25, 3, and 21! What!?



This is the eleventh month of the year, I am so thankful to you my dear supporters for all your prayers and support for this year which has helped me to preach the gospel to the lost souls and continue to edify the body of Christ in Nigeria.

For the past two months, I have been involved in evangelism, laying foundation for new Church building, Gospel Chariot Open Air Preaching and W.B.S Seminars and contacts. God has really blessed our efforts with twenty-five baptisms at different places.

On 17th September 2022, One Hundred and Fifty (150) Church Leaders gathered at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio where I am preaching for Men Fellowship and discuss strategies for Church Growth and expansion of the kingdom of Christ.

On 25th September 2022, after a series of Bible Studies, I baptized Glory Emem John who was formerly an Apostolic member, she now worships faithfully at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio.

I took one month leave from Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio in the month of October after serving there for ten years without a leave. This enabled me to visit younger congregations which I have planted and also to preach at my home congregation, Central Church of Christ, Ukpom Abak. On 9th October, I helped in laying foundation for Church of Christ, Ikot Edung Uruan new Church building.

In the afternoon of that same day, I spoke in a W.B.S Seminar in a young congregation at Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo Flyover, which resulted in two baptisms.

14th – 16th October, I worked with N.C.B.C Staff and Students to weekend evangelism at Itighi Idi, Abi LGA, Cross River State, while there we visited seven small congregations preaching open air and house to house and God blessed our efforts with four baptisms.

On 17th October, I baptized Abasifiok Aniedi Usen, a W.B.S Student of Donna Goulding of Perry Church of Christ, Ohio.

On 23rd October, I preached at Central Church of Christ, Ukpom my home congregation. That same day in the afternoon, I spoke in a W.B.S Seminar at Church of Christ, Obio Itak, Ikono.

I participated in the Gospel Chariot Evangelism which took place from 9th – 30th October 2022, Abak and its environs which employed house to house evangelism and night open air preaching at twenty-one different locations and eight souls were baptized.

On 30th October 2022, I visited Church of Christ, Ibuonung Achat by the invitation of Dr. Fiokedu Okorie I preached there at his home congregation.

I am grateful to inform you that I requested for a borehole from the Healing Hands International for Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio, and they have graciously provided one borehole for this congregation and the community it is about to be commissioned. After spending one month preaching for other congregations, on November 6, I resumed at Ikot Akpabio and was warmly received by the brethren.

Thanks and God bless.

Uyai S. Joshua

Friday Opefi’s Ministry Update

Dearly beloved brethren,

I greet you brotherly through Christ our Lord. I hope this email finds you in good health, serving and trusting our Master Jesus Christ. Forever you are in my prayers. I appreciate in no small measure your assistances to my brother and I over over the years. Thank you for the love you have shared to us. May our good Lord continue to provide you with all the enablement you need to continue to do more in His kingdom.

My ministry is going on well. I have recorded several baptisms which I always report to brother Chad Wagner. Brother Chad visits Nigeria almost annually and works with us. He is a good man and a faithful servant of Christ. Last month he sent money to me to buy Bibles for my new converts and other promising young Christians which I have done. Herewith attached are photographs of some ofthose I baptized, those that received bibles from me and my family.

Always keep us in your prayers. Nigeria is becoming increasingly unsafe because of incessant insurgency, boko haram and unknown gunmen terrorizing different places. Pray especially for the safety of God’s people. By November I hope to organize a Bible seminar at Akataka Inyimagu Ikwo. The topic of the seminar will be: THE CHURCH THAT JESUS BUILT. Pray for us to be able to raise funds which we will use to hire canopies, chairs and cook food for our visitors. By the grace of God we shall start a congregation of the Lord’s church there.

God bless you

Yours in Christ,

Friday Opefi

Successful marriage seminar

Dearly Beloved,

I have appreciate all you have been doing for me and my family, God will continue to bless you all in Jesus name-Amen.

