Update for DCBC

Dear Brethren,
Dorris-Chad Mission School is being upgraded facilities wise though incomplete as budgeted. $5,000 donated has taken us this far (Completion of the church meeting classroom, completion of the  office, completion of the frontage and installation of electricity). The balance of $11,900 suspending the good work if raised will help complete the upgrading to the expectation of the Ebonyi state ministry of education.
Today we were blessed with a soul to the glory of God. God blessed the completed upgraded classroom (worship place) with soul. Another one  soul promised to be baptized next Sunday.
May God continue to bless our generous supporters.
In His Service, Reuben Uche Egwu.

Fish Farming at Dorris-Chad

Farming is becoming a major way of sustaining  households in Nigeria. Things continue to go high and higher in prices in Nigeria daily.

To survive in our preaching work in Nigeria with a large family and large responsibilities, there is high need to farm.

Hence, we are into cassava farming on the school land. We are into Fish farm and newly into poultry farm.

Instead of buying fish or meat which is very costly now in Nigeria we can easily catch our fish or bird for our feeding, feed the widows through it and use the proceeds for other benevolent work including WBS work.

My wife is hardworking and she is a sweet partner/ coordinator especially in the cassava and poultry Farms.

The farms are creating much hope of sustenance in times of adversity.
Any support to improve and expand the farms will be appreciated. Contact Chad Wagner for any inquiries. Chad will be wiring funds to Nigeria end of this month of March, God willing .

Our humble appreciation goes to those  brethren whose supports have helped us to go into these ventures to sustain the gospel work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Remain blessed.

In His Service, Reuben Uche Egwu.

**Reuben is doing a good work in eastern Nigeria. It is so vital that he build revenue streams in Nigeria to support his family and work. If you can help, you can do so HERE

Widows Seminar @ Dorris-Chad Mission Center

Dear Brethren,

It was glorious today. I count on my supporters especially elder John Canfield, the lover of widows and orphans. Today is 17th November, 2019 , the scheduled day for the Widows’ Seminar. I feel so glad today for the Lord put smiles on the faces of the widows.
Out of 126 widows only in Afikpo North LGA, Ebonyi State in the list, 56 widows attended and others were reported not able to walk to the seminar venue.
Rice, Salt, Tin Tomatoes, Cash and Maggi were distributed to them. Transport fares to and fro were paid for them. Their hearts were touched with physical and spiritual foods – Exodus 22:22-24; Isaiah 1:17; I Timothy 5: 5-16;James 1:26-27. I am glad that God used you all including myself to accomplish this spiritual project today.
Do not relent in supporting the great work in Dorris-Chad Mission center. Please, let  the lovers of good work know about the mission work at Dorris-Chad mission center.
Details of my usual formal report is in progress.
In His Service,
Reuben Egwu.
**If you’d like to help this good work, you can do so here and click on “Reuben Egwu”