Makinde’s Nov Report


Dear fellow soldiers of Christ Jesus.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Redeemer ,Jesus Christ, the Author and finisher of our faith. Here is the summary of our November 2020 activities.


i- Students one month vocational training/ teaching practice report.

ii- Second Semester Classes begins.

iii- Voice of Truth International.


The one month vocational training by our year-1 students and Teaching practice by year-2 students from October 17 through November 15 resulted into the conversion of thirty-one and restoration of fifty erring brethren. Bro. Ifeanyi Iyesele, Bro.Akinrinde Sunday, Bro.Daniel Azubuikwe and Bro. Harry Chukwu recorded the highest numbers of five converts each while Bro. Silas Wayne and Bro. Armstrong Pat-Okunbor recorded the highest numbers of restoration.

The year-1 students who were on Vocational Training join hands together with the nearby congregation to their training venue in every weekend evangelism and visitation to the erring brethren which finally resulted into the conversion of souls and restoration of the erring brethren.


The second -Semester classes began on November 16,2020 and will come to an end(Lord’s willing)on January 22 ,2021 with a week break on December 24 ,2020 through January 3,2021.

Sixteen Year-1 students and eleven Year-2 students returned for the continuation of their training.


We commenced the free distribution of VOTI volume 107 on November 18,2020. And at the time of this writing, we have shared 5,000 copies of this powerful gospel books to churches of Christ in Nigeria and those in our mailing list including friends of the Lord’s Church.

We appreciate the great commitment of Bro.Jerry Bates  and the World Evangelism crew for making funds available for the printing. May the Lord keep on blessing their endeavor is our fervent prayers. Amen.

Also,the report reaching us from over 60% of the recipients of Volume 105 and 106 shows the conversion of 55 souls and restoration of 38 erring brethren across the country of Nigeria between the month of September and November 2020 during the Bible Seminars/lectureships conducted by the Churches of Christ (Using the VOTI 105&106 and WBS & Mission Printing International materials ).Among those restored is Bro.Etim Okon Ukpa of Okurikang town in Akwa-Ibom State by Bro. M.B.Archibong after 37 years of disfellowship.


Bro. Armstrong Ehiedu Par-Okunbor ,a native of Sapele in Delta State. Born on April 1976 and became a member of the Lord’s church in 1990. An holder of Bsc from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in year 2001, MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife in 2014 and Msc from University of Port-Harcourt  River State in 2018. His mission is to become a bonafide minister of God after his graduation in any part of the countr-Nigeria


Due to the economic instability and the rising cost of living in our country-Nigeria. It’s now mandatory for the school to balance up the remaining sum of N865,000($2,246)been loaned on September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan before this year runs out.

We therefore ,humbly appeal to you all to come to our rescue! No amount will be too small or big to help us out! Kindly send your contribution to us through Bro. Steven Ashcraft(Director- BVBID, West Africa Region) or Bro.Chad Wagner (Patron-SWSE,Ibadan,Nigeria & Coordinator of BVBIN)


With God on our side,coupled with the financial supports from our brethren in Nigeria and America, we were able to mold about 2,000 pieces of five inches block for the construction of meeting place for the Church of Christ in Unity Estate,Ajia town,Oyo State.

Lord’s willing,laying of the foundation and setting of the blocks for this meeting place will commence by first quarter of year 2021.


My aged father (Mr.Makinde Olapade Julius) departed this sinful world for the great beyong on the 6th of November. Similarly, my mother-in-law(Sister Comfort Olowe)also departed this sinful world three months to her 70years birthday in the night of November 9,2020 after a brief illness.

My father will be buried on the 29th of January 2021 in our village Onikokoro-Ibadan while my mother-in-law was committed to mother earth on November 28th 2020 in OSU,Osun State. To God be the glory.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate you all for all your great contributions toward the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa, Nigeria in particular.

May the Lord continue to bless our endeavors in Christ Jesus,amen.

Sincerely His & yours……Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The chief servant of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan )

Enugu School Report


Enugu Study Centre, Enugu State Nigeria

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Enugu Study Centre resumed on the first week of June 2020 after the relaxing of lockdown caused by COVID-19; only 15 students that resumed due to the economical changes after the lockdown.

From the month of June to August 2020, the students have studied and written exams on 3 courses.

The centre had their evangelism by the month of September 2020 to practicalize what they have learnt and the outing was successful; Douglas Street Church of Christ where the BVBI is situated had newly baptized members through the effort of the outings of the students.

We appreciate BVBI of Denver coordinators and resource persons/churches for their great efforts and supports financially, morally and spiritually to all the study centres globally. Also to resource person/persons in Nigeria, we say thank you.

