OCT-DEC 21 Report

Wishing you and your family a happy and a prosperous new year in the next few hours. I am always very grateful for what the Lord has accomplish through us in His vineyard in spite of many odds in the country.

I so much appreciate your encouragement and prayers which enable me to work effectively in this trying period in Nigeria. May God bless you.

The year 2021 is about ending. Tonight, prayers and fasting will be conducted in our congregation for a better 2022, God’s guidance and protection in the new year. I am sending a brief report of October, November and December of last quarter.

–      WBS Seminar/Evangelism at Odukpani and Okurikang in Cross River State between 5th and 6th October recorded 26 baptisms.

–      The WBS Seminar at Atai Otoro on 10th October 2021 was very successful as one soul was baptized and many WBS Students were in attendance.

–      Manta II Towns recorded 6 baptisms during the period.

–      Between October and December, Ikot Ekpene correctional Center had a total of 31 baptisms being added to the Church.

–      Ikot Ekpeyak in Uyo recorded 2 baptisms.

–      In Ukpom, a husband and wife were baptized.

–      At Ukana Ikot Akpabin, in Essien Udim l.G.A, 3 souls were added to the Church.

–      Itung Mbang in Uruan L.G.A, one soul was baptized.

–      A new Church was planted at Ikot Oku Ikono-fly over on 31st October with 4 baptisms.

–      2 baptisms were harvested at Ikot Edung.

–      Ikot Eyem in Obot Akara had 1 baptism.

–      Evagelism at Uruk Uso, Otoro on 6th November had one soul

–      Atai Otoro recorded another one baptism on 7th November.

–      ACSS, Usung Atiat had one baptism.

–      Ebebit Afaha Obong had 11 baptisms

–      The seminar at Ikot Akpabio had 2 baptisms and one restoration on 14th November, 2021.

–      A one week preaching campaign-tagged “Gospel for All Race” was launched in Akwa Ibom State on 15-20 November 2021. The week long preaching event which cut across all the districts in Akwa Ibom State brought 21 souls to Christ.

–      WBS Seminar at Nkwot Edem Edet, Ikono, on 24th November 2021 had one baptism with heavy attendance.

–      Children/Youth activities Atai otoro had one soul baptized on 19th December, 2021.Prizes and Bibles were given to those who participated in the events.

–      Evangelism at Ikot Akpakop in Mkpat Enin LGA on 8th-11th December witnessed Eight Souls and planting of a new Church in the area.

–      Ikot Amba in Obot Akara had 4 baptisms during the period.

–      National youth forum Obong Ntak on 22th-25th December had 19 Baptisms. Pictures of some of the events and baptisms are attached.

plans of work in the 1st quarter of 2022 have been proposed. I pray may God help us to continue to partner together in His ministry in 2022 for more greater result. May God bless you.

Yours in His Service,

Sunday Solomon Udoh

December 2021 Report



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                                                                                                     31st December 2021

Dear Brethren,
Our Evangelism work in 2021 was very very effective.  The month of December 2021 was not left out.
Here are some of the things that took place in December 2021. 

  • A three Day Bible Seminar at Ikot Akpakop, Mkpat Enin brought 8 souls to Christ. All Nigerian Youths Seminar at Obong Ntak on December 22 – 25, 2021 added 19 souls to the Church.
  • At Atai Otoro Church of Christ 2 baptisms were reported by Sunday Solomon.
  • Children’s Annual Bible competition that always takes place at Two Towns’ Church of Christ Manta/ Midim, Abak was very very effective in December this   year.  Many children that competed very well, received Awards of Bibles and other items.
  • Youth Gospel Meeting Church of Christ, Etim Ekpo, Ika, Oruk Anam and Abak L.G.A. that took place at Township Church of Christ Utu Etim Ekpo on December 25, 2021, was a very great occasion.  Awards were given to many people.
  • Emmanuel Ntia reported 1 baptism from Edem Idim Manta Church of Christ.
  • At Ikot Ekpene Prison, there were 26 baptisms.
  • The Abak City Church of Christ Youth monthly Gospel Seminar took place on 1st Sunday of December 2021.  The attendance was very very encouraging as usual.
  • General Gospel Meeting was held at Church of Christ Utu Abak No. 1 on December 24, 2021.
  • WBS Seminar was conducted at Anua Obio on June 27, 2021.  After the Seminar many people have been converted two days ago.  I received a letter   from the Church, appealing for me to send them not less than 20 Bibles to give to the new converts.

