Chukwuemeka Elom’s Latest Report

It is a glorious thing to serve the Lord, the church of Christ that meets at Umuomei village is trying their best in ensuring that the gospel of Christ is preached despite the challenges we are facing in our country, Nigeria, financially at this time.

  1. To the glory of God, two souls were added to the body of Christ through baptism on Monday 6th March 2023. These were some of my prospective students of World Bible School (WBS). I am happy that Miss Chidinma Gideon and Miss Kelechi Monday have given their lives to Christ. Please let’s continue to pray for them and many others who are yet to do so as I will continue to visit and discuss with them. The baptism pictures are attached below.
  2. The congregation here is made up of peasant farmers who survive from hand-to- mouth and widows who have no one to support them.
    I have total of 31 women in this congregation out of which 17 are widows and really need help as the current situation in the country is really affecting them to manage in life and therefore any help can go a long way to empower and strengthen their faith.
    I also have a challenge as most men and women who are capable to read the Scriptures while studying are losing their sight and are having difficulty reading without eye glass. Therefore, I am appealing for assistance to enable them to get eyeglasses as I am planning to invite our eye doctor from the Nigerian Christian hospital Nlagu to come and test them. The picture of the church in worship is attached below.
  3. It is with great sadness among our congregation here as we lost a servant of God who is a native of the Umuomei community. Evangelist Uwakwe Nwosu passed away on Friday, 10th March 2023. Please note that the family needs our prayers for comfort. The picture of the church’s visit to the family is attached below.
  4. The remains of our late sister Cecilia Jack who passed away last year has been finally committed to the mother earth on 15th February 2023. The pictures are attached below.
  5. On 14 January 2023 we had a Gospel meeting at church of Christ Umuokahia 2 mgboko umuanunu in obingwa, abia state to evangelize the community which by God’s grace we are looking forward for a great harvest of souls.
  6. On 11th February 2023, we had a World Bible School follow-up worker’s Zonal meeting at church of Christ Ekwereazu mgboko umuanunu in obingwa, abia state. The picture is also below.
    Thanks for your support for God’s work in Nigeria. Remain blessed and continue to pray for us and our country Nigeria for protection, peace, and unity.


Brother Eze C. Elom (Minister)
WBS Follow-Up Worker
Church Of Christ Umuomei