Classes Resume in Lagos

Greetings from Nigeria. Report reaching me from the three BVBIN in Lagos shows that 26 were in Agege for today’s class and examination; 24 in Ikorodu and 9 in Lagos Island. From June 6-27 (Only Saturdays), Bro.Frank will be teaching on Denominational Doctrines in Agege, Bro.  Emmanuel Odo on Godhead in Lagos Island and Bro.Mfon Etim on 1,2&3 John in Ikorodu. 

As for us, I worked with the group that evangelized Ajia town and his environment from 9:30am ,after the national sanitation program till 2:00pm. The group were divided into two. We used the megaphone to preached in Ipara village, Kanku Ifedapo Estate, Dalegan Estate and Temidire Estate about 45 minutes treck to Ajia while the other group were busy in house -to -house evangelism in Ajia town.

Lord’s willing,the full-time students in Butubutu village will start classes on Monday. We are very very grateful for your help in many ways.

Makinde Olufemi

SWSE May 2020 Report

Beloved in Christ Jesus.
Greetings from students and staff Of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria and Southwest School of Evangelism Ibadan.
You are all in our prayers for God’s Grace and Peace during this global pandemic. Below are some of our activities for the month of May 2020.

Weekend Evangelism

As usual, the ten students that remain in the school campus and three staffs continue every weekend in the evangelization of the remote villages and towns in Ona-Ara and Egbeda Local Government of Oyo State in the month of May 2020. We divided ourselves into three groups in the evangelization of Ajia town,Egbeda town and Butubutu and Eletu villages while villages such as Kuede, Lamini, Banshinde, Gbada, Ogidi,Alabama, Jago, Ogunbunmi, Arikusa, Giwa and many other villages were visited with the gospel of Christ Jesus on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by our students under the leadership of Bro.Andrew Adeolu and Bro.Dele Shotola.
Although, no conversion is recorded yet in the groups that evangelised Ajia town and Butubutu village but thanks be unto the Lord that two of our prospects in Egbeda town were baptized on May 18,2020 at Asejire River, Osun State. They are Mrs.Timileyin Abiodun and Miss Busayo Oladunjoye.

Reports from SWSE Graduates

1. Bro.Godwin Johnson reported the conversion of a couple in Ode-Aye congregation,Ondo State.
2.Bro.Olorode Samuel reported the restoration of an erring brother and sister in Ode-Ajagba, Ondo State.
3. Bro.Daniel Onifade reported about the growth of the Church in Ode-Irele,Ondo State from 35 membership to 48,children inclusive. The global pandemic has led some erring brethren to return to the Faith. To God be the glory!
4. Bro. Akilapa Timileyin reported the conversion of two brothers and restoration of an erring family of five in Odo-Sida ,Ondo State.
5. On May 1st,Bro.Dele Shotola and one of our present year -1 students, Bro.Oviri Careson stated the need for the young congregation in Ajia town via Ibadan to look for a better place of assembling because the prospects after coming two or three times to where they are, will stop coming due to the havoc committed by the owners of the Hall rented for worship presently.
6. Bro.Obey Rimamskwe reported the conversion of two of his family members in Kapakya congregation,Taraba State. He also invited us for two weeks gospel campaign by July 2020.
7. Bro. Adedoyin Sola Rotimi of Badeku congregation and Bro. Peter Orterga of Jago congregation reported the need for the school to think of assisting them with two to four students for weekend Evangelism as it was in 2019 .
8. Bro. Emmanuel Godwin reported the restoration of two erring aged brothers and conversion of an aged woman in Igbara-Odo, Ekiti State.
9. Bro. Okpulor Baruch and his Evangelism team could not progress further since the total lockdown because of Covid-19. The last Evangelism held was in Egbuoma town,Uguta L.G.A. ,Imo State in the early days of March 2020. Nevertheless, they were instrumentals to the planting of a Lord’s Church in Imo State in the early week of May 2020 due to gradual lockdown ease.
10. Bro. Samuel Oladokun reported that the Church in Igbo-Oloyin, Akinyele Local Government of Oyo State is gradually growing and that they have just succeeded in purchasing a plot of land with the help of Gahanna -Jefferson congregation, Blacklick,USA.
11. Bro. Olorunda Augustine reported the conversion of a soul and restoration of two erring brethren in Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State where he is presently ministering. He also reported the conversion of eleven souls during the one week mass Evangelism of March in Ijebu-Jesha, Obokun-Ijesha and Esa-Oke with group of Evangelists /WBSFUW in Osun State.

