Sunday Solomon Udoh’s Recent Evangelism Update

May the Almighty Jehovah God be with you and your family. I appreciate your steadfastness and commitment in the Lord’s Kingdom. I know and trust that, only our Lord Jesus, who is our only Saviour can reward you.

The work of evangelism is progressing and prospering through WBS Teaching, Seminars and Evangelism outreach. Many souls are converted to Christ everyday.

The World Bible School Seminar at Ikot Odung in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, brought two souls to the Lord. Also, I am very delighted to inform you that the evangelism at Okpo Eto in Obot Akara Local Government Area recorded a great success as four souls were emerged in the watery grave of baptism. A WBS Student was also baptized at the NCBC, Ukpom. The attached are pictures of baptisms during the events. Bibles were issued out to those who were baptized. Many students are requesting for Bibles, but I only give out to those who are in great need because of the limited copies in my possession.

This weekend, the Bible Seminar and Evangelism is scheduled at Ikot Esu, in Ika Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. It is a travel of one and a half hour to the place.

May you keep up praying for the Lord’s work in Nigeria even in the face of hardship.


Yours in the Lord’s Vineyard,

Sunday Solomon Udoh

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Report from Monday John Akpakpan

We were called to be Fishers of men (men/women).

In October 2019 many Fishes men/women were caught for the Lord.

–  Bro. Christian Etukuko reported 15 Baptisms in October 2019.

–  Sunday Solomon reported baptisms of 2 WBS students.

–  Anameti Akpan reported 7 baptisms in October 2019.

–  At Two Towns (Manta/Midim) Church of Christ 1 souls accepted Christ in baptism.

–  Women Bible Lectureship took place at Church of Christ Oku Abak on 3rd Saturday of October       2019.

–  Another Women Bible Lectureship was conducted at ASUTAN EKPE CHRISTIAN WOMEN     FORUM on 5th October 2019.

–  At Campus Church of Christ African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) 4 students were baptized on 20th October, 2019.

–  A one year old Congregation at Nung Oku Ikot in Etim Ekpo had “Official Opening of WBS Office” on October 27, 2019 and 2 people were baptized.

–  A WBS Seminar/Evangelism at Church of Christ Nkwot Edem Edet on October 25, 2019 brought 8 souls to Christ in Baptism, and we were taken to one Public School to enroll students and their teachers into WBS Lessons.

–  The one at Church of Christ Edem Idim Manta Church of Christ on 3rd Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  The attendance of Youth Seminar at Abak City Church of Christ on 1st Sunday in October 2019 was also encouraging.

–  M. B. Archibong reported 9 baptisms during the month of October 2019.

–  Uyai Joshua reported 1 baptism and restoration of a trained Preacher who became a Preacher in a Denomination (Mount Zion Church).

Keep on praying for us.

In His service,

Monday John Akpakpan.

SWSE October Report

Greetings from your fellow servants of God in BVBIN & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan.

Here are the report of some of our activities in the Lord for this month of October 2019.

The students and staff of the BVBIN AND SWSE-Ibadan and some of the WBS follow up workers in the State of Oyo, Osun and Ogun evangelized  in Egbeda town of Oyo State on October 4&5 with the few members of Egbeda congregation and the Lord crowned our efforts with the restoration of two brothers and two sisters.

On October 18&19,the year-2 students, Bro.Dele Shotola and Bro.Kayode evangelized in Asejire, Osun State while I (Bro.Makinde)and Bro.Peter Ortsega (one of our graduates and the minister of Jago congregation) led the year-1 students to evangelized Jago, Kupalo and some villages around Jago during the two days. The residents around Jago village were very receptive and two souls indicated interest to be baptized on the following Sunday which they did during the mid-week Bible Studies of October 23. Many other people requested for a revisit to their place to teach them more concerning God’s way of Salvation.

AJIA TOWN VISITED : On October 8,2019 , I and one of our August 2019 graduates, Bro.Samson Paul visited and surveyed Ajia town near Egbeda town, Ona-Ara Local Government Area in preparation for November 22, 23, 28-30 Mass Evangelism & Gospel Campaign by the BVBIN &  SWSE IBADAN. Our observation shows that Ajia town is a very fertile ground and heavily dominated with denominational churches.

STUDENTS’ VOCATIONAL  WEEKS & BREAK : All our year-1 students and few year -2 students now embark on four weeks Vocational Training in Ibadan-Oyo State, Ogun State and Lagos State from October 19 through November 16,2019.All students are expected to be back on November 17,2019 for second semester classes that by God’s grace will begin on November 18,2019.

