September Field Report

Dear fellow ministers of New Covenant.
Greetings to you all from students and staffs of The BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in the Western States of Nigeria.
Below is the summary of this month of September 2020 .

      OVERVIEW :

FIRST SEMESTER CLASSES CONTINUE : This session 2020/2021 classes for first semester enter its 7th week. I,Bro. Makinde Ebens is handling Evangelism-1,Book of James and Church Problems.
Bro. Kayode Eniafe is handling  OT wisdom-1(Job & Eccles.) and OT & NT survey . 
Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is handling Life of Christ -1( Matthew), The Godhead and 1,2,3 John .
Bro. Andrew Adeolu is handling The Pentateuch and Denominational Doctrines. 
Bro. Emmanuel Godwin is handling Scheme of Redemption and NT Church -1 while Bro. Guda Silas is handling  Prison Epistles and OT History- 1 (Joshua – Esther).

The students and staffs of the BVBIN & SWSE- Ibadan continued in the evangelization of Butubutu village and its environment; Jago, Badeku ,Ajia ,and Egbeda towns of Oyo State and Asejire and Ikire towns of Osun State. 
Bro. Iyesele Ifeanyi ,who is presently our students leader is the group leader for the group that evangelized Butubutu village and environs . Bro. Andrew Adeolu and Bro. Peter Ortserga led the Jago , Kupalo and Elewura group. Bro. Kayode Eniafe led the group that evangelized Asejire and Ikire towns of Osun state. Bro. Adedoyin Sola Rotimi led the Badeku group and Bro. Dele Shotola led Ajia group while I led the Egbeda group.
Thanks be unto God for crowning the effort of Bro. Kayode and his group with a convert . And that of Butubutu group with a convert on September 24,2020.

i-  Bro. Emmanuel Godwin and Bro. Gbenga Ilori reported that their evangelism outreach of September 10 through 13  in Imeko ,Ogun state resulted into the planting of the Lord’s church in Imeko town and conversion of two souls.
ii- Bro. Johnson Godwin also reported that the Lord adds three souls to the church in Ode-Aye in Ondo state as a result of their house – to- house weekend evangelism in the months of August and September 2020.
iii- Bro. M.B.Archibong of WBS ,Uyo reported the conversion of two souls  in the month of  August and September as a result of his follow up and weekly evangelism with other WBSFUW in Okurikang Okoyong,Akwa-Ekim and Ndong Nyom Okoyong towns of Akwa Ibom state.
He ,Bro. M.B. Archibong, requested for the prayer of the saints for one of his co-WBSFUW ,Bro. Daniel Isonguyo that lost his wife recently after a brief illness.
iv- Bro. Obey Rimamskwe reported the conversion of a couple in Kapakya town of Taraba state as a result of their continuous evangelization in USSA Local Government Area Taraba state. He also reported the receptive attitude of some of his denominational friends as a result of the free distribution of VOTI volumes 105 & 106 .

VOTI VOLUMES 105 & 106 AID IN CONVERSION : Report reaching our office from some of the recipients of the VOTI volumes 105 & 106 in Nigeria  shows that the VOTI publications  aid in the conversions of over twenty souls during the WBS seminars conducted in some States in the months of August and September 2020. To God be the glory !

Bro. Jude Canox David  is one of our  present year- 2 students. A native of Ososo in Edo state. Born on August 17,2000 to Bro. and Sister John Jude of the Church of Christ, Jaleoyemi -Oniyere ,Ibadan. Became a member of the Lord’s church in year 2016 after his secondary school education. He is also studying Graphics and Print as his Vocational training in addition to the ministerial studies. His mission after his tertiary education is to assist the church of Christ Saki town,Oyo State and in the evangelization of that northern part of Oyo State.

In spite of our present financial state, the school was able to reprint four thousand copies of each of our six local tracts for the purpose of evangelization of both rural and urban areas of the Western States of Nigeria in this month of September 2020.
Permit me to give kudos to the supporters of the BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan for working together to achieve this victory. The school management and instructors who wholeheartedly accepted the proposal of our evangelism team to get another set of our local tracts printed also deserve to be appreciated.
Brethren, the quarterly request for this local gospel tracts from young congregations in the Western States of Nigeria including Kwara and Kogi States also shows that our brethren/churches here actually  know the value of gospel tracts /literatures both locally and internationally printed.


