Progress report for Umuneke Ngor Okpala

Progress Report Umuneke Ngor Okpala

The Umuneke work is progressing on 13th Feb. 2020, I went to study with a prospect Mr Romanus Nwachukwu, after studying and answering questions, he asked me to come and teach to the congregation (Church Of God Mission) where he worshipped. I welcomed the idea with great joy. I went and worshiped with them on 16th February, 2020, though they were small, just 3 men and a lady but after studying and answering their questions, they were happy and said they have not heard of such teachings or about the new testament church before. They agreed with me to be coming every Sunday till March ends, and what they want is the truth, and are willing to accept it, if convinced. On 23rd of February, 2020 I worshipped them again and they were 9 in number that day, I attach their picture. So brother, pray for the progress of the work at Umuneke Ngor Okpala.

God bless you.

In his service

Theophilus Njoku

Report from Ngor-Okpala

Greeting in Jesus our Saviour’s name, Amen.

The Umuneke Evangelism started on 5th and ended on the 7th Dec. 2019, 70 people were invited, 48 attended, the program started by 1pm with praises and prayers, after which orientation was given after our lunch, we went out for our house to house preaching, by 4pm, and came back to camp by 6pm.

After resting and having our dinner, by 8pm we went for praises and prayers which lasted till 11pm. On Friday morning 6th Dec. 2019. We had our morning devotion by 4.30 to 5am and then we went for open air preaching which was to last till 6:30am.

As we reach the venue and set our public address system (which we have been using) after singing and praying the speaker introduces his topic, entering into the body of his teaching, the public address system blew off, so the preaching stopped, we sang some choruses and went back to camp, we continued with praises and prayers till 9:00am, our people went for house to house, but I carried the amp. With a brother to a technician who repaired it, before our people came back, we have mounted the system and use it to play some religious tunes, by 1pm we had on lunch, rest for 1hr and went out sharing tracts around the place we were to have our evening open air, by 4pm everything was ready, and we were happily praising God, after which we prayed and the speaker started speaking in a very short time before the amplified burnt again, our people went on singing, I and a brother went out and hired a P.AS which the owner set in order, but as the speaker again came to speak that system burnt that made us to go house to house preaching and came back to the camp by 7:00pm disgusted, after our dinner, we went on praises and prayers till we went to bed.

Early on Saturday morning, we hired another system which the owner mounted at the same venue where we were speaking on Friday morning before the amp. Burnt, as we sang and pray, I and the brother went out and hired another PAS. As the Preacher introduced his topics, the Amp. blew off again, which was the forth times, on the whole 3 amplifier burnt, ours burnt two times and our 2 horns speakers burnt, I have never had such experience since I became a Christian, we were worried, some left saying that the gods of the river that is close to our camp were fighting us, I calmed everything and made them to understand that it was a technical fault. I encourage them to keep on with our programmed. Then we prayed and sang to God‘s glory.


As we went for house to house and came back by 12:pm, in our Evangelism report 4 people. A man and his wife and two other young men made us to know that they were members of the Lord’s Church, but for 3 to 4 years they were at Umuneke they have been asking if there is any church of Christ around, they pleaded that we plant one and they gave us their phone numbers. We also found another man and his wife with their two Children Mr. Nnamdi and Happiness Okere who were Sister Donnas students and they were happy to see us, and said long distance and bad path roads made them not to identify with us, and pleaded that we should try and plant the Lord’s Church there.


After the program we had some food items that remains.

We shared the perishable ones and kept the imperishable ones we planned to follow the Umuneke evangelism up by having our gospel meeting every 3rd Saturday of the months, Jan. to March 2020, by the grace of God, and to use those food stuff then.


We saw the Umuneke Evangelism as a big challenge, we are committed to pull down the strong hold of the devil and plant the Lord’s Church at Umuneke, and this we want to do before the last day of 2020.

What ever that causes the burning of the 3 amplifiers and 2 horns speakers, we must preach and teach with PAS at our evangelism there, we therefore pleaded to you as we also pleading to some other Christian to help us make our desire a reality to the glory of God.

  1. Help us to have a bigger and better public address systems for our Evangelism in Ngor-Okpala.
  2. Help us to have another 4 day evangelism within the first half of the year at Umuneke, then plant a Church there to the glory of God Amen.

God bless you as we join hands to save some souls at Umuneke.

God bless you all Sirs,

                                        Yours in Him,

                                        Bro. Theo Njoku

                                        Coordinator Umuneke


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