Nnanna Aforji’s October 2023 Report

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I hope and believe you are all doing well Lord willing. However, in the month of August, I visited a young congregation at Okpako.  The membership of this church is forty, but they did not have a preacher. I worked with them teaching them the need to have a preacher and at the end of August NSE OBONG was appointed as the minister of the congregation. They were happy with me for such an effort I put in for them to have a preacher.

In the month of September, Monday Kiabon, the minister of Yeghe, invited me to come and help him evangelise Yeghe in their house-to-house evangelism efforts. I have two prospects by name of PROSPER ABEL and BARIKUE OODE. I have their phone number with me and we have been communicating. When they are baptized I will let you know.

Again in the month of October I also visited the church of Christ NONWA-TAI because they had a house-to-house evangelism effort and I was invited. I preached to SAMUEL DAVID and GODWIN LINUS as well as VICTORY NDUBUISI. I got VICTORY NDUBUISI baptized and was added to NONWA Church on the 8th of October 2023. Please see pictures taken at the baptism.  NNAA AENU promised to be baptized on the 15th of October 2023, but unfortunately he had motorbike accident. I also visited him and prayed with him and gave him the little I had for his medication. I have been communicating with him on the phone and believe, Lord willing, when his wound is properly healed, he will be baptized. My second son, SAMUEL AFORJI, who had motorbike accident is doing well as God really answered your prayers. Continue to pray for us even as we do the same here. Remain blessed in the Lord. Amen.


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