May the good Lord bless and keep you as you continue in this good work in Jesus name Amen.

Report submitted by

Bro. Patrick Makwe

Enugu Study Centre coordinator.

Port Harcourt BV School Report



Permit me to begin this report with a profound appreciation to Bear Valley Bible Institute founders and management for their foresight and efforts made to sustain the institution over the years.

The idea of the part – time extension program is a great idea. The extension program had made preachers training possible in the areas like Port Harcourt Rivers state Nigeria. In our area, men and women had been desiring to be trained and equipped to preach the gospel for a long time, due to the absent of a Bible college, congregations in our area resulted to appointing people among them to become preachers without any form of training. This method brought some men and young men who are not properly trained into the pulpit. Untrained preachers had caused a lot of problems to many local congregations in the state due to ignorance of the scriptures and ignorance of preaching ethics.  


Our dream of having a Bible college came true when we met Bro. Chad Wagner and Bro. Keith. The connection to these men came to us through Brother Mike Udam. Our discussion with the mention people led to the approval of our centre on the month of October 2019. When we wanted to start, we had a large number of applicants who wanted to be trained, due to the large number of applicants we were advised to have two centres in Rivers State which we did. And on November 2019, we started at the two centres. One of the centres is located at the Port Harcourt metropolis and the Rumuokwuta Church of Christ in Port Harcourt is our host. The other centre is located in Ahoada which is about 65km from Port Harcourt town. The church of Christ Ahoada is our host in the Ahoada centre.


In Port Harcourt centre, we started with 33 students but after the Corona Virus 3 month’s lockdown some of our students dropped. Currently, we are having 30 active students in this centre. We had successfully taught and written exams on the following courses:

  1. Life of Christ
  2. How we got our Bible
  3. Christian Evidences
  4. Acts of the Apostles
  5. Homiletics
  6. Personal Evangelism
  7. Hermeneutics
  8. Old Testament (Book of the law)
  9. New Testament Church

In Ahoada centre, we started with 28 students but after the corona virus lock down, we lost one of our students and few others drooped. Presently, we are having 24 active students in Ahoada centre. We had successfully taught and written exams on the following courses

  1. Life of Christ
  2. Acts of the Apostles
  3. Christian Evidences
  4. How we got our bible
  5. Hermeneutics
  6. Homiletics
  7. Old Testament (Book of the law)
  8. New Testament Church


Our students are very active in Evangelism in Rivers State. We have participated in various Evangelism programs organized by the local congregations. On the month of March 2020, we located a large community where there is no existing congregation; we mobilized all our students from the two centres and went to the community for two days Evangelism outreach. After the intensive house to house and open air Evangelism, we discovered some members of the church who are living in the community without any congregation to attend and so we started a congregation in the community which is presently growing. After establishing the new congregation, we encouraged one of our students who is living in the community to work as a minister of the new congregation. The young man is doing his best to sustain the congregation. We are appealing to anyone who cares or group of brethren to take up the support of the student preacher who has been working hard without any support. The new congregation need a support also.

On the month of October 2020, our attention was drawn to a large community known as Ogbogu in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area in Rivers State Nigeria. We were informed that the community is very large and have a new congregation which was planted late last year. We were also informed that one of our students in Ahoada centre is struggling to keep the congregation going. On Saturday 31st October 2020 we mobilized all our students from the two centres and some members of nearby congregations in the area to the community for a mega Evangelism outreach. The mandate given to our students by the director before sending them to house to house Evangelism was “go and come back with souls for Christ”. The students went out to houses, streets and market squares, fishing for Christ. After an intensive Evangelism in the community, our students came back with 3 souls, 2 male and 1 female who gave their lives to Christ and they were baptized and added to the church.

As at the time of this report, our students are still rejoicing and celebrating the success of this Evangelism outreach on 31st October 2020.

Bear valley bible institute in Rivers State is marching on unto greatness. We thank all the supporters of the institute for all their support.

However we are in need of a library in Rivers state, where our students and other Christians in the state can access good theological books to help them in their studies. We are appealing to Bear Valley Bible institute management and anyone who wishes to come to our aid with regards to having a library in Rivers State Nigeria for our students and the general Christians in the state.

