassey Esang the coordinator for the Akpakip Oro WBS
Evangelism Team in Akwa Ibom State join voice with his team and thank
God for the possibilities of this new evangelism vehicle in Oron and
promise to preach the Word but ask for the prayers of the saints.

Mike Udam donated thirty (30) copies of the Holy Bible and Mojima
Etokudo donated  ten (10) copies of Holy Bible to the newly
inaugurated WBS team to help in their evangelism campaigns as many in
the rural areas may not have the money to buy a copy of the Bible but
very eager to study the Word.

Brother Osita Onuora offered prayers for the team.

Some WBS Evangelism Team Leaders present at the event were:
* Mike Udam – Director
* Mojima Etokudo- Ukanafun
* Samson Alabi- Abuja
* Cornelius Monjok- Ogoja
* Osita Onuora-  Warri

It was great to see more men who are ready for the harvest which is
already white.

It is our hope and dream to encourage and lead any disciple
makers to make more disciple makers as well, Lord willing.

Thank you for your prayers and numerous supports in our endeavors. God
bless you.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

The Power of Positive Influence

Filled with excitement, I want to break the news today that my Head of Department has been baptized into Christ. He is not the first to be baptized through my evangelism effort but he is one great example of interpersonal evangelism fruit.

He was posted from Calabar to my school in early October 2017 and he displaced me as head of department being on level 13 and me on 12. I took him like my friend and brother and opened the doors of the gospel to him.

During the 2017 lectureship, he offered to cover the programme free and all those who spoke at our Annual lectureship saw him actively participating there as if he was a brother.

When we resumed this term, his family returned to Ogoja with him and to my shock, he announced that he is now a brother in the Lord. He started to worship at the congregation in Ogoja main town and will follow me to the church at Ukpagada for Bible studies.

He was then enrolled in World Bible School correspondence course.

On Friday we had a heated discussion on prayers and this afternoon, I got a call he was immersed and added to the church of the lord.

Those close to me will attest that this event is a great victory for me and the entire school where I teach. The Lord be praised. Our life styles and kindness are very powerful tools in our hands.

Join me to pray for his stability in faith.

Mike Udam

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