Voice of Truth International/WBS

On May 11,we succeeded in posting 130 packages of VOTI Volume 104 (i.e. 3,940) to brethren and friends of the Church of Christ in Nigeria.
Also, 23 packages of 50 booklets each (i.e.1,150) plus 6,000 WBS Introduction lessons were delivered by hand in this month of May 2020.

ABOUT: Afolabi Timothy Olamide

Bro. Afolabi Timothy Olamide is one of the children of the less privileged brethren from Arandun town, Kwara State. He was sent to the school immediately after his conversion in 2017 by the  Preacher of The Church of Christ, Arandun, Bro. Jeremiah Dada to learn the Bible and Vocational Studies (Tailoring). He was born on November 20 in the year 2000 at Oloje compound, Arandun-Kwara State. He is presently our time keeper.
His mission is to learn the WORD of God and be a good Christian fashion designer and to be useful for the work of God within and outside the Western States of Nigeria.

New Semester starts at SWSE

Lord’s willing, this session fourth semester classes will commence on June 1st through July 24, 2020 before the students embark on a month Teaching Practice between July 25 to August 29, 2020. However, all of these plan are subject to Government’s decision on inter-state travels and gradual lockdown ease of the country’s economy.

Special Accomplishment

With God on our sides coupled with the encouragement from Bro.Chad Wagner and associates, we were able to purchased a plot of land for the young congregation the Lord planted through us in late 2019 in Ajia town with the sum of N250,000 on May 5, 2020.

Now that we have succeeded in getting a plot of land for the Lord’s Church in Ajia town at Unity Estate, we are now in need of at least N240,000( about $700) to build a temporary 14 by 22 feets wooden meeting place for this young congregation that can last for four to five years.


We are very very grateful for your great commitment to serving the Lord and humanity. May the Lord keep on blessings all you do for His name in Jesus Christ name, amen.
I remain your fellow labourer in the vineyard of Master Jesus,
Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi
(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE Ibadan And a WBSFUW)

March 2020 SWSE Field Report

Dear fellow workers in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Grace, peace and mercies be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
We always appreciates God for all your supports  for the growth of the Lord’s church in Africa, Nigeria in particular.
  Below is the summary of our activities for the month of March 2020.

1.Third Semester Classes.
2. Weekend Evangelism.
3. World Bible School Follow Up Team.

As God will have it,the 3rd Semester classes commenced as scheduled on March 6, 2020 and will come to an end Lord’s willing on May 2, 2020.
Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe is handling: OT Wisdom-2;OTP(minor) & The book of Hebrews.
Bro.Abiola Joseph Olusoji is handling Marriage & The Home.
Bro.Silas Guda Mazi is handling The book of Romans and 1st Corinthians.
Bro.Isaac Oluwole Olaniyan is handling LOC-3(Luke ); Bible Geography and Biblical Eschatology.
Bro.Andrew Adeolu is handling 1&2 Thessalonians and 1&2 Peter and Jude . And I, Bro. Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi is handling NT Church-2(Worship); Preacher: His Life & His Work  and Teach With Success.

Our students and staff continue actively in the evangelization of Butubutu, Ajia,Egbeda and Asejire town-Osun State every weekend in the month of March and the Lord crowned our joint effort with two souls in Butubutu village and two in Asejire town of Osun State with many prospects in Ajia and Egbeda town

Our WBSFUW were able to recruit over 600 Students from two schools visited in Omu-Aran, Kwara State and Osun State before the compulsory closure of all Government and private schools in all most all the States of the country, Nigeria. These lessons will be posted to WBSTC % Bro. Joel Coppinger in the early week of April, Lord’s willing.

Bro. Enyi Amos Chikodinaka is from Eboyi State.Born in 1986 at Ilesha, Osun State. An active member of the Lord’s Church in Abakaliki and formerly the pulpit Preacher of Campus Church of Christ in Ilorin ,Kwara State. 
His mission is to be one of the ministers of the Lord’s Church in Ebonyi State after his two years training in BVBIN AND SWSE IBADAN.

We are still indebted to the tune of N1,615,000($4,614.28)being part of money loaned on September 2019 for the upgrading of the school building plan and purchasing of the School Bus for Evangelism / Outreach.

