August WBS Report from MJA


COVID 19 Pandemic cannot stop or hinder our work of Evangelism.

I want us to note what Job was told in Job 37:14; “STAND STILL AND CONSIDER THE WONDROUS WORKS OF GOD”.

I just want to mention some of the things that happened in August 2020 Evangelism work in our Area.

–  At Two Towns Church of Christ where I am worshipping there was

   1 Baptism and 1 restoration.

–  At Church of Christ Edem Idim Manta 3 souls were added to the

   Church, (Husband and wife).

–  Church of Christ Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono recorded 4 Baptisms, 2


–  At Church of Christ Atai Otoro, Abak 1 person accepted Christ and

   was baptized.

–  Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong Church of Christ brought 2 souls to


–  At Adiasim Ikot Ekon Church of Christ 2 people, a husband and a

   Wife were baptized.

–  Evangelism in Odukpani Community brought 9 souls to Christ.


Dear Brethren,

Please do not be offended.  I want to remind you of the Financial Appeal that I made last month.

They were:

Financial assistance to complete the LAB SCIENCE BUILDING in African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) for Government Approval of Examination Center.

The Second Appeal was for assistance in Transportation in our Evangelism work.

We have enrolled many people in WBS Lessons and distributed a lot of Tracts to people.  The work is ongoing.  Pray for us.


If you’d like to help MJA and the work there in Nigeria, you can do so below:

MJA/July 2020

Dear Brethren,

Covid-19 Pandemic cannot stop us preaching the word.  We must  preach the word in season and out of season.  II Tim. 4:1 – 2;

–  In Odukpani, Cross River State, we had 10 converts in July 2020.

–  One Lady, a retired Nurse, her husband is a Lecturer in University of Calabar, is working with us in evangelism.  She always come for Tracts and Bibles for Evangelism.  What she is doing has brought establishment of a new Congregation in Calabar, Cross River State.  No wonder why Paul commended Phoebe to Church at Rome, because she was “A SUCCOUR” of many. Rom. 16:1 – 2

–  There were 6 baptisms where Nelson Akpan is doing the WBS Follow Up Work in Cross River State.

–  One restoration in Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim Abak.

–  There were 2 baptisms at Ikot Akpayak Church of Christ, Uyo.


I made an appeal many months ago for financial assistance to complete the LAB SCIENCE BUILDING in African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) for Government Approval of Examination Center.

The second Appeal was made two months ago for assistance in Transportation in our Evangelism Work.

I know that many of you have deep desire to assist me in many ways.  Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Economic of the people is Lock down.

Please if any one has any way to assist us in any of those appeals it will be highly appreciated.  May God’s blessing be on you all.  Amen.

Please keep on praying for us.

In His service,
Monday Akpakpan.

MJA’s June 2020 Report

Dear Brethren,
Covid 19 Lock down make people to send me many phone calls with funny messages.  Their messages
become big encouragement in my work.
Here are some of the messages.
(a)  MJA you helped me to accept Christ in Baptism 45 years ago.  The topic of your sermon was “FAITH OR FEAR – what is your choice”.  For the Pandemic of Covid 19 going on in the World now, what is your Choice, Faith or Fear.  Answer was “FAITH”.
(b)  Another call was “Peace man who or what will separate you from the love of Christ?,  Will Covid 19?  Read Rom. 8:35 – 39”.  Covid 19 cannot separate us from the love of Christ, was my answer.
(c)  Another call was M. J. Akpakpan, your sermon during the burial of my grand Daddy two years ago was “BLESSED ARE THE DEAD  WHICH DIE IN THE LORD FROM HENCEFORTH.  Rev. 14:13;  So many people are dying now.  How many of them are dying in the Lord?  Those who are baptize into Christ and live in Christ faithfully will receive blessing from God when he or she dies.  That was my answer.  There were very many calls that make me to sit up well in my work of fishing of souls for the Lord.
Here are what took place in June 2020.
–  At Odukpani we had 5 baptisms and 2 restorations.-  Adiasim in Essien Udim, 5 WBS students were baptized.-  At Church of Christ Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono, Uyo, 5 people were baptized.-  Abak Itenghe Congregation 2 people (a grand mother/grand son) were baptized during Wednesday
   Bible Class.-  Anameti reported 1 baptism from Ikot Oku Mfang Congregation.
A big thank you to the person that sent $500 to me to buy Bibles.  Total number of Bible bought for that money was 200 (100 big KJV  and 100 big RSV). 