VOTI AND MISSION PRINTING TRACTS AID IN CONVERSIONS OF MANY SOULS IN WBS SEMINARS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, NIGERIA: Information reaching me between Oct.15 till Saturday ,Oct.26 from fellow WBSFUW in Nigeria shows that over twenty souls were converted in this month WBS SEMINARS conducted across the country using the VOTI and mission printing tracts /booklets. Bro. M.B.Archibong reported the conversion of two souls at Mbak on October 20 and eight souls on October 23,2019 at Nkwot Edem Edet ,Akwa-Ibom State. To God be the glory.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Victor Yiron Smasher is one of our year-2 students. A native of Lissam, Ussa Local Government Area of Taraba State. Converted through the WBS seminar in year 2015. He is 28 years of age. Married and blessed with two kids. His mission is to work as a missionary in the Northern part of our country, Nigeria after completing his Studies.

SPECIAL  ACCOMPLISHMENT: With God on our sides,we have commenced the upgrading of our School building’s plan in line with the directive of Oyo State Government. (Pics attached)

SPECIAL  CHALLENGE : The School is in need of N1,315,000($3,800)to upgrade the buildings plan and N800,000($2,300) to pay the money loaned to purchased our present 18 Sitter School bus for both rural and urban areas Gospel Campaigns and Evangelism.

1. We shall embark in a four days preaching trip to Omu-Aran for Mass Evangelism & Gospel Campaign that will commence on October 31 through November 2,2019.

2. Lord’s willing, we shall be traveling again to assist the just restore congregation in Ode-Ajagba, Ondo State on November 14 through 17 and

3. Mass Evangelism / Gospel Campaign in Ajia town on November 22,23,28-30,2019.

APPRECIATION & CONCLUSION : We thank you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord’s church in Africa most especially in Nigeria.
Most especially ,we are very very grateful for the recent support of $600 from the brethren of the Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ in Blacklick for our Students Vocational Training which enable us to purchase two Sewing Machines, three dozen of T-Shirt and some clothing materials to be sew by our students for the children of the less privileged people in Southwest Kiddies Academy and for their kind-gesture which they expressed by providing scholarship for eight of the less privileged children in our Kiddies Academy. May the Lord keep on blessing all our joints efforts in Christ Jesus, amen.
Lastly, we  deeply appreciate the partnership of Bro.Steven Ashcraft & the BVBID family, Bro.Chad Wagner & his associates ,Bro.Joel Coppinger & his WBSTC associate and you all for your support in many ways. May we all meet to rejoice and rejoice in heaven.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan )

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Sept/Oct Report from Nnanna Aforji


My last lesson of July and August with Abdul Suleiman was “The importance of the Godhead” so this month of September and October we will consider the topic “The Lord our God is one” God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. At one glance one might say these are three gods, thus Christianity is actually polytheistic. The other extreme is to believe that the three are merely different manifestations of the one God. In other words, there is only one God, but at times He is spoken of as God the father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Jesus is only a manifestation of this one God and at other times God is displayed as the spirit. This avoids the dilemma of having three gods, but we run into the problem of rationalizing this doctrine with the teaching of the Bible.

The doctrine of the Godhead is a difficult idea to understand. Actually, I do not believe we can fully understand the God head, but this should not surprise us. There are many things about God that humans cannot fully comprehend. For example, humans cannot comprehend the idea of eternity, because everything in this world has a beginning and an end. However, by definition, eternity had no beginning and will have no ending. Why we may give some illustrations that may help some, all illustrations fall far short of truly describing eternity. If we could fully understand and comprehend all aspects about God, then He would no longer be God. Once we think we fully understand God, we have simply created God into an image, and He is no longer God. We do not want to worship someone or something that is no more than a man, regardless of how great he may be.


It should not be surprised that man has devised several doctrines which seem to solve the difficulty of the Godhead. Notice a few of the major ones. One solution is to redefine the Deity of Jesus. This idea teaches that Jesus was not divine in any sense at his conception or birth, but later he was adopted by God and elevated to the position of Deity. One could speak of Jesus as Divine because God was so strongly working in and through Jesus during His life on earth. This resolves the tension between the deity of Jesus and God; however, it rejects and over looks many passages that teach the equality between Jesus and God and the Deity of Jesus from His conception and even before His conception. Another view is one that has already been mentioned, and it presents God like an actor who plays several parts in a play.

At one time God is playing the part of God the father, at another time He plays the part of Jesus, and at another time He plays the part of spirit. Thus, God is not actually three persons but merely one person presented in three different forms. This approach preserves the unity of God; however, it ignores several passages in which all three are present simultaneously. When Jesus was baptized, God spoke from heaven and the spirit descended on Jesus like a dove (Luke 3:21-22) To whom did Jesus pray when He was on the earth? It would be silly to say Jesus prayed to Himself. When God was a fetus in the womb of Mary how could he control and preserve the universe? How could God truly be limited in knowledge as was Jesus while on earth (e.g. Mark 13:32), if He was one and the same person? Another common solution in the religious world is to redefine the relationship between the father and the son. Rather than holding that Jesus is eternal this view presents the son as merely a created being, the first and certainly highest creature, but nevertheless, Jesus is a created being and thus less than God. Some passages in the New Testament seem to support this idea. For instance John 14:28, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19, However as with the other approaches, this view ignores many passages which teach the power and the eternal nature of Jesus as was presented in my previous lesson “Jesus is God” The New Testament passages which present the superiority of the father over His son can easily be understood as indicating Jesus’ willful emptying of the characteristics of Deity as indicated in Philippians 2:5-11 when He became flesh.