Our work for 2022 will be more effective than 2021.  We need your prayers and financial support.
Many of us have started making some plans for our movements in 2022.
E. G.  Mojima plans – January – March 2022Mike Udam /Nelson Akpan – January – March 2022Abak Team – January – April 2022.The arrangements are for early part of the year because we do not have much rain from January – April. Please, Brethren, keep praying for us. Yours in His service,

Monday John Akpakpan

Aramoko-Ekiti Outreach

Good afternoon from Oro town in Kwara State ,Nigeria.

We are here for a brief visit to a congregation planted some years ago by the SWSE foundation chairman, Bro. David Akinola where one of our graduates is now ministering since the exit of Bro. David Akinola two years ago.

As for the work in Aramoko-Ekiti, our students are still there working with Bro. Akinrinade Sunday till tomorrow noon.
The Aramoko-Ekiti outreach was graced by the three instructors from BVBIN-Lagos Island, two from Ikorodu, two from Ondo, ten from Ibadan (3 instructors and 7 students).
Even though no conversion yet as the results of the outreach that begin on Tuesday morning by Lagos team, but we are blessed with many prospects.
The Lagos team left yesterday morning due to this weekend assignments.
We conduct house to house evangelism in the morning and open-air Bible Lectureship in the evening in two centers. My team visited a community college in Aramoko-Ekiti to share the WBS correspondence courses on Thursday noon and over 300 introduction courses were distributed which will be collected back next week by Bro .Akinrinade Sunday.
In BVBIN -Agege, 19 students were in class,15 in Ikorodu, 7 in Lagos Island, 7 in Akure center and I’m yet to hear from Ondo center in spite my several sms to them.
Thanks for your concern and help in many ways.
I will be going back to Ibadan after tomorrow morning worship.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Our best regards to your family and associate.

July-September 2021


Dearly beloved,

The work of the lord within the periods of July and September 2021 had been very rich in the eyes of man. I hope the lord will be satisfied with the labours of his servant who according to Luke 17:10 is an unworthy servant.

Within the church meeting at Ukpagada, the lord blessed our effort with 5 souls to the glory of God. We also lost three souls to the devil for not walking orderly as the Lord directed.

Externally, my team and I spent two weeks in Kenya to strengthen the church there and to the glory of God, the network of my preaching was expanded. My lessons I share daily on facebook and whatsapp now feed the church in Kenya, Eswatini, South Africa and the West Africa sub region.

Back at home in Nigeria, I had made a trip to Oron 430 km from Ogoja to speak to church leaders there during the Oro Leadership retreat.

We also spent a weekend in Wula eastern Boki, to strengthen the church there. God blessed our effort with 8 souls. We are planning a big mission there in December this year. Lord willing and with available funds, we will storm the area and hope to make a huge impact.

Within this period, our enrollment in WBS got reactivated. Our strategy is now to catch them young. So, most of the students we have now are school students. Close to 100 have so far been enrolled during this period.

Keep me in your prayers. After eight years of work at Ukpagada, I thought the workload would reduce, it is now that the workload has increased. I now teach bible classes in the two new congregations that we established (Ukpe = Thursday and Okuku = Friday) in addition to my two days at Ukpagada. As of now, with our dwindling economy, my expenditure on fuel and vehicle maintenance is now very huge.

The summary is that the work must be done and I am available. Thank you for your continued support. It has boasted my work so much to the glory of God.

My first daughter, NT-Rose, is through with secondary school at the age of 16. She is warming up to enter the university in the next three months or so. Pray for her.

In the last quarter of this year, our lectureship is the main focus of my drive. We shall have evangelism, open air preaching and indoor lectures. It is scheduled for between the 25-28 of November.