The problem I am having is transportation.  I am facing this problem for more than two years.

I appreciate your support financially, materially and Spiritually.  Thank you all.  Keep praying for us.

Your Partner in Evangelism work, Monday Akpakpan.

Report of Work from MJA

Dear Brethren,
Greetings from Akwa Ibom State, Monday Akpakpan and family.
The 2020 LOCK-DOWN ORDER by Government does not mean Lock-In and close doors for our Evangelism work.  We are to preach the word, in Season and out of Season.  The Lord is still using some of His workers to do the work of Evangelism.
Here are few small thing that took place in May 2020.
–  In Two Towns Church of Christ, Manta/Midim, Abak 1 person accepted Christ through baptism.
–  Church of Christ Number Two, Manta, Abak 4 people were baptized including a Pastor from the
    Apostolic Church.
–  In Odukpani County, Cross River State 7 souls were added to the Church.
–  In Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono, Uyo there were 2 baptisms.
–  In Obot Akara 2 people were converted to Christ.
–  Ikot Ubo Waterside Church of Christ reported 1 baptism.
Brethren the spread of Covid-19 cannot stop our Evangelism work completely.  Even though we are not as effective as usual but we must try our best.
The lock-down makes many people to die because of hunger.  Keep praying for us.
May God be with you all.


Report of Benevolence by MJA

In early May 2020, funds were sent to Monday John Akpakpan for help during this coronavirus crisis in Nigeria. We are thankful for all of the donors who have helped make this possible. Below is his report:

FOOD ITEMS BOUGHT: 20 bags of rice and 3 1/2 bags of beans.

The food items were distributed to more than 229 members of the Church at Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim.  This include the widows and bed-ridden members.
Half Bag of Rice was given to Bro. Emmanuel Ntia to give to the needees at Church of Christ No. Two Edem Idim Manta.
Another half Bag of Rice was also given to the needees at Church of Christ Atai Otoro through Sunday Solomon.
More than 30 non-members of the Church of Christ who were in desperate needs were also a part of the benevolence.
We really appreciate your kind gesture.  Two Towns Church of Christ told me that they will send an appreciation letter to you.  Thank you Brother Chad.
Please extend our appreciation to all those who are involved in this great event.

Your Brother,M.J.A.


Here is the report of work of March 2020.

– 1ST Sunday of March 2020, there was Youth Seminar at Abak City      

   Church of Christ.

–  2nd Sunday of March 2020 Youth Seminar and Song practice at    

   Church of Christ Ikot Okubara, Ediene Abak.

–  3rd Sunday of March 2020, Youth Seminar at Edem Idim Manta.

–  There was ordination of Elders and Deacons on March 28, 2020 in

   Abak City Church of Christ, Akwa Ibom State.

–  At Ukana Ikot Akpan Essien we had 3 baptisms.

–  W.B.S Seminar was conducted at Ukana Mkpa Eyop Church of

   Christ on March 22, 2020.

–  Indoor Inter House Sport was conducted at African Christian

   Secondary School (ACSS) on 2nd week of March, 2020.

–  M. B. Archibong reported 14 baptisms from Odukpani.

–  Nelson Essien Akpan reported 9 baptisms from February to March,


–  At Adiasim Ikot Ekon Church of Christ, there were 2 baptisms.

–  Atai Otoro 1 baptism was recorded.

–  Women Annual Gospel Meeting was done at Ikot Akpabio, Afaha

   Obong on 3rd Saturday March 2020.

