"Success all the way"

As the year 2019 is drawing to a close, I am very thankful to God and my dear supporters at Austin Chapel Church of Christ for providing financial support and your prayers which has enables me to preach the Gospel of Christ successfully this year. God is faithful and cannot forget your labour of love.

This month of November has a success story all the way.

October 31st November to 4th, I travelled to Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria, I participated in the National Ministers Forum and N.C.B.C. Alumni meeting.

I worshipped at Church of Christ Kado, Abuja; we had one baptism during the morning service.

On 10th November, I conducted WBS Seminar and evangelism at Church of Christ, Ikot Esu, Ika, we had one baptism. 

On 16th and 24th November I attended a marriage ceremony between Goodnews Peter and Ruth Ikpat. The traditional marriage was at Etinan while the wedding was at Church of Christ, Etonko Street, Calabar. On the 17th November, I took sixty N.C.B.C Students for house to house evangelism at Ikot Akpaetong, Midim Abak, there we preached to many non Christians who promised to worship with the Church of Christ.

On the same day, November 17, a degree student of N.C.B.C. by name Enono Charles serving as a chaplain at St. Annie Christian College, Obio Ndot Abak reported to me that he preached on “the things we must forsake because of Christ” when he extended an invitation  12 souls responded and were baptized.

Last week Wednesday November 20, I baptized Joy Emmanuel, a degree student of N.C.B.C after a series of Bible Studies.

On 28th November, I took ten N.C.B.C. students to participate in evangelism and a Golden Jubilee celebration of the church of Eka Uruk Eshiet, Etim Ekpo. The Golden Jubilee celebration of this church will end tomorrow December 1st, 2019 with thanksgiving service. I will give detail report on this by next week.

Today, November 30, I preached a funeral of a devoted Christian Lady Grace Charles Umoh who lived for one hundred years at Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong. It was a celebration of life well spent.

Summary of work for November, 2019

No. of Baptism – 17

No. of Seminars held – 3

No. of Funeral Preached – 2

No. of Wedding Officiated – 1

May God bless you richly for your prayers and financial support.

Brother Chad and Gary, I need your assistance of about $250- $300 to conduct seminars and buy Bibles for new converts. Thank you Sirs.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

Report from Monday John Akpakpan

We were called to be Fishers of men (men/women).

In October 2019 many Fishes men/women were caught for the Lord.

–  Bro. Christian Etukuko reported 15 Baptisms in October 2019.

–  Sunday Solomon reported baptisms of 2 WBS students.

–  Anameti Akpan reported 7 baptisms in October 2019.

–  At Two Towns (Manta/Midim) Church of Christ 1 souls accepted Christ in baptism.

–  Women Bible Lectureship took place at Church of Christ Oku Abak on 3rd Saturday of October       2019.

–  Another Women Bible Lectureship was conducted at ASUTAN EKPE CHRISTIAN WOMEN     FORUM on 5th October 2019.

–  At Campus Church of Christ African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) 4 students were baptized on 20th October, 2019.

–  A one year old Congregation at Nung Oku Ikot in Etim Ekpo had “Official Opening of WBS Office” on October 27, 2019 and 2 people were baptized.

–  A WBS Seminar/Evangelism at Church of Christ Nkwot Edem Edet on October 25, 2019 brought 8 souls to Christ in Baptism, and we were taken to one Public School to enroll students and their teachers into WBS Lessons.

–  The one at Church of Christ Edem Idim Manta Church of Christ on 3rd Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  The attendance of Youth Seminar at Abak City Church of Christ on 1st Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  M. B. Archibong reported 9 baptisms during the month of October 2019.

–  Uyai Joshua reported 1 baptism and restoration of a trained Preacher who became a Preacher in a Denomination (Mount Zion Church).

Keep on praying for us.

In His service,

Monday John Akpakpan.

New Baptisms in local congregation

Dear Brothers in Christ,

On 25-09-2019 World Bible School Office was opened for me by Bro. Chad Wagner in the Nigerian Christian Bible College, for me to manned the place, am grateful for what the Lord has done, God will bless Bro. Chad Wagner more. Amen. Here is the picture of the place. Brothers, I need more lessons/materials.