CONCLUSION: We thank you all for your great contributions toward the growth of the Lord’s church in Africa, Nigeria in particular. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all our joint efforts in Christ Jesus, amen.
I remain yours in His grace as a servant….. Makinde Ebens Olufemi ( The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan and WBSFUW)

ICT Training in Adamawa and Taraba States-Nigeria


For the past 6 years, it has been my desire to build capacity in preachers in Nigeria on how to use the internet effectively especially for the sake of preaching the gospel of Christ to the dying world.

The location for this year’s training is Jalingo in Taraba state and so preachers from Adamawa state were drawn into the program.

27 participants including 18 preachers were trained in Basic Internet skills, Internet evangelism and Making of short videos for Internet Evangelism.

The coordinator of the training and minister of the church meeting in Jalingo posted this on the newly created WhatsApp group for continuous training;

“Brother Mike you are great blessings to the Lord’s church. We thank you and your entire Entourage for extending the hands of free blessing to the available Preachers and Church Leaders in Taraba and Adamawa State. It is my belief that the seed you have sown in these lives will grow and endure. Thanks a lot for your help. We were wrong to think we knew.”

I thank you all for the support you send to me to make an impact on the growth of the church.

Keep me in your prayers.

I am back to Ogoja with my team

God bless you. Mike Udam

August WBS Report from MJA


COVID 19 Pandemic cannot stop or hinder our work of Evangelism.

I want us to note what Job was told in Job 37:14; “STAND STILL AND CONSIDER THE WONDROUS WORKS OF GOD”.

I just want to mention some of the things that happened in August 2020 Evangelism work in our Area.

–  At Two Towns Church of Christ where I am worshipping there was

   1 Baptism and 1 restoration.

–  At Church of Christ Edem Idim Manta 3 souls were added to the

   Church, (Husband and wife).

–  Church of Christ Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono recorded 4 Baptisms, 2


–  At Church of Christ Atai Otoro, Abak 1 person accepted Christ and

   was baptized.

–  Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong Church of Christ brought 2 souls to


–  At Adiasim Ikot Ekon Church of Christ 2 people, a husband and a

   Wife were baptized.

–  Evangelism in Odukpani Community brought 9 souls to Christ.


Dear Brethren,

Please do not be offended.  I want to remind you of the Financial Appeal that I made last month.

They were:

Financial assistance to complete the LAB SCIENCE BUILDING in African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) for Government Approval of Examination Center.

The Second Appeal was for assistance in Transportation in our Evangelism work.

We have enrolled many people in WBS Lessons and distributed a lot of Tracts to people.  The work is ongoing.  Pray for us.


If you’d like to help MJA and the work there in Nigeria, you can do so below:

MJA/July 2020

Dear Brethren,

Covid-19 Pandemic cannot stop us preaching the word.  We must  preach the word in season and out of season.  II Tim. 4:1 – 2;

–  In Odukpani, Cross River State, we had 10 converts in July 2020.

–  One Lady, a retired Nurse, her husband is a Lecturer in University of Calabar, is working with us in evangelism.  She always come for Tracts and Bibles for Evangelism.  What she is doing has brought establishment of a new Congregation in Calabar, Cross River State.  No wonder why Paul commended Phoebe to Church at Rome, because she was “A SUCCOUR” of many. Rom. 16:1 – 2

–  There were 6 baptisms where Nelson Akpan is doing the WBS Follow Up Work in Cross River State.

–  One restoration in Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim Abak.

–  There were 2 baptisms at Ikot Akpayak Church of Christ, Uyo.


I made an appeal many months ago for financial assistance to complete the LAB SCIENCE BUILDING in African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) for Government Approval of Examination Center.

The second Appeal was made two months ago for assistance in Transportation in our Evangelism Work.

I know that many of you have deep desire to assist me in many ways.  Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Economic of the people is Lock down.

Please if any one has any way to assist us in any of those appeals it will be highly appreciated.  May God’s blessing be on you all.  Amen.

Please keep on praying for us.

In His service,
Monday Akpakpan.