–  Saint Anne Christian Secondary conducted their Maiden Inter

   House Sport competition on 21st March, 2020.  A Christian School that is one mile away from African Christian  School (ACSS).  I was one of the Invitees to Chair the Program.


The Corona-Virus (Covid-19) going on now globally cannot prevail against the Lord’s Church.  It cannot stop us from preaching the word of God.  Keep praying for us.In His service,
Monday John Akpakpan.

February Work Report



P. O. BOX 470, ABAK

EMAIL:                                                                                                                          February 29, 2020 Dear Brethren,

SECOND MONTH OF THE YEAR 2020 WAS NOT NEGATIVE MONTH IN EVANGELISM.-  At Two Towns Church of Christ, Manta/Midim we had House to House Evangelism.  There were 5 baptisms.

–  Attendance of WBS Great Workshop at Abuja was very encouraging.  The was 1 baptism.Some people were given Awards to motivate them to work harder in their evangelism work I was one of the Awardees.
–  One senior retired Police Officer that always come and take tracts and Bibles for Evangelism        reported 9 baptisms in February 2020.
–  At Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong – 1 soul was restored to Christ.
–  Sister Ani S. Udoh, a retired Nurse and her husband is a Lecturer in University of Calabar, she always come to get Tracts for Evangelism, she reported conversion of 2 Denominational Pastors.
–  WBS Seminar was conducted at NCBC on February 22, 2020.
–  Anameti reported 2 baptisms.
–  Ikot Ekpene/Abak Prison had 6 baptisms in February, 2020.  There is Skill Acquisition Training   going on there.  It’s Annual Bible Lectureship will take place in April, 2020.
–  Uyo Prison recorded 14 Baptisms during the month.
–  Monthly Women Lectureship is in a steady progress.
–  Monthly Youth Seminars is very very effective.
–  M. B. Archibong reported 10 Baptisms and 3 restoration.
–  African Christian Secondary School is in a steady progress.  We have an approval of Examination   Center for the students at School.  

   We are not able to complete Science Lab building that we appealed for financial help.  We did not receive enough money to complete it.
Please Brethren, keep praying for us and our work.

In His service,Monday J. Akpakpan.

Evangelism Report from MJA

November was another fruitful month for our Evangelism work.

–   Evangelism work at Adukpani, Cross River State witnessed 11 baptisms.

–   Youth Seminar and Evangelism at Two Towns Church of Christ brought 1 soul to Christ.  (A WBS student).

–  Evangelism Out Reach by NCBC students added 17 souls to the Lord’s Churches.

–  WBS Seminar and Inauguration of WBS Office of a one   year old Congregation in Ikot Esu, Ika L.G.A. added 1 soul to the Church.

–  Some NCBC students enrolled into WBS accepted Christ and 4 of them were baptized.

–  Women Bible Lectureship took place at Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong on November 16, 2019.

–  Men, Preachers and Leadership Forum took place at Eka Midim, Abak L.G.A.We really appreciate all of you who are partnering with us in Evangelist work.

Thank you.  May God bless all of us and continue to straighten us to continue in His work.  

In His service
M. J. A.

Report from Monday John Akpakpan

We were called to be Fishers of men (men/women).

In October 2019 many Fishes men/women were caught for the Lord.

–  Bro. Christian Etukuko reported 15 Baptisms in October 2019.

–  Sunday Solomon reported baptisms of 2 WBS students.

–  Anameti Akpan reported 7 baptisms in October 2019.

–  At Two Towns (Manta/Midim) Church of Christ 1 souls accepted Christ in baptism.

–  Women Bible Lectureship took place at Church of Christ Oku Abak on 3rd Saturday of October       2019.

–  Another Women Bible Lectureship was conducted at ASUTAN EKPE CHRISTIAN WOMEN     FORUM on 5th October 2019.

–  At Campus Church of Christ African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) 4 students were baptized on 20th October, 2019.

–  A one year old Congregation at Nung Oku Ikot in Etim Ekpo had “Official Opening of WBS Office” on October 27, 2019 and 2 people were baptized.

–  A WBS Seminar/Evangelism at Church of Christ Nkwot Edem Edet on October 25, 2019 brought 8 souls to Christ in Baptism, and we were taken to one Public School to enroll students and their teachers into WBS Lessons.

–  The one at Church of Christ Edem Idim Manta Church of Christ on 3rd Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  The attendance of Youth Seminar at Abak City Church of Christ on 1st Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  M. B. Archibong reported 9 baptisms during the month of October 2019.

–  Uyai Joshua reported 1 baptism and restoration of a trained Preacher who became a Preacher in a Denomination (Mount Zion Church).

Keep on praying for us.

In His service,

Monday John Akpakpan.


Dear Brethren,
The year 2018 begins effectively in our work of evangelism.  Below are few points to mention from January to March, 2018.
1.   At Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim there were 7 baptisms and 5 restorations.
2.   At Church of Christ 18 Ebom Avenue, Abak 23 people accepted Christ in baptism and there were
      two restorations.
3.   The WBS Great Workshop at Ebonyi State witnessed 7 baptisms.  Among them was a
      Denominational Pastor.
4.   The Monthly Youth/WBS Seminar at Edem Idim Manta added 5 souls to the Church.
5.   Bro. M. B. Archibong and his evangelism team reported 33 baptisms during the period.
6.   Leadership/WBS Seminar at Ibio Nung Achat, Etim Ekpo brought 5 souls to the Lord.
7.   There were 3 converts during maiden WBS Seminar at Nkwot Edem Edet, Ikono.
8.   A New Congregation was established at Efedem, Cross River State.
9.   Another New Congregation started in Eket, Akwa Ibom State.
10.  During WBS Seminar at Adiasim Ikot Akpan Osom 6 WBS were baptized.
11.  WBS/Youth Seminar at Nkap, Ikot Ekpene brought 6 souls to Christ.
12.  WBS/Youth Seminar at Church of Christ Ikot Oku Mfang ll, added 4 souls to the Church.
13.  There were 9 baptisms at Polytechnic Church of Christ Ikot Asurua, Ikot Ekpene.
14.  In Church of Christ Atai Otoro, the Lord added 4 souls to the Church.
15.  At Church of Christ, Ikot Uniang Obio Nkem, a Pastor of Apostolic Freedom Church and his wife
       were baptized.
16.  WBS Seminar at Oruk Ata Nsidung Church of Christ, I soul accepted Christ through baptism.
17.  Emmanuel Essien reported 4 baptisms and 3 restoration during the period.
18.  There were 4 baptisms and 2 restoration at Church of Christ Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong.
19.  Evangelism by students of Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) added 3 souls to the Church.
20.  Evangelism By Christian Women.    Our Christian Women are also active in evangelism work.
      They are conducting Monthly Bible Lectureship.  In April this year, it will take place at Ikot
      Akpatong, Abak.
21.  In Abak/Ikot Ekpene Prison Annual Lectureship 26 people were baptized on 16th February. 2018.
      Between January and 16th February there were 14 baptisms and 10 after the Lectureship, making a
      total of 50 NEW BORN BABIES between January and March 2018.
22.  At Uyo Prison we had 32 converts.
      Our plan for the Prison Ministry is to do Skill Acquisition Training for the Inmates.  We want to
      do that as soon as possible this year.
Dear Brethren, as I mentioned in my last report that I will conduct many WBS, Youth and Leadership Seminars this year, I have started doing it.  I have already conducted 4 Seminars between January and March.
In April the Seminars will take place at Mbiabong Ikpe, Ikpe Annang April 8, Ikot Oku Itam ll, April 15, Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim April 29.  All will be done on Sundays after morning service.
There are twelve different places that I am going to conduct the Seminars between April and December 2018.  The report will be forwarded to you.
Please I need your support in this area.  Thanks.  Keep praying for us.
Yours in His service,
Monday John Akpakpan.