SWSE Jan 2022 Field Report

Beloved in Christ Jesus.
On behalf of the staff, management of BVBIN &  SWSE- IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW team in Nigeria, we hereby express our profound gratitude for the support and kindness you all expressed towards the progress of the above ministry throughout the year 2021. We are very excited and proud to have you as our partners in the business of the Lord Jesus! Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Below is the summary of our January 2022 field reports:


i- Second Semester Classes Concluded.

ii- School’s Schedule Ammended.

iii- Weekends Evangelism/Outreach.

iv-  20th Annual Leadership Seminar

SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES CONCLUDED: With God’s help coupled with the cooperation of my fellow instructors, we were able to conclude all 2nd Semester Classes, tests and projects successfully on January 28,2021.Lord’s willing, the 3rd Semester Classes will begin on January 31 through March 25 ,2022 before the students will embark on a month Vocational Training/preaching trips.
SCHOOL’S SCHEDULE AMMENDED: Since the Great Workshop has been shifted to August from February due to the global pandemic coupled with insecurities in almost all States of Nigeria, the school authority also decided to adjust the school’s schedule as follows: i- 3rd Semester Classes: January 31 through March 25ii- Vocational Training Weeks: March 26 through April 29iii- 4th Semester Classes: May 1 through July 1,2022iv- Final Teaching Practice for 2021/2022 Session: July 2 through August 14,2022v- 2022/2023 Session Begins: August 15,2022vi-  20th Annual Bible Lectureship & Graduation : August 24-26,2022
WEEKENDS EVANGELISM/ OUTREACH: The staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN continue in the evangelization of several towns across the Western States of Nigeria such as Butubutu Village, Jago, Badeku, Ajia, Igbooloyin, Egbeda, Felele, Asejire in Osun State, Asejire in Ondo State, Aramoko-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Idanre in Ondo State, Ifo in Ogun State, etc and the Lord crowned our joint efforts with six(6) conversions and seventeen(17) restorations of erring brethren between January 10 till date. The Lord also added 58 souls to His body and 14 erring brethren restored during the end of the year activities and a congregation planted in Ibeju area of Lagos State as a result of the efforts of our students, instructors, graduates and WBSFUW team.
20TH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR 2022:Lord’s willing, our 20th Annual Leadership Seminar is coming up on March 9 through 11,2022 in Butubutu village Ibadan. This year Seminar will centered on “Practical Christianity- Studies from the Book of James”. Season ministers of God within and outside of Nigeria will ministers during this program. Bro. Chad Wagner is expected to serve as our guest speaker. The school is in need of $1,300 to $1,500 for the provision of three meals food, water and transportation fare for some of the speakers and sisters in the kitchen/Cooks
ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Akinrinade Sunday Hezekiah is one of our year-2- Students. Admitted in our ministerial department three years ago. Born in 1992 to Akinrinade family. He was converted through the VOTI book in 2018 at Ipetumodu, Osun State. He is presently the evangelist of Aramoko Ekiti congregation in Ekiti State. His mission is to be one of the bonafide ministers of God in and outside Nigeria.


i- With the help of the Almighty God coupled with financial supports from Austin Chapel COC, Strickland COC, Liberty COC / VOTI, we were able to assist the Lord’s Church in Egbeda town ,Ibadan to purchase the church auditorium from the Omotunde family for the sum of N1,500,000.

ii- With the  financial supports from the brethren , we were able to get a better open space to erect a temporary meeting place for the Church of Christ in Badeku town. The Lord’s church in Badeku is one of the congregations planted through the school efforts some years ago. I worship with them on January 23 and they are growing rapidly. We were 26 in attendance (Men= 7. Women= 7. Children=  12) with total contribution of N2,050.

iii-  Also, the Lord used Bro. Chad Wagner and The Austin Chapel COC to assist us in the printing of over 30,000 copies of our local gospel tracts for this year’s outreach within and outside the Western States of Nigeria.

OUR CHALLENGE: i- The school is in need of $1,300 to $1,500 for the hosting of Church leaders and their wives and friends of the Lord’s Church in the forth coming 20th Annual Leadership Seminar that by God’s grace will be held at Butubutu Village, ” the home of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN” between March 9 through 11, 2022.ii- We are planning to purchase a plot of land in an open place for the Lord’s Church in Badeku before the end of this year so  they can start building on their permanent Church auditorium in Badeku town, one of the famous towns in Ona-Ara Local Government of Oyo State. Those willing to partners with us should kindly contact our amiable patron, Bro. Chad Wagner of Austin Chapel COC. No amount of money is too small or big to assist us in hosting over 200 brethren and friends of the Lord’s Church in this year annual Leadership Seminar and in helping the Lord’s Church in Badeku town having a land of their own.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate you all for your love, care and supports towards the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord continue to bless you all with sound health and wellness and prosperity in Jesus Christ name, amen. May your Joy be full. May God manifest His greatness in your life and family. May you live a victorious life throughout the year 2022 is our fervent prayers in Christ Jesus, amen.
I remain yours in His Grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

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