Evangelism Efforts by NIATS

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope that the Lord’s hands are on you all for good.

Here in Nigeria the economics and social conditions are getting harder and unfavorable as days go by. We really depend completely on God for survival. The rate of inflation is so terrible that prices of most regular food materials have risen to as high as three hundred percent. This is serious, we need your prayers.

In the last report I wrote that Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS) students and teachers will be going out on an evangelism outreach. This has taken place with a heart warming result. The date was 22 to 25 July just last weekend, I was there myself. We hard a total of eleven converts to God’s glory. We are so grateful to God for this harvest. Here are some pictures of the preaching stands & baptisms, some baptisms were done when it was dark, that was the time we concluded the evening open air preaching.

Bernard Akokwu

NIATS Starts new year

The year 2020 was a bitter story the world over because of the covid-19 pandemic. It encroached and shattered the academic calendar. But God granted us the enablement to satisfy the academic requirements for the year 2020. Yes we were able to finished the 2nd semester from August to October and started the new academic session (2021) in November.

Our students were sent on their practical field works and came back with bumper harvest. Their field work engagements which lasted a month made a total of 25 baptisms and 12 restorations. Some pictures here show the busy outing. Meanwhile the 1st semester 2021 academic year has continued from 11/1/21 after the Christmas and New year celebration.

We are praying fervently for our donors that the Lord may bless them more abundantly. We also pray that the havoc which the pandemic is wrecking be completely overthrown by the power of the Almighty God in Jesus name. 

Bro Bernard O Akokwu

NIATS says “Thank you”

The board, management, staff and students of the Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS) Aba are so elated by the exemplary selfless service you are rendering to the Bible School. Your unalloyed support has being the mainstay of the institution. We feel so specially blessed and relieved as you despite the covid-19 crisis and its attendant challenges have continued to bear this burden. This is indeed a demonstration of godliness. To God be the glory.

The promise from NIATS is that preaching Christ and His Church will always be a task that must be fulfilled. We must do our best to gain new grounds for the kingdom. May the Almighty God reward you in folds and Grant all of you at the due time entrance into His promised eternal life in Jesus name.

In His lovely service Bro Bernard Osita Akokwu on behalf of NIATS.

New Church Planted by NIATS Alum

Yesterday I visited and worshipped with one of the new congregations. This congregation was started just 16 months ago by one of our graduates. The Lord has granted outstanding growth to the Church with an attendance of more than 50 members.

However they are presently faced with an accommodation problem. The owner of the temporary hall which they have been using has given them quit notice, to take effect by the end of this year. Meanwhile this has kept the young Church on her toes, they have seen a land that could be their own if they can afford the sum of #1.5m (one million & five hundred thousand naira). But according to them  they cannot afford such amount now.

My joy is that the brethren are very zealous & spiritual. To God be the glory through His son Jesus Christ. Amen. Here are some of the pictures

Open-Air Preaching

May peace and love of God  be with  you and family. I always  appreciate  your teachings on video,  you can not know the number of souls you have touched,  but eternity  will  reveal,  keep on doing,  The  crown  is yours. Here,  l do not relent preaching  the word. 

Since last week,  l involved  the Church  and the two  Bible students from NIAITS who are on their practicum here  on house to house preaching,  We also conduct Open Air preaching  in the evening. We will also preach at one  square  this evening. Last Sunday,  three persons attended our worship, they ask questions, am doing the follow  up. 

I know. Before now,  our brethren  had informed  you the  high price on goods here., life had become  so tough because of inflation,  there is cry of hunger here. I do know the exact word to describe what am on now to feed my family  of  eight and the two bible students that are here. I know you will understand  my plight,  and  interpret  it and convey  to my sponsors. 

The pictures  show  when am about to go out to preach house to house with members and the evening  outing. I pray  for bountiful harvest.  I need your help fulfill  my ministry. 

Remain blessed. Alozie Uzoma. 

NIATS holds Preachers Seminar

The Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS) has gone on vacation to resume for the new academic year on the 1st week of October. We had two days preachers seminar last week. It was well attended- more than 200 preachers attended. Discussions were on pentecostalism & other unscriptural incursions. We really need regular study periods like this, l hope this will be sustained. Once again  thanks so much for your concern for the Lord’s vineyard. May God also take care of you & your family in Jesus name.


Join us to thank God on behalf of my mother who survived two sides surgical operation at the age of 87 years. We are happy because it was life threatening but God has granted her Victory. We had the thanksgiving service last Sunday, to God be the glory in Jesus name. See her picture.


From Bro Osita Bernard Akokwu

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