Successful Children’s Seminar

No word is enough to thank you for your magnanimity, your great effort  will be highly rewarded.

The Children’s seminar was successful, three hundred sixty eight were registered. The books , bibles and pens  l bought was not sufficient because l estimated two hundred and fifty children. We went and bought additional rice, l exhausted all l had because the number was unexpected.

The Village here were thrilled with joy and wonders when they  saw the great multitude. From time to time l will be sending you pictures of the program. You are the image maker. The children were excited and more of the program. It is our prayer  that when we call next year, you will attend to us . 

May the  Lord Almighty reward you abundantly, bless Austin Church Of Christ.

Beloved brother Chad, life is so tough on us here. prices on goods are so high, inflation had rubbish everything, here in rural area am almost hitting myself due to hardship, my support  finds it difficult to take of my problems. Therefore, l call on you for additional support/ help. May God bless you.

Brother Alozie Uzoma.

The children learning, reciting Bible quotations, some of their gifts.

Alozie’s Update

It was pleasant  day yesterday, after  worship,  a brother  wedded. We sang melodiously and we had  visitors. The word was preached. The evangelism organized  by Cooperate Evangelism Outreach  was successful,  l sent  to them materials  from  Mission Printing (tracts).  Many Brethren  from this local government  and its environs  attended the program.  I Also  spoke on a topic’ By What  Authority ‘ we answer questions  from  the people  if the community. 

Thank you for your encouragement  and supports. I need  more  of your  support to host the children  SEMINAR. 

The picture of my wife,  my companion  in the ministry. Friend and mother,  the church  is proud her for  she teaches the Bible very well. 

Brother  Alozie Uzoma.

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House-to-House Success

Happy  Lord’s  day. Our worship today  had good  attendance,  We also  had visitors  during the worship. 

On Saturday  6th February,  we organize  house to house evangelism,  you can see brothers and sisters taking mission  printing  materials for the program,  members from other neighboring  church we’re invited,  last Wednesday,  l went on follow- up,  A man promised  to worship with us  on Sunday  21st 

We  are preparing  for the Children  seminar to hold on May 23rd, l pray towards  the success of the the programs,  also hope that you will support the program. May the Lord keep you safe. 

Brother  Alozie Uzoma. 

Open-Air Preaching

May peace and love of God  be with  you and family. I always  appreciate  your teachings on video,  you can not know the number of souls you have touched,  but eternity  will  reveal,  keep on doing,  The  crown  is yours. Here,  l do not relent preaching  the word. 

Since last week,  l involved  the Church  and the two  Bible students from NIAITS who are on their practicum here  on house to house preaching,  We also conduct Open Air preaching  in the evening. We will also preach at one  square  this evening. Last Sunday,  three persons attended our worship, they ask questions, am doing the follow  up. 

I know. Before now,  our brethren  had informed  you the  high price on goods here., life had become  so tough because of inflation,  there is cry of hunger here. I do know the exact word to describe what am on now to feed my family  of  eight and the two bible students that are here. I know you will understand  my plight,  and  interpret  it and convey  to my sponsors. 

The pictures  show  when am about to go out to preach house to house with members and the evening  outing. I pray  for bountiful harvest.  I need your help fulfill  my ministry. 

Remain blessed. Alozie Uzoma. 

God at work during COVID-19

It is my prayer that the  Lord will continue to keep you in his love as you minister to him and us. This month of May that has ended  recorded a huge success, l baptized two young persons on 3rd and 17th May, on my personal evangelism on 14th, a woman and her four children started attending our worship. Though they have not been baptized, but  l do not  relent visiting her and the husband, they promised to baptized soon.

COVID 19, distorted our programs. The children seminar will hold on September, if government relax her order. l appeal to you beloved to sponsor this program as you did last year. After having meeting on 7th June, with my team, l will let you  know our programs regards to house to house evangelism, women and men seminars.

Thank you for your continues support. Brother Alozie Uzoma

Youth Seminar yields 4 Souls

Uzoma Nwokoma Alozie reports that they recently conducted a youth seminar in Obegu Village which resulted in 4 baptisms. To God be the Glory.

With gladsome heart, praises to God, four persons were baptized today during the youth seminar at Obegu, my village. We can see the Church increasing numerically, we thank the church for organizing the program.It is my prayer that they will grow spiritually.Thank you for sharing our job. Brother Alozie Uzoma

“Joy in my heart”

May the Lord bless you and family.

We are rejoicing and the angels of heaven are also rejoicing over a soul that repented. On Sunday 17th November, a man that l had been preaching to since three months ago came  to our worship on Sunday and requested baptism.  So, we took him  to river and baptized him. His wife was baptized earlier this year. We  give God all the glory for blessing my work of preaching.

The church is still increasing. I went to Ukpom Abak, and collected the materials sent to me from mission printing. l also went with six invitations sent to me by different churches of Christ to preach/teach/ lecture on their program. Tomorrow l will be preaching at MBA church of Christ, and next week, l will preach at Okposi Eboyi State, God willing.

The women are disturbing me to organize a seminar for all of them to come though there is no money for these seminars.

Thanks Brother Alozie Uzoma.

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