On 19-02-2022 I have encouraged women in where I preach to attend women gospel seminar at Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak. The topic for the seminar was tagged CHRISTIAN WOMEN AND INTERGRITY taken from the book of Prov. 28:6, 2 Chron. 8:21, Judges 4:1-10. Has they came back from the seminar, I got a brief report from two-three members that is was very interesting.

Still on 12-02-22 I joint hands with COC Ikot Akpan Abia in Nsit Ubium to organized a one day World Bible School Seminar and evangelism. one soul was restored and many prospects to be contact. Here is the picture of the soul restored and picture of the participants displayed. Still on 19-02-22 I joint hands with the COC Itung Mbang in Uruan Local Government to organized a one day World Bible School Seminar/evangelism. Two souls baptized here is the picture displayed and also the pictures of the participants displayed.

Still on 20-02-2022 I joint hands with COC Ikot Oku Ikono to organized one day World Bible School Seminar/evangelism one soul get baptized into Christ. Picture of the soul ad participants displayed, we also had many prospects which the preacher of that congregation will work on it. On 23-02-22 Bro. Chad Wagner was able to visit my office World Bible School at Nigerian Christian Bible College Ukpom. Here is the picture of me and Bro. Chad (displayed). Bro. Chad was very grateful with me. I told him the work I am doing and also the seminars held and souls that got baptized through World Bible School Materials.

Still on 19-03-22 I have encouraged women from where I preach to attend women gospel seminar at COC Uruk Uso in Otoro Abak tagged CHRISTIAN WOMEN AND FORGIVENESS taken from the book of Col. 3:13. I got an information from 5 of them that it was unique and interesting. On 9-04-22 seven of our members took active part at general gospel seminar at COC Ikot Obioko in Abak L.G.A. The Topic is LUKEWARMNESS taken from the book or Rev. 3:14-18. It was very interesting. Here is the picture of the participants (displayed). On 16-04-22 I have encouraged women from where I preach to attend women gospel seminar at C.O.C Eka Midim in Abak. The topic was tagged: THE RIGHT CONDUCTS OF A CHRISTIAN WOMAN taken from the book of I Peter 3:3-6. It was interesting as I had an opportunity to interviewed one of them in the Church all.

Still on 16-04-22 men forum, where I preach took active part in the men seminar organized by Abak preachers forum which I am a member. The men seminar was held at C.O.C Atai-Otoro. The topic was tagged GROWING UNTO PERFECTION IN MATTERS OF Christ taken from the book of Heb. 6:1. It was very interesting. Here is the picture of the participants displayed.

Still on 22-04-22 I have two new convert got baptized into Christ through studying World Bible School Materials.

I have appreciate all you have been doing for me, our God will bless all-Amen.

Anameti Akpan

WBS Report from MJA



P. O. BOX 470, ABAK


E-MAILS: mjakpakpan@yahoo.commjakpakpan@gmail.com

                                         PHONE:  0802 844 3851

 2ND MAY, 2022

Dear Brethren,

Greetings from Monday Akpakpan and all Akwa Ibom State WBS FOLLOW UP WORKERS.

Here are what took place in April 2022.

–  At Ifa-Atai, Uyo  A FOUR DAY EVANGELISM WORK brought 8 souls to Christ and a new

   congregation was planted.

–  At Efa, Etinan L. G. A. there was A THREE DAY EVANGELISM WORK and 2 people were

   converted to Christ.

–  There were 2 baptisms at Central Church of Christ Ukpom, Abak.

–  During WBS Seminar at Edem Idim Manta, Abak we had 1 baptism and 1 restoration.

–  At Atai Otoro Church of Christ there was one baptism.

–  We had WBS Seminar and house to house evangelism at Ikot Akpaetong there was no baptism but       we enrolled many students into WBS Correspondence Course.

–  Nelson Akpan reported 4 baptisms.

–  M. B. Archibong reported 6 baptisms and 2 restorations.

–  Women Gospel meeting took place at Eka Midim, Abak.

–  Church Leaders/Men Followship took place at Church of Christ Atai Otoro, Abak.

–  There were 5 baptisms at Ikot Oku Mfang reported by Anameti Akpan.