With the help of God coupled with my regular visit and placement of membership of one of our students in Egbeda congregation, Egbeda Local Government of Oyo State, we were able to restore the New Testament pattern of worship in Egbeda  congregation.

Due to the directive from the executive Governor of Oyo State on the Corona (Covid-19)pandemic and the State’s effort to curtail the spread of the virus from nearby States; After all ” prevention is better than cure”. The School authority therefore postponed the BVBID degree program of April 6 through 17 to April 20 through May 2,2020.

We deeply appreciate your partnership and support for the Lord’s work here in Nigeria and the world as a whole. May the Lord continue to bless all you do for His name is our fervent prayers.
Sincerely in His Grace as a servant……
Makinde E.Olufemi
(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE Ibadan and WBSFUW)

February 2020 SWSE Reports

Grace, peace and mercies from God our Father and from our Lord and Redeemer Christ Jesus be multiplied unto you all. Below is some of our activities for the month of February 2020 at the Southwest School of Evangelism, Butubutu, Nigeria.


1.  Students one month Vocational Studies/Break concluded.

2. Great Workshop 2020 in Abuja …..A great reunion.

3.World Bible School Follow up Team.

Our students start returning from their one month Vocational Training/ Break this morning. During their one month break they were actively involved in weekend Evangelism and other Church activities which resulted into conversion of ten souls and restoration of twenty-five erring brethren.
We got two baptism (Saheed Abubaka and his wife Mariam)on February 10,2020 as the results of our follow up of January 28,2020 Open- Air Bible Lectureship where Bro.Chad Wagner spoke on God’s way of Salvation in Butubutu village.

This year Great Workshop held in Nyanya congregation, Abuja from February 5 through 9 was a great reunion. About 570 WBSFUW/Evangelists from 25 State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria graced the occasion. The absence of free Bible and VOTI publications make the workshop unusual, nevertheless, Bro.Chad Wagner and the local organizers  make use of the available materials by freely distributing Cartons of Mission Printing International booklets to all the participants.Also about 500 BVBIN AND SWSE IBADAN calendars were freely distributed.
The BVBIN AND SWSE IBADAN were represented by myself (Bro.Makinde), Bro.Dele Shotola, Bro.Lawrence Abiodun, Bro.Gbenga Ilori, Bro.Okesami Stephen, and Bro. Paul Akinwale.

Our WBSFUW visited two schools in Ibadan Oyo State and two in Ondo town, Ondo State during the month of February. Five hundred Introduction lessons were distributed and over four hundred collected back and posted to WBSTC % Bro.Joel Coppinger.

Bro. Ugo David Ugo is one of our year-2 students. Born on January 17,1989 at Adikpo London, Benue State. Converted in 2002 in Kado congregation, Abuja. His mission after his graduation is to plant the Lord’s Church in his home town in Adikpo London.

As the Lord will have it,we were able to tiles our guests house and change some doors to the befitting one.

We are still indebted to the tune of N1,615,000($4,615)been loaned last year for the upgrading of our school buildings plan and for the purchase of our School Bus for both rural and urban Evangelism .
Those willing to assist us can contact any of these men of God:
Bro.Chad Wagner, Bro.Steven Ashcraft or Bro.Keith Kkasarjian. No amount of money is two small or big to help us out!

The School management in her meeting of February 26 decided in evangelizing Egbeda town -Oyo State and Asejire town-Osun State in the Saturdays of the month of March 2020.
Lord’s willing, we shall embark on the preaching trip immediately after the school’s hours on Friday and return on Saturday evening with some students while some will be left behind with Egbeda and Asejire congregations for the first day of the week worship.

A- Revenue :
1. Balance Brought forward =N1,264,050

B- Expenses:
1. BVBIN & SWSE(15 students Vocational Studies)=N50,000
2.  Three workers pay(instructors and secretary)=N120,000
3. Electrification=N40,000
4. Tiling of the guest house=N399,000
5. Re-printing of 20,000 of five of our local tracts=N135,000
6. Great Workshop 2020 (February 5-9) in Nyanya,Abuja(Transportation and hotel  accommodation)=N55,000


CONCLUSION : We are very thankful unto the Lord for His mercies on us all and to you all for your support for World Evangelism .Most especially, your love toward the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa. May the Lord keep on blessings all our work together in Christ Jesus name, amen.
Sincerely in His Grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan And WBSFUW)

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Makinde Olufemi
Grace, peace and mercies be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith.Below are report of some of our activities in the Lord from October 31 through November 30,2019.

