Mission Update April 2020



It is by God’s love and mercy that we are not consumed. The Coronavirus Pandemic has claimed many lives and kept people in their homes but I strategize other methods of evangelism like phone calls, text messages and e-mails to continue preaching the gospel of Christ. Glory be to God for the following results:

  1. THE RESTORATION OF UKEME ETUKUDO: The Church of Christ, Ikot Obong, Afaha Obong, Abak disfellowshipped Ukeme Etukudo for neglecting the Assembly of the Saints for more than five months. He is a photographer who attends denominational functions to take photographs for his living. I called him on phone and sent text messages to him and encouraged him to go back to the Church for restoration. The preacher informed me that he was restored two Sundays ago.
  2. GOSPEL MEETING AT CHURCH OF CHRIST, IKOT OBIOKO, OTORO, ABAK: In spite of the pandemic COVID-19, the Church of Christ, Ikot Obioko, Abak conducted a Gospel meeting on 11th April, 2020 on the theme – Leadership. It had a large crowd of people in attendance and many prayers were offered to God for His Divine Intervention for the virus to end.
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  1. CHILDREN QUIZ COMPETITION AT THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, IKOT AKPABIO, AFAHA OBONG: Children in the elementary school ages 6-10 from the Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio had a quiz from the New Testament (Matthew – John) on 5th April, 2020. The quiz master and the sponsor of the Quiz Competition Usen Augustine Joshua gave a cash donation of ₦10,000 to the winner of the first position, ₦7,000 to the second position and ₦5,000 to the third position and the rest of the competitors were given a bottle of fruit juice each.
  1. ONE BAPTISM DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: We are still holding Sunday Services at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio, though brief worship service 8-10am observing social distancing and washing of hands with sanitizers. On 26th April, I preached a short sermon on the “Lord is Near” and one soul defected from the kingdom of darkness and came into the kingdom of light and I baptized him.

On Wednesday April 29, 2020, I visited the Church of Christ, Abak Itenge in company of Anameti Akpan. We have been teaching them every Wednesday 5-6pm but we could not go there for the past three weeks because of the lockdown. We sang and prayed with the brethren and encouraged them with the Word of God that the virus will soon end. They cried for help because of help because of hunger. I established this congregation on January 2019. They are very young in the faith and made up of very poor village people. They need our prayers and encouragements.

I am building my house on a very small piece of land, the building takes the whole land so that there is no packing space and no allowance for fencing. This has been my problem for a long time and now they want to sell the land in front of my house, four plots at the cost ₦5 million ($11,500) which is beyond my reach. I can only afford ₦1 million. I will appreciate any form of assistance from the Austin Church of Christ family. Thank you sirs. Please let me know what you think and how you can help.

Bro. Chad Wagner was able to raise funds to buy for me to new motorcycle for my rural evangelism. I thank him a lot this help. This motorcycle will take me to villages where roads are bad and my motorcar cannot enter and motorcycle is more economical in terms of fueling and maintenance.

May God bless you all.

Uyai Sunday Joshua

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