–  We had 2 baptisms at Ikot Obioko, Abak.

–  2 baptisms at Esa Atan, Ikot Ekpene.

–  WBS Seminar took place at Abia Okpo Ikot Abasi Inyang, Obot Akara.

–  Uyai Joshua reported one baptism at Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong, Abak.

Dear Brethren, we really appreciate your financial and moral support for our evangelism work.

A big thanks for the Bible Lessons, Tracts, The Voice of Truth International, World Vedio Bible Study (WBVS) and many other Bible Lesson Materials you people always sent to us.  Thank you.

Yours in His service,

Monday John Akpakpan.

Ondo State, Nigeria Report

Report of Bear Valley Bible Weekend School, Ondo State Between November 2021 – January 2022.

Glory be to God in the Highest for His blessings, protection, and divine provision we all received from the Lord’s presence, we blessed the name of the Lord Jesus, the Christ, Amen. We thank God for another quarter in the life of the Bear Valley Bible weekend School in Ondo state. We have successfully concluded the first semester. I want to especially thank our international director of Bear Valley Schools, Brother Keith Kasarjian for his wonderful visit to the School in Ondo State on the 4th of December, 2021. His visit has boosted our morale for competitiveness in promoting sound and Biblical education among the students and all the brethren in our state, Ondo State. We all in the School appreciate his visit. God bless you, Sir. He also provided the sum of $700 for the need of the School including naira cash of #14,000 only, for the purchase of a Computer Laptop, three in one scanner photocopier, a printer, and tables for the use of learning for the students. I have bought all the items for the good use of the school.
Evangelism: in pursuant of the goal of Bear Valley Schools, the school in Ondo State went out to propagate the gospel in our respective areas (Ondo City & Akure City). We were out preaching the gospel of Christ on the 29th of January, 2022. In Ondo City, we were 13 in number that went out preaching the gospel including 3 instructors in the Odosida area of Ondo City. We had more than 10 prospects that we will work on and gladly directed them to a nearly Church of Christ for further Biblical discussion. We are praying for a fruitful preaching exercise.
Also, Akure Study Center is not left out of the work of preaching the gospel. 11 students went out to preach the gospel including 3 of our instructors who worked with them in the field. Their prospects show a willing heart for more study of the word. We pray that our God works through their hearts in believing the gospel.
Classroom activities: we blessed God for the successful completion of the First semester in the history of the School in Ondo State. So far, we have had 6 courses. From November to January 2022. We have had 3 courses completed both in the two study centers ( Ondo City & Akure City) the courses are, (1) Life of Christ – 2 (Mark). (2). Life of Christ -1 ( Matthew). (3). Life of Christ – 4 (John). 
In Ondo Study center, in November 2021, we had Life of Christ – 2 (Mark) by brother Philemon Ohaebuka as the instructor, while in the Akure study center in the same month of November 2021, brother Rowland Matthew taught Life of Christ -1 (Matthew). In December 2021, the Ondo study center had Life of Christ- 3 (Luke) by brother Timileyin Akilapa, while in the Akure study center, we had Life of Christ -4 (John) by brother Damilola Oke as the instructor. In January 2022, in the Ondo City study center, we had Life of Christ – 4 (John) by brother Damilola Oke, while in the Akure study center, we had Life of Christ – 3 (Luke) by brother Timileyin Akilapa. 
Honestly, Bear Valley Bible weekend schools in Ondo State are blessed with serious and active students, one of such students is brother David Eniafe. David Knife is one of the students at the Akure study center. David Eniafe is a Ph.D. student at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Brother David Eniafe said that the MLA style of writing research has opened his eyes to the high standard of the School. He is very humble and willing to learn the Bible in Class. He is a blessing to the school, my loving brethren. He is one of the active members of the Church of Christ, 13, Leo Street.
Financial Report: as a School, we have received support for the school from August 2021 to December 2021. 
Miscellaneous: we have received support for the things we need as a school, when brother Keith visited us at the School on the 4th of December 2021. We are grateful for the support. God bless the Bear Valley School and the supporter of this noble work of training men for the service of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.
We are indeed grateful for the privileges given to Ondo State to be part of history with Bear Valley Bible weekend Schools. On behalf Of our instructors and students here in Ondo state. We wish to reiterate our commitment to actively do our best in promoting the frontier of the School to a greater height in our dear state. 
Bear Valley Bible weekend School Coordinator, Fasonu Victor