God bless you all.
Sincerely yours
Mike Udam

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September Field Report

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the hope and the spirit of the saints.Below is the summary of our activities in the Lord in this month of September 2021.


This session began on August 16 ,2021 and will come to an end Lord’s willing on November 15 followed by a month Vocational Training for our year-1-students while the year-2-students will embark on preaching trip within and outside the Western States of Nigeria. Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is handling Life of Christ-1(Matthew), 1,2 & 3 John and Church Problems; Bro. Kayode Eniafe is in-charge of Scheme of Redemption, OT & NT Survey and OT History; Bro. Andrew Adeolu is handling Godhead and The Pentateuch; Bro. John Makinde is handling Research and Writing-1 and NT Church-1; Bro. Silas Guda Mazi is handling Denominational Doctrines and OT Wisdom-1(Job & Ecclesiastes) while I (Bro. Makinde Ebens)is in-charge of Evangelism-1(Personal Evangelism), Prison Epistles and Systematic Theology.


As scheduled, the year-1 Students and staff of the BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN embarked on what they love most, that is, weekend outreach in all the Saturdays and Sundays in the month of September. We were divided into five groups while our year-2 Students now attached with some young congregations within the Western States of Nigeria.


Our WBSFUW team continue in reaching more souls with the gospel of Christ through the WBS Correspondence Courses. Bro. Kayode Eniafe and Bro. Dele Shotola visited four Schools in Osun State (Community High School, Ayepe; Orile-Owu Grammar School; Field Street and Smammah Comprehensive College, Apomu) and 114 enrollment was recorded. Bro. Matthew Rowland visited two High School in Akure, Ondo State ( Fiwasoye Grammar School and Oba-Ile Junior High School) and 555 Introduction collected out of 600 distributed in the first week of September. And Bro. Akilapa Samuel enrolled 155 people for WBS Correspondence program in the city of Ondo in Ondo State. All these were part of the parcel posted this month to World Bible School Tulare County, California under the directorship of Bro. Joel Coppinger.


Lord’s willing, the Instructors of BVBIN-Schools in the Western States of Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos and Ondo State) will be re-visiting the young congregation in Aramoko-Ekiti ,Ekiti State from October 19-24,2021.The BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN will be represented by myself (Bro.Makinde) Bro.Kayode Eniafe and Seven of our year-2-Students. And on October 23, I will be visiting the Church of Christ in Oro, Kwara State with Bro.Kayode Eniafe to encourage the Church planted there by our foundation chairman (Bro.David Akinola) during his active service in Kwara State. One of our graduates (Bro.Akindele Joseph)is now ministering in Oro congregation.


The one time Covid help from World Evangelism and Sister Betty Choate and associate will be shared with twelve brethren from ten congregations in Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ogun and Lagos States and for feeding over fifty children of the less privileged people in our South West Kiddies Academy located in Butubutu village, Ibadan from September through December 2021.We deeply appreciate the kind-gesture extended by the World Evangelism Team, USA to those who are badly affected by this global pandemic. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all you do for His name is our fervent prayers. Amen.


Bro. Daniel Salvation hail from Ogbe, Edo State, Nigeria. Born in the year 1996 to the family of Bro. and Sister Daniel Ayomide Goodness. His father is from Ogbe, Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State and mother from Otuo in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State. He was added to the Lord’s Church in January 2010 through the effort of Bro. Paul Ajeh (Minister of Church of Christ, Ogbe). At the age of ten, he had his First School Leaving Certificate from Orukpa Primary School in Ogbe in the year 2006. He began his  secondary school education in 2007 at age eleven. Due to the death of his grandparents In 2006, his family relocated to Igarra (a town in Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State) where he started school at Universal Group of Schools. In 2009 his father took him to another school (Saint Paul’s Anglican Grammar School also in Igarra town) where he obtained West African Examination Council (WAEC) results in the year 2012. During this time, he worshipped with Idiba Church of Christ Igarra.  He was admitted into BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN in year 2020. His greatest desire in life is to serve God and win souls for His kingdom after his tertiary education.