This doctrine is taught all through the Bible. The Jews regularly quoted Deuteronomy 6:4 called the SHEMA. Jesus also quoted this verse in Mark 12:29. The very first one of the Ten Commandments states, “You shall have no other gods before me”. Isaiah spoke against idolatry on many occasions. Notice just two examples Isaiah 44:6, a similar statement is made in the next chapter Isaiah 45:5 Paul also made a comparable statement in 1 Corinthians 8:4. We learn from James 2:19 that even the demons believe there is only one God. How can three be one? That is the problem that we humans have. We cannot conceive of three different material substances being combined into one and yet still remaining three distinct substances. In the next lesson we will look further at this idea of God being one, as well as considering some analogies that might help us better understand this difficult concept.

Furthermore, the brethren here are faithful. Both personal and congregational Evangelism are been carried out. We go out every Lord’s day after worship and spend two hours preaching the gospel, this is outside my own personal Evangelism as a preacher. Since the congregation is situated in the rural area and the people are farmers, the only time we can get them around in numbers is the Lord’s day. And we are doing our best to preach to them as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. Mark 16:15-16, 2 Timothy 4:2. The new convert is doing well in the young convert’s class been regular in fellowship. The world Bible school representatives in Rivers State had Evangelism in ABUA ODUAL otherwise known as ABUA CENTRAL last month though we did not record any baptism. THE WBS REPRESENTATIVES IN RIVERS STATE movement to ABUA ODUAL was based on invitation from church of Christ AZUBIE TOWN which planted a congregation there. There has been no Lord’s church in ABUA ODUAL. The people are receptive and we are planning to go there again. Pray for the young convert, Abdul Suleiman and the brethren here as the Lord is in control. Our prayers are with you too.

God bless you Amen.


Uyai Joshua’s Monthly Report

I thank God for His mercy and abundant grace. Thank you my supporters at the Austin Chapel Church of Christ, Sardis TN for your prayers and financial support which has helped me to preach the Gospel to the lost souls and to edify the body of Christ in Nigeria. God has continued to bless my efforts with positive responses of baptisms and restorations.

 On 7th October, the North side Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Adia, Ukpom hosted their annual lectureship on the theme “The Beauty of Jesus. It had a large crowd of participants, men, women, and children. I was one of the resource persons who helped to answer questions and led in prayer session.

 The women monthly Gospel meeting was held at Church of Christ, Oku Abak on the 19th October. Many sisters attended and good lessons were delivered to keep them continue in the faith.

 We use World Bible School Seminars so much to win souls for Christ. On the 23rd October, we had a W.B.S Seminar at Nkwot Edem Edet, Ikono on theme “The Mystery of Salvation”; we visited Community Secondary School in that area and enrolled more than two hundred students in W.B.S Courses. We recorded eight baptisms.

 I am glad to report on the restoration of Mr. Francis Akpan, N.C.B.C 1993 graduate of the Ministerial Programme. After his graduation, he preached for the Church of Christ for five years but later backslid and went to preach for a denomination, Mount Zion Light House. This month of October, God opened his eyes and he returned to the Lord’s Church. He came to my office last week and asked me to look for a congregation for him to work with.

 During the weekend, 25-27 October, the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom sent out forty-two students to work with twenty congregations in Abak. They conducted 150 personal calls. 5 open air lectures, many prayers meetings. They recorded 5 baptisms and 10 restorations. Two students were sent to my congregation, Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio. I worked with them and recorded one baptism.

On Sunday October 27, I went with Monday Akpakpan to conduct W.B.S Seminar at Church of Christ, Nung Oku Ikot, Etim Ekpo. We had indoor lectures; I spoke on “Why Study the Bible”. We opened a W.B.S office and study center for this young congregation. We had two baptisms.

 On 10th November, we shall have another W.B.S Seminar at Church of Christ, Ika on the theme “Christ and the Church”.

 October 31st– November 4th, I will be at Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. I will participate in the National Ministers Forum and N.C.B.C Alumni meeting. I need your prayers for the trip.

 Please send your regular support to Chad Wagner who will wire money to Nigeria on October 30-31.

 Thanks for your regular supports and prayers.



1.     October                                                     –       16

2.     Restorations                                              –       10

3.     W.B.S Seminars                                         –       3

4.     A Trip to Abuja – October 31st – November 4th


Bro. Chad and Garry, please raise for me $300 to assist me conduct WBS Seminars for November and December. This money will be used to buy bibles, pay transports and entertainment. Thank you sirs. God bless you.
Uyai Sunday Joshua

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