This Report is from Anthony Ejike Oluria (Director of studies –  BVBI Port Harcourt and Ahoada Centres)    

Final Year Students at SWSE

The final year students of BVBIN & SWSE, Butubutu-Ibadan finish the defending of their projects this afternoon.
Report reaching me from Lagos schools shows that students arrived in classes early today in spite the cool weather .
The teachers are in third weeks of there studies.  The classes will be concluded next week with examination.
Twenty – four students in Ikorodu, twenty- six in Agege and eleven in Lagos Island.
Big thanks for your partnership and supports.
Have a wonderful worship tomorrow with the Lord.
Sincerely yours in His Grace as a servant…..Makinde 

Lagos Island School Report


INTRODUCTION: Challenging time is really an opportunity to show the true strength of a Christian. The COVID 19 pandemic is no longer a news to all but the effect of it to the church, the school and the society will last long. The lockdown affected our classes for two months but we were able to resume class last month being May when Lagos State government gave permission for movement within the state.

The number of people we are reading or hearing having Corona Virus in our Country may not be the true picture, for some government leaders have seen this as an opportunity to make money from International body. Such attitude made them to continue to inflict the number. We pray that God will continue to protect his own children always.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Our classes resumed after the lockdown. Bro Oluwafemi Adewuyi taught the Book of James and Bro Emmanuel Odoh just concluded Godhead. Bro Etim Nfon who is the Coordinator of Ikorodu Center will be teaching the 3 Epistles of John from next Saturday. We have 17 students in our center presently however, 10 are regular in class while some have not resumed due to fear of the present situation.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: It is my pleasure to be found useful even during these challenging times. The Online World Bible School Project is a great one and is even becoming more effective this time that many are working from home. It is challenging that they choose to upgrade their site when needed most. The process has affected our online studies with our students.  I have been able to grow my WBS Online Students from 1,716 in beginning of May to 1,863 as at the 30th of June 2020. 2 students completed their courses during this period.

I want to thank God for using me in that capacity. 5 souls were added to the body of Christ during this period. “Kerry Lombard wrote Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for arranging my baptism. I was baptized on Monday and have been invited to a church. Feeling very blessed indeed. Regards Kerry. That was Kerry comment from South Africa. Join me to thank God and pray for her to be stable in the kingdom. The last was a family that Bro Titus Blair introduced to me. We will do more as God give us the privilege to serve Him.

CHALLENGES: We thank God for the authority of Bear Valley for the sacrifice in helping us study the word of God in this part of the world. The pandemic may continue to be a serious challenging factor to our work. We pray that it go down worldwide this period.

CONCLUSION: We are all pencils in the hand of God. More work will be done as we learn more to work and serve humanity.

Thanks and God bless you.


Lagos Island Center Director

Update from SWSE

Greetings from Nigeria. I am writing to inform you that the BVBIN WEEKEND SCHOOL in Nnyanya -Abuja resume Classes on June 9  and also have class on June 12 during the public holiday while that of Kado -Abuja resume classes today.
Other BVBIN WEEKEND SCHOOLS are doing well.
Twenty five students were in class today in Ikorodu, twenty-four in Agege and eleven in Lagos Island.
I work today with the group that evangelized Egbeda town today and other three groups evangelized Ajia town, Jago and Butubutu and the last group evangelized Asejire -Osun State.
We are also doing fine in Butubutu village, Ibadan.
NB :Attached pictures are some of the pictures of classes held in Butubutu village for the Diploma programs  .
I will continue my teaching on The Marks of the Sound Church at Egbeda congregation tomorrow Lord’s willing .
Thanks for your great commitment to serving the Lord and humanity.
Have a great worship tomorrow with the Lord.
Sincerely yours in His grace as a servant…… Makinde

Degree Class Concluded

Greetings from Butubutu village, Ibadan.
We conclude this week degree program with ten students happily this evening .
I taught on The Fundamentals of the Faith -2 with two tests.  One on Wednesday and the second this Friday .
Most of our students are now in four different centers for this weekend Evangelism.
I am working with a group in Egbeda till tomorrow evening.
Big thanks for your great support.
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely yours in His Grace as a servant……. Makinde

Evangelism Campaign for Enugu Team

The evangelism was proposed to be two days programme which was intended to be house to house and open air, but due to the government policies on social/religious activities, the management decided to carry out massive house to house and tracts sharing on Saturday (23/5/2020) just a day programme.

The students and their instructors with a member of Garriki Church gathered in the morning of 23/5/2020 in the meeting place of the Church of Christ, Garriki and after songs and prayers entered the vehicle (a bus provided by the management) and left for Akwuke village (evangelism venue). They arrived Akwuke by 11:00am, after prayers they went out and spoke to many and shared tracts. The exercised lasted till 2:10pm when they gathered again at the point where their vehicle stationed. They entered the vehicle and returned to the Church’s meeting place by 2:40pm.