I told you that on 24-08-19. I held W.B.S Seminar in the Christ Faith Church. The Pastor and the leaders were very thankful & they told me to come back and  conduct the W.B.S Seminar. I told you between Oct, Nov. Dec. 2019 I will conduct W.B.S Seminars/Evangelism in the 13 Units of Akwa Ibom State.


On 24-05-2019 I met husband/wife on my way to Obot Akara and introduced W.B.S Lesson for them to study. Both of them worshipped at Mount Zion Light House but on 31-08-2019 both of them baptized into Christ, they are your students, here is the picture of the husband and wife. I am in need of your collective prayers.

Bro. Anameti Akpan

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Great Report from the Field


Dear Brethren,       

     Kingdom’s greeting to you in the precious name of our Lord and saviour. I pray this letter finds you faithfully serving our master Jesus in His Kingdom, Amen. On behalf of our evangelism Team, I write to appreciate you for the sacrifice, love and support which you have put forth to see about the continual spread of the gospel and growth of the church in this part of my world.

          Am glad that my determination to evangelise the world as an alumnus of Nigerian Christian Bible College is helping in expansion of the Gospel of Christ which is one of the founding aims of the college here in Nigeria some sixty five years ago. Am glad that I am among the first set of students who passed through the college and graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies. Having received such preparation from the College, it worth reciprocating same through our investment in soul winning. Working with others in doing this work and with my experience serving in different Christian Institution such as:

  1. Mfon Abasi Orphanage, Abak 2001 – 2005 (Bible Teacher)
  2. Eracare Christian Academy, Yala, Cross River State 2006 – 2008 (Campus minister/ Bible Teacher).
  3. Rhema Christian Academy,Uruk Otong- Bible Teacher
  4. Obong Christian University—2010 to 2015 (Student Affairs Officer)
  5. African Christian Secondary School, Abak from 2015 till date where I serve as the Administrator assisting Brother Monday John Akpakpan in structuring of a Christian Institutions. In the afore mentioned areas for the past eighteen years, countless souls have been converted to the glory of our God. While serving the church of Christ Ibio Nnung Achat as a Gospel Minister (2009 to 2018), where WBS courses sent by Northport Church of Christ, Alabama was our main tool for evangelism. Many baptisms were recorded as many completed their jail term and came out of prison to become useful to themselves, family and the society after studying through WBS.

However, am glad to bring you our “2019 Third Quarter Reports” under the following sub-headings:

  1. SERVICES TO CONGREGATION:having worked with church of Christ Ibio Nnung Achat for 10 years, I am presently serving a new congregation (Central Church of Christ, Abak) where most members are new souls converted through World Bible School. We have seen the joy serving Christ as a family and a Team under this platform.
  2. OUTREACH EVANGELISM:within the quarter in view, we have launched different outreach campaigns in places like; Etinan (Asuna), Prisons, Hospital and “Nto Ndang: in Obot Akara Local Government in Akwa Ibom State. Last month, Tuesday to Friday 6th to 9th August, 2019 about 400 congregations from different states, across Nigeria gathered in NCBC for 65th Annual Lectureship to discuss the great theme: “ The Book of Ecclesiastes”. The great event ended with a total on 128 baptisms, induction of the NCBC Alumni, Bible Lectures and strengthening of the brotherhood here in Nigeria.

III. ACHIEVEMENT DURING THE LAST QUARTER: our WBS Evangelism Team Members have registered many students in WBS courses, over 47 souls converted to Christ, 22 restorations and many congregations in the rural areas strengthened to the glory of God. Among these is the recent greatest prospect and conversion of a “Drug Addict” a man who sells Indian hemp and has a good number of non Christian youths gathered in his place to smoke and cause troubles around the community (picture attached). With this greatest achievement of our Team, we hope and pray that many of these youths around these new convert will be converted soon to Christ soon.

CHALLENGES:  Brethren, we have the following challenges on the course of this evangelistic effort.

  1. Means of transportation to help us conveying our Team members to and from different places of evangelism to cut down the transportation expenses.
  2. Bibles for the students and the new converts
  3. Used Hymn Books for the rural congregation.

We are indeed very grateful to the East Pointe Church of Christ and the Cottondale Church of Christ for sending most of the material we are using for evangelism, we pray God to bless this effort.

Warm regards from the brethren and our evangelism team.

In Christian love,

Solomon Solomon

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