OVERVIEW:1.  Gospel meetings, mass evangelism/ Gospel Camp.2. Vocational Weeks / Break outcome3.Second Semester Classes Commenced4.Budget for 2019/20 Academic Session.

MASS EVANGELISM/ GOSPEL CAMP IN EGBEDA TOWN : With the support of $500 from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associate, we were able to work with Omu-Aran congregation in Kwara State from October 31 through November 3, Ode-Ajagba congregation in Ondo State from November 14 through 17 and with Egbeda congregation in Ajia and Egbeda town from November 22 through 30.We thank the Almighty God for crowning our joint efforts with five conversions and restoration of ten. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

VOCATIONAL WEEKS / BREAK : Our year-1 students engaged in different Vocational training for four weeks while our final year (year -2)students helped their local church in many way such as House-to-house evangelism, open-air preaching, visitation and private indoor Bible Studies with non- members during their four weeks break.Report reaching us from the students shows the conversion of 14 and restoration of 14 erring Christians.

SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES COMMENCED : All our students reported fully for second semester classes as scheduled on November 18,2019.Classes for second semester  begins on November 18 through December 20 and January 6 through 31,2020 Lord’s willing. The students will be on two weeks break from December 21 through January 4,2020 to enable them participate actively in the end of the year programs in their congregations.

BUDGET FOR 2019 / 2020 SESSION: (August 26,2019 – July 10,2020 Lord’s willing)A) Proposed expenses:i- 25 Students feeding allowance = $10,000ii- 6 Instructors & Secretary allowance =$7,000iii-  Students Vocational Training =$1,000iv-  Electrification (Fuel & Repairs) =$2,000v-  Weekend Evangelism/Campaigns =$1,000vi – Printing (Tracts & Newsletter)=$2,000vii- Papers (Photocopies &Computers)=$500viii- Drugs for students & staff= $300ix- Miscellaneous = $200TOTAL = $24,000=B) Expectations :i- From Bro.Steven Ashcraft & Associates = $10,000ii-From Bro. Chad Wagner &Associates =$10,000iii- From Nigerian brethren & Lough family =$4,000 TOTAL =$24,000****

BVBIN -AGEGE ,LAGOS STATE ORGANIZED FIRST ANNUAL BIBLE LECTURESHIP : With the support of BVBID and contributions from brethren in Lagos State, The BVBIN in Agege town of Lagos State organized their first Annual Bible Lectureship on November 30,2019 which centered on CHURCH AUTONOMY to create more awareness for the needs of Training Schools for workers in the Lord’s Vineyard. I, Bro. Makinde Ebens spoke on ” Congregation Autonomy”…,.To What Extent ? while Bro .Emmanuel Odoh spoke on Church Discipline.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Oladejo Alabama is one of our final year students. Born in year 1996 and was converted in year 2015.His mission is to be one of the missionary after his tertiary education. He is the only Christian in the family of twelve.

WBS PROGRAM EXTENSION: Our World Bible School Follow Up team extend the recruiting of students for WBS correspondence courses to Offa in Kwara State in the month of November. Four schools were visited by our team and over 1,000 introduction lessons freely distributed and posted to WBSTC %  Bro.Joel Coppinger 

SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT  / SWSE BUILDINGS’ PLAN UPGRADED : With the loan of N1,315,000($3,800) we were able to upgrade our school buildings’ plan according to the directive of Oyo State Government in the month of November 2019.

SPECIAL  CHALLENGES: We are indebted to the sum of N2,115,000($6,043). N1,315,000 for upgrading the School buildings’ plan and N800,000 for the money loaned on September to purchase the School’s bus for rural and local evangelism.

UPCOMING EVENT : Our 18th Annual Leadership Seminar is coming up Lord’s willing on January 27-29,2020. Theme of the seminar is LEADERSHIP FOR CHRIST JESUS and our Guest Speaker is Bro.Chad Wagner

CONCLUSION : Thanks to you all for your assistance in many ways. May the Lord keep us fit in His way till death is our fervent prayers Your fellow servant of God,Makinde E. Olufemi(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan)

If you’d like to help in the good work of the Southwest School of Evangelism in Nigeria, you can do so here:

SWSE October Report

Greetings from your fellow servants of God in BVBIN & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan.