Participants’ report of the work: the participants returned with good reports of the listening ears and interactions of their prospects and also informed us of the need to start a congregation in Akwuke Village as many of the people complained of farness of the Church’s meeting place from Akwuke.

After light refreshment, we sang and prayed and the brethren left for their homes.

Financial report: The budget for the evangelism was N60,000 to N65,000, but we later spent N40,000 as the evangelism was just a day programme.     

The expenses was carried out on Polo (T-shirt), Tracts printing, refreshment and transportation.

Based on the report returned with, we hoped to visit Akwuke village again for a greater work which will include open air evangelism any time they relaxed COVID-19 policies. And by His grace establish a congregation there.

NB. One of the students (a minister) pleaded that the students come and help them evangelize their area (Awgu town) in Awgu LGA of Enugu State. We hoped to do so soon, God helping us.

I want to say a very big thank you to God, BVBI team/resource persons, the instructors, the students and all the saints for the grace, support and encouragement/prayers.

May God bless us all as we labour sincerely in His vineyard – Amen.

Yours in His vineyard

Bro. Patrick Makwe

Enugu – Nigeria

Enugu School Update

Bear Valley Bible Institute-Enugu

May 2020

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Enugu Study Centre started on the first week of January 2020 with 22 students on the first Saturday and additional 3 students on second Saturday bringing to total of 25 students. The centre is located at the meeting hall of Church of Christ Garriki Awkunanaw Enugu. The 25 students are made up of 9 sisters, 15 pulpit preachers and 1 evangelist in charge of a congregation for years now.

From the month of January to March 2020, the students have studied and written exams on 3 courses which are: How we got the Bible, Personal Evangelism and Christian Evidence (part A). The centre has 3 instructors that are committed to this work.

By the end of March 2020, the number of students at the centre is 20 persons (8 sisters and 12 brothers). 5 persons dropped based on health and other personal reasons.

The centre planned having their evangelism by the month of April 2020 to practicalize what they have learnt, but the COVID -19 pandemic outbreak thwarted the plans. The centre shifted the evangelism programme to last week of May 2020 if the situation (COVID -19 pandemic and government polices) is stabilized to normal again.

We appreciate BVBI of Denver coordinators and resource persons/churches for their great efforts and supports financially, morally and spiritually to all the study centres globally. Also to resource person/persons in Nigeria, we say thank you.

May the good Lord bless and keep you as you continue in this good work in Jesus name Amen.

Report submitted by Bro. Patrick Makwe Enugu Study Centre coordinator.

BVBI-Lagos Island Report



Our God is gracious in caring for all who are in the kingdom till date. It pleases Him to find us useful in the church especially in the 2nd quarter of the existence of Lagos Island Study Center in Lagos Nigeria. We are were for the first time involved in door-knocking as part of the school program and it worth it all.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Let me start my report with academic activities in the past few months. We are on the 6th course presently. Bro Abiola Olusoji just finished teaching Homiletics and Bro Frank Ekpodikpo started Old Testament 2 (Study of the History: Joshua – Esther). Having 3 new students. We were 13 before and adding 3 making a total of 16 students. The new students are all male. One of them is a serving minister. 10 students took the last course. We will be visiting congregations to seek for new students. Tim Iwe had a wonderful experience in teaching Evangelical Epistles in Agege and Ikorodu Centers respectively. The wealth of experience gotten during interaction in both centers humbled me and shows the impact of BV program in Lagos. God will bless the brotherhood so much that this program will continue effectively over time.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM: A great job was done for the Lord in Lagos Island church. We knocked doors at the main wing of the Police Barracks in Obalende and it was an interesting outing. We were 25 in attendance out of which students were 11. We had 22 prospects to follow up by the congregation. We thank BV for giving us this chance to reach out. More of such will help the students have practical field experience in the Lord’s work. Also Satellite Church of Christ had her 7th Annual Bible Lectureship. The Theme for the year was The Power of the Resurrected Christ. It was a four days event in which the last day had three sessions. There was Door Knocking in the morning in which 15 congregations attended. 79 brethren went out and had 28 prospects. The afternoon session was an Open Air Preaching which the Gospel Chariot was used. Two speakers were involved and lastly, we had an evening session the same day in the church compound. The church gave out 4 copies of the Bible with other Study materials. The church will continue with the follow-up.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: We thank God also for finding Tim Iwe worthy to be involved in online Study help with the WBS program. Am having 1,254 students presently. Two Instructors and graduated students of BV have register to join the Study Help program too.

CONCLUSION: We thank God for the good working going on in Lagos Nigeria. Keep us in your prayer as we pray for you too.

Thanks and God bless you.


Lagos Island Center, Director