Sunday Udoh’s October 2023 Report

I pray may God protect you and keep you safe from all temptations, I strongly need your prayers in this period of hardship in Nigeria.  The hardship situation is getting higher and higher every day coupled with the current inflation in the country.

In spite of the bad situation, the work of evangelism is progressing the more. The month of October, 2023 witnessed a great number of conversion in the following areas:

  • A World Bible School student was baptized at Atai Otoro, Abak after many periods of visitation and private Bible studies.
  • At African Christian Secondary School (ACSS), 2 World Bible School (WBS) students were baptized.
  • Ikot Esu in Ika is where 1 soul was converted in the area during the month.
  • Central Church of Christ, Abak Town, had 2 baptisms.
  • North side Church of Christ in Ukpom, Abak had 2 baptisms during an evangelism outreach in the area.
  • 3 WBS students were baptized at Iton Ikono in Ikono Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Akwa Ibom State.
  • 3 souls were converted at Ikot Akpabio, Afahaobong in Abak L.G.A
  • Ikot Oku Ikono had 1 baptism.
  • The three-day intensive evangelism effort at Ikot Ekpene Correctional Centre had 32 conversions. Many items, including Bibles, were distributed to the inmates.
  • Also, Uyo Correctional Centre had 8 conversions.
  • The youth seminar at Ikot Okoro had no baptism but the attendance was great.
  • There was no baptism at Utu Abak No. 1 where a youth seminar occurred on 29th October, 2023.

A few pictures of these activities are attached.


Yours in the Lord’s Service.

Sunday Solomon Udoh  

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