Update for DCBC

Dear Brethren,
Dorris-Chad Mission School is being upgraded facilities wise though incomplete as budgeted. $5,000 donated has taken us this far (Completion of the church meeting classroom, completion of the  office, completion of the frontage and installation of electricity). The balance of $11,900 suspending the good work if raised will help complete the upgrading to the expectation of the Ebonyi state ministry of education.
Today we were blessed with a soul to the glory of God. God blessed the completed upgraded classroom (worship place) with soul. Another one  soul promised to be baptized next Sunday.
May God continue to bless our generous supporters.
In His Service, Reuben Uche Egwu.

SWSE Jan 2022 Field Report

Beloved in Christ Jesus.
On behalf of the staff, management of BVBIN &  SWSE- IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW team in Nigeria, we hereby express our profound gratitude for the support and kindness you all expressed towards the progress of the above ministry throughout the year 2021. We are very excited and proud to have you as our partners in the business of the Lord Jesus! Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Below is the summary of our January 2022 field reports:


i- Second Semester Classes Concluded.

ii- School’s Schedule Ammended.

iii- Weekends Evangelism/Outreach.

iv-  20th Annual Leadership Seminar

SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES CONCLUDED: With God’s help coupled with the cooperation of my fellow instructors, we were able to conclude all 2nd Semester Classes, tests and projects successfully on January 28,2021.Lord’s willing, the 3rd Semester Classes will begin on January 31 through March 25 ,2022 before the students will embark on a month Vocational Training/preaching trips.
SCHOOL’S SCHEDULE AMMENDED: Since the Great Workshop has been shifted to August from February due to the global pandemic coupled with insecurities in almost all States of Nigeria, the school authority also decided to adjust the school’s schedule as follows: i- 3rd Semester Classes: January 31 through March 25ii- Vocational Training Weeks: March 26 through April 29iii- 4th Semester Classes: May 1 through July 1,2022iv- Final Teaching Practice for 2021/2022 Session: July 2 through August 14,2022v- 2022/2023 Session Begins: August 15,2022vi-  20th Annual Bible Lectureship & Graduation : August 24-26,2022
WEEKENDS EVANGELISM/ OUTREACH: The staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN continue in the evangelization of several towns across the Western States of Nigeria such as Butubutu Village, Jago, Badeku, Ajia, Igbooloyin, Egbeda, Felele, Asejire in Osun State, Asejire in Ondo State, Aramoko-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Idanre in Ondo State, Ifo in Ogun State, etc and the Lord crowned our joint efforts with six(6) conversions and seventeen(17) restorations of erring brethren between January 10 till date. The Lord also added 58 souls to His body and 14 erring brethren restored during the end of the year activities and a congregation planted in Ibeju area of Lagos State as a result of the efforts of our students, instructors, graduates and WBSFUW team.
20TH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR 2022:Lord’s willing, our 20th Annual Leadership Seminar is coming up on March 9 through 11,2022 in Butubutu village Ibadan. This year Seminar will centered on “Practical Christianity- Studies from the Book of James”. Season ministers of God within and outside of Nigeria will ministers during this program. Bro. Chad Wagner is expected to serve as our guest speaker. The school is in need of $1,300 to $1,500 for the provision of three meals food, water and transportation fare for some of the speakers and sisters in the kitchen/Cooks
ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Akinrinade Sunday Hezekiah is one of our year-2- Students. Admitted in our ministerial department three years ago. Born in 1992 to Akinrinade family. He was converted through the VOTI book in 2018 at Ipetumodu, Osun State. He is presently the evangelist of Aramoko Ekiti congregation in Ekiti State. His mission is to be one of the bonafide ministers of God in and outside Nigeria.