 ACCOMPLISHMENT: I loaned the sum of N1,500,000 on August 10 for tilling School’s Hall (popularly known as Doug Wheeler Events Center) between August 13 through 21 which I hope to pay back in installments with my BVBIN assistant director’s allowance and other Supports from Oceanside Church of Christ and that of Dorman & Donna Lough from the last quarter of this year through the last quarter of year 2022 Lord’s willing.


1. We are in need of at least the sum of N30, 000 ($75) monthly supports to assist one of our year-2-students (Bro. Akinrinade Sunday Hezekiah) who have shown interest in ministering in the just planted congregation in Aramoko-Ekiti in Ekiti State.

2. The school is also in need of a Mini Gospel Chariot or a Twelve Seater Bus for evangelization of both Urban and Rural areas of the Western States of Nigeria. This will cost us at least  $7,000 for truck, durable chairs, speakers, 2.5kwa generator, lectern, construction of a stage and other necessary things or $4,500 for a first class second hand used bus. 


We deeply appreciate you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord’s Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the great God keep on blessings all you do for His name is our fervent prayers.

I remain your fellow servant of God,Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

For & On behalf of the BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN

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Gospel Report: Moses Ogar

Dear brethren,

This is the Gospel Report from me to you my brethren. This will show what the Lord had done.

Six people gave their lives to Jesus in Wula Boki Cross River State. This happened as we went there for a two day Evangelism. 

We had a monthly Evangelism in Ukwel Obudu none has been baptized but unending promises that we hope God will accomplished them one day.

We conducted a weekly Bible Study and Singing practice in the Congregations of Church of Christ Ukwel Obudu. We engage in personal Evangelism of House to House. We go visiting the Sick and praying for them.

Personally, I engaged in morning and night preachings from my compounds using the megaphone connecting from Solar Battery. Solar Batteries are getting weak. We had worked with ability and strength God gave us. We are looking forward to do more. The annual WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL AND EVANGELISM comes up on NOVEMBER,,19 – 20 2021. God bless.

We continue to maintain the vehicle as usual, changing the oil when due; fueling it as required. The vehicle was helpful in our trip to Wula Boki for the Evangelism. God will continue to strength us. More resources, more work. God bless. We shall need a small vehicle to carry the Children to Bible Study and Signing practice. May God provide. God bless.

Work is on going there as we weere through with the small house that holds the tanks to the borehole. We shall need Timbers to do nugging in the two apartments, ceilings sheets or POP as ceilings. We shall need sands and Cement to work in there. Wiring and painting. Stationary for the WBS Office. May God supply all these for us. God continues to use you people to bless us. We shall be giving the update from time to time.

Remain blessed my brethren.
In Christian Love,Moses Ogar.The Evangelist.

N/B.  Pictures below show some of the activities in Wula Evangelism.


September Work Report


Evangelism work in September 2021 was done in different places.

Annual Youth Seminars were done at these places.  On September 5th, 2021, it was done in Abak City Church of Christ..  On September 19, 2021, it was done at Church of Christ No. 2, Manta, Abak.  On September 26th, 2021, it was done at Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim, Abak. 

Women Monthly Gospel Meeting took place at Ikot Akpabio Afaha Obong, Abak.  There were 2 baptisms at Two Towns Church of Christ Manta/Midim, Abak.  Nse Edet reported 1 baptism from Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo.  Christian Etukuko reported 3 baptisms from Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono. 

We had WBS Seminar at Ikot Efre Itak, Ikono Uyo.  We did house to house evangelism before Indoor Lectures..  There was 1 baptism at Church of Christ Ewet Uyo on 5th September, 2021.  Anameti Akpan reported 2 baptisms during the period..  M. B. Archibong reported 8 souls in the month of September, 2021.  Nelson Akpan reported 4 baptisms during the period.

The School year of 2021/2022 started on September 13, 2021.The attendance of African Christian Secondary (ACSS) that we are running is increasing yearly.  The purpose of running the School is for extension and continuity of Evangelism.  Picture attached.  Keep praying for us.

