Herbert Chukwu Mission Update

First Quarter 2020

Mbanaboh Mission work is progressing. Glory be to God and thanks to Holladay Church of Christ who began to work with us through Brother Dean Hagood, Sister Doris Taylor, Brother Douglas Whaler and Chad Wagner.

This is short story of work in progress in the mission for first quarter of 2020. Brother Chad, thanks for the fund you sent to the Mission for work for first quarter of the year 2020, this had enabled the progress of the Mission building work, Bible School work, Church Visitation and track sharing, Evangelism. The sum of N1,740,770.00 was spent in the children department building at IHE Town, and work in Gariki Church Building to enable us start bible school in the church hall and for the flyer production to enable us to teach the people who believe in Christ but do not believe in HIS Church.

Building work, School work, Evangelism and Benevolence service

A.      Material and labour                                                                                N1,740,770.00

B.      Bible School work                                                                                    N160,000.00

C.      Flyer production                                                                                       N300,000.00

D.      House to House  Evangelism                                                                   N15,000.00

E.       Benevolence service to members of the Church      

who need help as a result of COVID – 19 lockdown                                      N89,000.00

I thank God that we are able to complete our evangelism plans, house to house preaching, bible class in church at Anambra and Kogi state respectively and tracts and flyers distribution before the Government’s lockdown because of COVID -19 Virus. We also completed the building to decking level and the Bible School began with 18 students.

God added six people to the church during these works. I am working only in BLC office at IHE producing Teaching materials that will be sent to the churches in the mission for Evangelism such as this attached with this email. We continue to meet for Bible study and weekly worship but with few members and maintaining social distance as ordered by the Government.

We are praying for COVID -19 Virus to pass away and hoping in God by staying safe in faith in Christ who is over infectious diseases.

Stay safe Brethren with hope in God.

Your Brother, Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu