Gospel Report: Moses Ogar

Dear brethren,

This is the Gospel Report from me to you my brethren. This will show what the Lord had done.

Six people gave their lives to Jesus in Wula Boki Cross River State. This happened as we went there for a two day Evangelism. 

We had a monthly Evangelism in Ukwel Obudu none has been baptized but unending promises that we hope God will accomplished them one day.

We conducted a weekly Bible Study and Singing practice in the Congregations of Church of Christ Ukwel Obudu. We engage in personal Evangelism of House to House. We go visiting the Sick and praying for them.

Personally, I engaged in morning and night preachings from my compounds using the megaphone connecting from Solar Battery. Solar Batteries are getting weak. We had worked with ability and strength God gave us. We are looking forward to do more. The annual WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL AND EVANGELISM comes up on NOVEMBER,,19 – 20 2021. God bless.

We continue to maintain the vehicle as usual, changing the oil when due; fueling it as required. The vehicle was helpful in our trip to Wula Boki for the Evangelism. God will continue to strength us. More resources, more work. God bless. We shall need a small vehicle to carry the Children to Bible Study and Signing practice. May God provide. God bless.

Work is on going there as we weere through with the small house that holds the tanks to the borehole. We shall need Timbers to do nugging in the two apartments, ceilings sheets or POP as ceilings. We shall need sands and Cement to work in there. Wiring and painting. Stationary for the WBS Office. May God supply all these for us. God continues to use you people to bless us. We shall be giving the update from time to time.

Remain blessed my brethren.
In Christian Love,Moses Ogar.The Evangelist.

N/B.  Pictures below show some of the activities in Wula Evangelism.


Quick Report from Moses Ogar

Greetings brethren,
I am glad to present to you this short report. It has been well with us. Despite covid 19 and the lockdown, preaching has been on with few conversion . There were two baptisms and one restoration that i am awere of . We give out World Bible school Lesson to few. We visit and pray for sick persons. God working it is well. 

WBS OFFICE AND MISSIONARY APARTMENT Works continue in the building of tiling the varandas, toilet and kitchen in apartment 1. Than construction of drainage to control erosion at the back of the building. Pictures were already sent 
to Supporters. As God provides we shall continue the work on the building.

EVANGELISM VEHICLES Tires of the old vehicle are old. Two are completely damaged. We can not carry Children to the Church the motor is already packed. The Springs of the new vehicle were changed from low to high. Big tires are now needed to be fixed in the new vehicle. This will be done when funds are available. We keep up with maintenance.
May God continue to bless you to support the work. God also protects you from covid19.

Remain blessed.
God has continue to heal me.
In Christian Love, Moses Ogar.

Brief Report

Dear brethren, 
I am giving you a short report here

Three Souls were saved that I am aware. We Evangelize. We conduct weekly Bible study. We engage in prayer for sick persons. 
A small number enrolled into WBS Study. Completed lessons are awaiting posting due to no available funds. They will be mailed soon as funds will be available. 

Two Solar panels were purchased making a total of four Panels to four batteries. As God continue to bless we continue to work in apartment 2 &  3  after completing apartment one. I have made full payment for the Solar items.

We use them to convey persons and Children to worship. We do so for Bible study, Songs practice and Evangelism. About $200 extra will be needed to maintained them and to raised up the body of new vehicle to cope with the degrading roads. This kept waiting because first quarter support from you brethren in Oakley Church was not given to me. Let God bless.

Remain blessed
God protects you all
In Christian Love,Moses Ogar.