Ogoja Evangelism Report

Greetings from Ogoja WBS Team.

We write to give a report on the activities of  Ogoja WBS Evangelism Team for this year 2019.

         The team has gone out three times to different locations for door to door evangelism this year. We have also engaged members of the team for enrollment of students and following up the students.

     This team have organized seminar for the WBS students two times at Okuku and two times at Bekwarra of which Mike Udam was called to speak to the students.

Statistics shows the following results:

1.  20 baptism

2.   5 restoration

3.   300 new enrollments

4.   400 follow up  students

5.  Shared over 60 Bibles

We have spend #100,000 naira for Postage of WBS lessons back to United States. We also have spent a lot of money for our transport to do the team work at chosen locations.

God has been with us throughout these periods. We will do better if you can attract support of any kind to aid the team for;

1. Postage of Students lessons back to United States

2. Transport of our team members to evangelism locations

3. To assist buying of bibles for students who are dearly in need

4. Support for WBS seminars.

Attached here are some pictures of Ogoja WBS Team activities.

Thank you for your kind considerations.

Yours faithfully, 

Cornelius Monjok

Team Leader