Taraba State Evangelism Report

The leadership of the churches of Christ in the 19 northern states of Nigeria came together and formed an evangelism team that goes out once every year for a week to a specific location in northern Nigeria and evangelize the area either to plant a church there or to expand the one already existing.

I was invited to speak to brethren and participate in their gospel campaign for this year in a town known as Baissa, about 9km to Cameroon. The congregation there was established by an American Missionary Ken Klein in the early 1980s and has grown significantly over the years.

I spent my one year youth service 18 years ago with Ken Klein and got to work with him there. So it was an opportunity to visit once again the place I had worked some years ago.

I participated in the Open Air evangelism and spoke during the Indoor lecture on corruption of the pattern of marriage by man.

As at yesterday, 8 souls have already obeyed the gospel and were baptized and added to the fold.

My team includes, Chidi Chibunna, a staff sergeant of the Nigeria Army who resigned from the military deliberately just to work for God in the Lord’s army. Cornelius Monjok our Ogoja WBS Team leader, Festus Okwo my Head of department in school and brother, and Bro Joe Ekpo, a newly converted pastor of a denomination.

Keep us in your prayers.

New Church Planted in Taraba State

Another worship congregation out of the five congregations in Ussa and Kurmi local govt areas of the Taraba State of Nigeria. The church was planted by bro Isaac Ibrahim where he trained 3 preachers from South West School of Evangelism in Ibadan, Nigeria.

This picture was taken on 8th Sept.2019 at where I am presently doing my preaching work in Army Barracks Takum along Dr Bala Street. We also worship at the Miracle Nursery and Primary School in Mamie .Please, we need at least one congregation to be established here because we are all are worshiping in schools. God help us.

-Isaac Danjuma

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