Here are the report of some of our activities in the Lord for this month of October 2019.

The students and staff of the BVBIN AND SWSE-Ibadan and some of the WBS follow up workers in the State of Oyo, Osun and Ogun evangelized  in Egbeda town of Oyo State on October 4&5 with the few members of Egbeda congregation and the Lord crowned our efforts with the restoration of two brothers and two sisters.

On October 18&19,the year-2 students, Bro.Dele Shotola and Bro.Kayode evangelized in Asejire, Osun State while I (Bro.Makinde)and Bro.Peter Ortsega (one of our graduates and the minister of Jago congregation) led the year-1 students to evangelized Jago, Kupalo and some villages around Jago during the two days. The residents around Jago village were very receptive and two souls indicated interest to be baptized on the following Sunday which they did during the mid-week Bible Studies of October 23. Many other people requested for a revisit to their place to teach them more concerning God’s way of Salvation.

AJIA TOWN VISITED : On October 8,2019 , I and one of our August 2019 graduates, Bro.Samson Paul visited and surveyed Ajia town near Egbeda town, Ona-Ara Local Government Area in preparation for November 22, 23, 28-30 Mass Evangelism & Gospel Campaign by the BVBIN &  SWSE IBADAN. Our observation shows that Ajia town is a very fertile ground and heavily dominated with denominational churches.

STUDENTS’ VOCATIONAL  WEEKS & BREAK : All our year-1 students and few year -2 students now embark on four weeks Vocational Training in Ibadan-Oyo State, Ogun State and Lagos State from October 19 through November 16,2019.All students are expected to be back on November 17,2019 for second semester classes that by God’s grace will begin on November 18,2019.

VOTI AND MISSION PRINTING TRACTS AID IN CONVERSIONS OF MANY SOULS IN WBS SEMINARS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, NIGERIA: Information reaching me between Oct.15 till Saturday ,Oct.26 from fellow WBSFUW in Nigeria shows that over twenty souls were converted in this month WBS SEMINARS conducted across the country using the VOTI and mission printing tracts /booklets. Bro. M.B.Archibong reported the conversion of two souls at Mbak on October 20 and eight souls on October 23,2019 at Nkwot Edem Edet ,Akwa-Ibom State. To God be the glory.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Victor Yiron Smasher is one of our year-2 students. A native of Lissam, Ussa Local Government Area of Taraba State. Converted through the WBS seminar in year 2015. He is 28 years of age. Married and blessed with two kids. His mission is to work as a missionary in the Northern part of our country, Nigeria after completing his Studies.

SPECIAL  ACCOMPLISHMENT: With God on our sides,we have commenced the upgrading of our School building’s plan in line with the directive of Oyo State Government. (Pics attached)

SPECIAL  CHALLENGE : The School is in need of N1,315,000($3,800)to upgrade the buildings plan and N800,000($2,300) to pay the money loaned to purchased our present 18 Sitter School bus for both rural and urban areas Gospel Campaigns and Evangelism.

1. We shall embark in a four days preaching trip to Omu-Aran for Mass Evangelism & Gospel Campaign that will commence on October 31 through November 2,2019.

2. Lord’s willing, we shall be traveling again to assist the just restore congregation in Ode-Ajagba, Ondo State on November 14 through 17 and

3. Mass Evangelism / Gospel Campaign in Ajia town on November 22,23,28-30,2019.

APPRECIATION & CONCLUSION : We thank you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord’s church in Africa most especially in Nigeria.
Most especially ,we are very very grateful for the recent support of $600 from the brethren of the Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ in Blacklick for our Students Vocational Training which enable us to purchase two Sewing Machines, three dozen of T-Shirt and some clothing materials to be sew by our students for the children of the less privileged people in Southwest Kiddies Academy and for their kind-gesture which they expressed by providing scholarship for eight of the less privileged children in our Kiddies Academy. May the Lord keep on blessing all our joints efforts in Christ Jesus, amen.
Lastly, we  deeply appreciate the partnership of Bro.Steven Ashcraft & the BVBID family, Bro.Chad Wagner & his associates ,Bro.Joel Coppinger & his WBSTC associate and you all for your support in many ways. May we all meet to rejoice and rejoice in heaven.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan )

If you’d like to donate to this work in western Nigeria, you can do so here.

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