Winning the prize

July 2020 Mission Report :

Greetings to you and all my brothers and sisters at the Shackle Island church of Christ, It is my hope that this report finds you well.

It’s been a very challenging and hectic month for me, my family and in my Ministry of Preaching Christ and His church to the lost souls.

Despite the dreaded COVID 19 pandemic outbreak which ravage nations of the world, series of activities outlined during the month was accomplished while I and my fellow servants of Christ work in strict adherence to the COVID 19 protocols.


July 3, the Ukanafun Evangelism Team met for a Bible Seminar on the Theme “Following the examples of Joshua”, Meeting on mission strategy in line with COVID 19 pandemic was shared to further the cause of Christ even in times like these.

July 5,  I worshipped with John Solomon my school mate who baptized into Christ after 16 years of relationship, his wife who was not happy with with his decision followed him to the church last week but not yet baptize into Christ ,  pray she comes to the knowledge of Truth.

July 18,  the church at Ikot Osute lost another brother “Etukowo” to dead in the the physical body. Late brother Etukowo according to the Preacher,  the day he died came to the place of worship with his neighbor and ask the Preacher to let him know more about Christ, as he returned home he died. We are glad he fought a good fight. Last Sunday I worshipped with the church at Ikot Osute, I visited the prospect and I am hopeful he will obey the gospel. Pray for the prospect and the family of late brother Etukowo.

July 19,  I preached at the indoor Bible lecture at Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong on the topic ” The Christian First Love” 

July 21, Emem my daughter (age 14) won a prize from the Ministry of Education in Akwa Ibom State on School on Radio quiz. A digital Radio set was presented to her by the Honorable Commissioner for Education. We’re proud of her outstanding academic performance.

July 25, Church Leaders Seminar at Church of Christ in Nkek village, Ukanafun on the theme ” MAINTAINING A SPOTLESS CHURCH ” . 78 participants drawn from 8 local congregations participated.

July 26, I preached at the Indoor Bible lecture at Church of Christ in Ikot Osute on the theme ” CONFLICT MANAGEMENT”, many issues and questions arises and Bible solution was made available.

On same day,  I visited the Two Towns Church of Christ in Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu.

Finally on same July 26, I spoke at the Two years anniversary of the planting of Two Towns Church of Christ at Ikot Oku Ibesit were I serve as the guest speaker. Church of Christ at Ikot Oku Ibesit village was planted in July 2018 during our rural evangelism efforts by our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team effort.


My wife Ekaette is sick and she is diagnosed of ulcer of womb with serious headache, Waist pain and high blood pressure. The medical Doctors are doing their best BUT I trust God for healing. I need your prayers for her and for me, my children and my work for Christ. It is very challenging considering her role in the family when I am away on rural mission.


1. BAPTISM : The following church area record the below 8 baptism for Christ  and 1 restoration:

* Ata Essien Obio Akpa village church, Two souls obeyed the Gospel :
1. Mary Isaiah Jimmy baptized on July 5
2. Hope Ikasa baptized on July  26

* Ikot Akpan Eyo church, Two souls obeyed the Gospel :
1. Comfort  Okorie baptized on July 17
2. Nne Okon  James baptized on July 17

* Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu church, 2 souls (a couple) obeyed the Gospel :
1.  Sunday Ufot  baptized on July 26
2. Emilia Sunday Ufot

* Ikot Oku Ibesit church, Two souls obeyed the Gospel :
1. Ibanga Aaron Akpan baptized  July 26
2. Idara Friday baptized on July 26


Ikot Odiong church, one Udeme Sam was restored back to faith.


Friday August 7, Preachers Seminar /Evangelism at Church of Christ, Ikot Akpa Nkuk in Ukanafun

Saturday August 29, Bible Seminar /Evangelism at Ikot Anta Eneng Obom by the Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team. Lord willing. Pray for successful mission.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

If hunger is out of poverty…

There’s a saying in Yoruba language that “if hunger is out of poverty, there’s no poverty”.We are thankful for the love extended to the family of faith here in Ibadan through the relief fund sent to buy food and give to brethren. To God’s glory, 40 families sent their prayers to you all for this gift and to be sincere, you’ve brought smiles to frowned faces. Thank God for instilling this in your heart. The church at Kole, igbo-Oloyin sends her greetings, the church at Egbeda sends her greetings, the church at ikire sends her greetings, the church at ikoyi sends her greetings, the church at elewuro also sends her greetings.Thanks for all you’re doing and God will grant to strength to do more in His kingdom 

Your’s in Christ


Harvest of Souls!