Please I want to tell our WBS Teachers if any of you has a WBS student or students in any part of Nigeria that need Follow Up work and you do not know any person to contact, let me know.  I will contact the closes person to do the Follow Up Work for us. Brethren we really appreciate your prayers, social and financial support.  May God bless you all.

The present need I am having now is Bibles to give out to new converts, Prison Inmates, WBS students and WBS Follow Up Workers.

Remain Blessed.

In His Work, Monday Akpakpan.

Lagos Island for Aug-Oct 2021


INTRODUCTION: Greetings from Lagos Nigeria. As you read this report from Lagos Island Part Time Extension Program, we extend our hand of fellowship to all of you in different parts of the world benefitting from the great work of our mother school. May God’s strength be with every one of you as you work hard to achieve your set goals in the kingdom. Thanks to God for finding all of us worthy as veritable tools in His hands for the work of the kingdom.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: The last three months had been a very successful one in our classes as Christian Evidence was taught by Oluwafemi Adewuyi, James Luka took The Book of Job while Tim Iwe guided the students in the Scheme of Redemption. Adewuyi will be teaching Homiletics 1 from this weekend.

We need your devotional prayer for Lagos Island church for Lagos State Government is indiscriminately demolishing buildings in Obalende and its environs. A newly completed four-story building opposite the church hall was demolished last week Monday. Even some who have their complete documents were affected. We pray that God guides the church hall from the eye of these government officers. The school’s door is always open to new students at the beginning of each course. Two new students were admitted to our center in this last quarter of 2021.

We will be having the 1st Lagos State Study Centers Combine Seminar in Lagos Island church Hall on the 13th of November 2021. We hope that teachers and church leaders in Lagos will be in that meeting to discuss how to synergize in working for the Lord. Aids to Biblical Hermeneutics will also be part of our focus.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM: We thank God as schools in the West of Nigeria are developing a working force in evangelism. For the second time, we all put forces together to visit and evangelize Aramoko in Ekiti State. Some of us spent 5 days and 3 days respectively. All the Instructors in Lagos Island Center were part of the team that did the work in Ekiti. The Market Evangelism program which involves some of our students is ongoing.

Our goal is to visit and work in new places two to three times yearly in the West of Nigeria. Pray with us that God leads the work.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: Thanks to God for the Online Study Helper work as it yielded to the conversion of a soul in Port Harcourt, Nigeria last month. Bro Anthony Oluria helped in following up with the young lady that got baptized.

On the Online Work: Am having the following records

Active Students: 259

Under Follow Up: 3

Competed Lessons: 4568

Certificates Awarded: 1040

Two souls also obeyed the gospel in my congregation last Sunday.

CONCLUSION: We will be perpetually grateful for your partnership in the Lord and the financial support that Stoney Point Church of Christ and their minister in the person of Terry Stinson has continued to provide for the work in Lagos Island.

Thanks and God bless you.


Lagos Island Center Director


Mojima’s June Report

Greetings to you and yours in Christ Jesus Christ. Pray this email meets you well, we have been mentioning you in our  prayers for God to see you through your endeavors.
We did some follow up with our Evangelism Team and God added a Soul to Christ through water baptism at  Ikot Ibritam a neighboring village of Ikot Akpan Eyo.
Yesterday Sunday June 13,2021 was a very hectic day for me, I spoke at the indoor Bible Lectureship at Ikot Odiong on the topic” Christian Relationship With Enemies”, many questions arose and was attended to using the Bible. Two people confessed of their sin of unforgiving spirit and ask for prayers of the saints.
Again, Between 1.00pm to 5.00pm of yesterday Sunday June 13, I and my wife Ekaette attended a Christian Couples Retreat at the Central Church of Christ, Abak-Urban , I was a guest speaker on the theme” Strengthening  Martial Bound”. The lesson attracted many questions from the participants.
Pray for success in all our mission plans! Pray for resources and good health to serve Him more! 
In Christian Love and Service, Mojima Etokudo