New Church Building!

With joy and gratitude I’m writing this message, I am appreciating God for His goodness and mercy in all ramification. The church at Igbo-oloyin now have a roof on her head. Next week Sunday will be the first we’ll be worshipping under roof in the church building. We are saying thank you to everyone that see to the success of the work. We’ve made what we thought to be temporary a permanent structure with the help of God and you all, thanks for your undying love.This week sunday, the Lord added a soul to His Vineyard , this is the first baptism this year, also, we now have two new families that changed their membership to our congregation.

I Brother Oladokun Samuel OLAWALE and my family are saying thank you for all you’ve done, doing, and you’re going to do. With your help to ease living for us, we’ve got a foreign used Nissan primera 2006 model, and to God’s glory this has been a great tool for us.Thanks.

If hunger is out of poverty…

There’s a saying in Yoruba language that “if hunger is out of poverty, there’s no poverty”.We are thankful for the love extended to the family of faith here in Ibadan through the relief fund sent to buy food and give to brethren. To God’s glory, 40 families sent their prayers to you all for this gift and to be sincere, you’ve brought smiles to frowned faces. Thank God for instilling this in your heart. The church at Kole, igbo-Oloyin sends her greetings, the church at Egbeda sends her greetings, the church at ikire sends her greetings, the church at ikoyi sends her greetings, the church at elewuro also sends her greetings.Thanks for all you’re doing and God will grant to strength to do more in His kingdom 

Your’s in Christ


Update from Samuel Okadokun

Calvary greetings,  To God be the glory great things He Has done, the journey was just like yesterday when the church started 2nd Sunday of  June, 2019 at kole with 6 members in an uncompleted building. Today the 3rd Sunday of June ,2020. The church meet’s at her permanent location with sixteen people in attendance.We are saying thank you to everyone that has contributed to the progress of the church in all ramification.We are yet needing your continual love for the completion of this building.
Yours in Christ