HARVEST OF SOULS! Today July 26,2020

4 Souls obeyed the Gospel and baptized into Christ at Two Towns Church of Christ Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu and Ikot Oku Ibesit villages in Oruk Anam LGA.

It was great to be found useful by The Master Jesus Christ in 3 different local congregations of the Lord’s church in Ikot Osute, Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu and Ikot Oku Ibesit villages. Though very hectic under the rain, God bless our efforts for Christ kingdom.


The Church of Christ at Ikot Osute village send a clarion call for to come and teach on Conflict Management as the new congregation have the need for it.

61 was in attendance and many questions arose from the lesson and Bible answers was given.

I joined the brethren for condolence visit and prayers to the family of one of the brother (Etukowo) who departed this physical body last week at Ikot Osute.

I and the Ikot Osute Preacher left to Ikot Itor /Ikot Otu church were a couple Mr/Mrs Ufot & Emilia obeyed the gospel and baptized into Christ.  They received a Bible and Hymnal to help their new found faith in Christ.

I left again to the Two Towns Church of of Christ at Ikot Oku Ibesit who mark her 2 years old with Bible Seminar /Evangelism, 2 souls obeyed the Gospel as I preached the Gospel.

We went to the river under the rain walking on the jungle road to baptize the two souls ( Ibanga Aaron Akpan and Idara Friday) both of them received Bible, Hymnal and Baptismal Certificate. The Two Towns Church of Christ in Ikot Oku Ibesit village is one of the congregations planted during our rural evangelism efforts in July 2018.

I arrived home about 7.30 pm to reunite with my family.  I covert your continued prayers for my wife’s health.

Pray for the newly baptized, pray for more of His grace on us to do more for Christ and His church.

In Christian Love and Service,
Mojima Etokudo

Final Year Students at SWSE

The final year students of BVBIN & SWSE, Butubutu-Ibadan finish the defending of their projects this afternoon.
Report reaching me from Lagos schools shows that students arrived in classes early today in spite the cool weather .
The teachers are in third weeks of there studies.  The classes will be concluded next week with examination.
Twenty – four students in Ikorodu, twenty- six in Agege and eleven in Lagos Island.
Big thanks for your partnership and supports.
Have a wonderful worship tomorrow with the Lord.
Sincerely yours in His Grace as a servant…..Makinde 

Progress Report from Anameti Akpan

Dear Brothers in Christ,

        On 15th June, 2020, Ime Nelson Akpan from Apostolic Church came to W.B.S office in the Nigerian Christian Bible College Ukpom, Abak and picked many tracts for his family, together with W.B.S enrollment forms, I will do my best to preach to his own household. I am therefore in need of your prayers. (Picture sanding with Ime N. Akpan displayed).


        On 17th June, 2020 through personal evangelism, a widow and her son from Apostolic Healing Church got baptized into Christ. (Picture displayed).

        On 21st June, 2020 through personal evangelism in where, I preach C.O.C No. II Ikot Oku Mfang, Abak a new convert from United Evangelical Church got baptized into Christ. (Picture displayed). She is now worshipping with us. The problem now is the husband is not a Christian but I do visit him always and preach to him. By God’s grace I will win him to Christ.

        On 1st July, 2020, I visited a pastor from Christ Faith Church in Ukanafun Ikot Ekpat to preach for him and also taking one carton of gospel tracts for him to distributes to his members along with W.B.S enrollment forms (picture displayed. I am in need of your collective prayers.

On 6th July, 2020 Min. Samuel Iniko from Eket Congregation came to W.B.S Office and picked two cartons of tracts for personal evangelism. Still on 9th July, 2020, Barrister C.J. George came to W.B.S Office in the Nigerian Christian Bible College and picked one carton of tracts along with 25 pieces of W.B.S enrollment forms for distribution not yet return. I am still doing my work, the virus is disturbing but I am in need of your prayers.

Anameti Akpan