i- With the help of the Almighty God coupled with financial supports from Austin Chapel COC, Strickland COC, Liberty COC / VOTI, we were able to assist the Lord’s Church in Egbeda town ,Ibadan to purchase the church auditorium from the Omotunde family for the sum of N1,500,000.

ii- With the  financial supports from the brethren , we were able to get a better open space to erect a temporary meeting place for the Church of Christ in Badeku town. The Lord’s church in Badeku is one of the congregations planted through the school efforts some years ago. I worship with them on January 23 and they are growing rapidly. We were 26 in attendance (Men= 7. Women= 7. Children=  12) with total contribution of N2,050.

iii-  Also, the Lord used Bro. Chad Wagner and The Austin Chapel COC to assist us in the printing of over 30,000 copies of our local gospel tracts for this year’s outreach within and outside the Western States of Nigeria.

OUR CHALLENGE: i- The school is in need of $1,300 to $1,500 for the hosting of Church leaders and their wives and friends of the Lord’s Church in the forth coming 20th Annual Leadership Seminar that by God’s grace will be held at Butubutu Village, ” the home of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN” between March 9 through 11, 2022.ii- We are planning to purchase a plot of land in an open place for the Lord’s Church in Badeku before the end of this year so  they can start building on their permanent Church auditorium in Badeku town, one of the famous towns in Ona-Ara Local Government of Oyo State. Those willing to partners with us should kindly contact our amiable patron, Bro. Chad Wagner of Austin Chapel COC. No amount of money is too small or big to assist us in hosting over 200 brethren and friends of the Lord’s Church in this year annual Leadership Seminar and in helping the Lord’s Church in Badeku town having a land of their own.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate you all for your love, care and supports towards the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord continue to bless you all with sound health and wellness and prosperity in Jesus Christ name, amen. May your Joy be full. May God manifest His greatness in your life and family. May you live a victorious life throughout the year 2022 is our fervent prayers in Christ Jesus, amen.
I remain yours in His Grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

MJA’S January 2022 Report

1st February, 2022

Dear Brethren,

Our Evangelism for 2022 started well. Let us see what happened in January 2022.–  At Two Towns Church of Christ where I am worshiping there were 2 baptisms.
–  At Ikot Odiong where Mojima is preaching there was a two day WBS Seminar and 6 people were converted to Christ.
–  Bro. M. B. Archibong reported 16 baptisms from his area in Cross River State.
–  WBS Seminar was conducted at Adiasim Ikot Akpan Osom on 1st Sunday of January 2022 after morning service.  We had 7 baptisms.

–  Bro. Christian Etuk Uko reported 3 baptisms from Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono, Uyo.
–  Atai Otoro had 2 baptisms, reported by Sunday Solomon.
–  At Central Church of Christ, Ukpom there were 2 baptisms.
–  At Church of Christ No. 1 Ukpom Abak there were 9 baptisms and 1 restored soul.
–  Etim Nyong reported 4 baptisms from Uruan L. G. A.
–  Nse Edet reported 1 restoration from Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo.
–  Anameti Akpan reported 2 baptisms from Obot Akara L. G. A.
–  Anameti reported 1 baptism and 2 restorations from Ikot Oku Mfang Church of Christ.
–  Women Gospel Meeting was conducted at No. 18, Ebom Avenue.  The attendance was very, very good.
–  Nelson Akpan reported 2 baptisms.
–  Youth Seminars took place at Abak City, Edem Idim Manta and Ediene Ikot Oku Ubara   Churches of Christ in January 2022.
–  9 Souls baptized at Ebebit Afaha Obong.

–  Annual Gospel Meeting was held at Church of Christ No. 2, Ukpom Abak.
The only challenge I am having is having Bibles to give to the new converts and the WBS students.
Brethren, we appreciate your support and your partnership.  May God bless you .  Nothing can stop us from the work of God.  Please keep praying for us.

Your Brother in His service,

Monday John Akpakpan.