Tim Iwe’s October 2023 Report

Team Lagos Evangelism Report 3rd Quarter 2023 by Tim Iwe

Introduction: God’s faithfulness knows no bounds. What looks like endless years is gradually coming to an end. The first set of students in Lagos Island Center are about to complete their 48 courses. There is hope that those who meet the qualification will graduate this December. We, therefore sincerely appreciate your effort in spreading the Gospel but more in empowering us to be fishermen in order to prepare a great harvest. The effect of your sponsorship cannot be over-emphasized.  We thank you sincerely.

We are scouting for new students in Lekki-Ajah axis which is the new Lagos. We have 4 new students presently hoping that more will join before the end of the year. I want to also thank God for being part of the year’s Great Workshop and Port Harcourt Center graduation ceremony. The goal of helping out as a local missionary is working out as I spent 2 Sundays in a month in the last quarter visiting and encouraging young congregations in Lagos. We hope to start organizing a leadership program for them.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES IN SABO-ONIBA/LAGOS ISLAND: Three courses were taken in three months respectively in the two centers. Augustine Ani took the Major Prophets (Ezekiel and Jeremiah) and Akanimoh Archibong taught them in Life of Christ: the Book of John and Suleiman Yusuf led the class through Romans. In Sabo-Oniba, the resident minister, in the person of Joseph Okonta, will be officially retiring from the Pulpit Ministry after serving for 48 years in Ondo and Lagos state, respectively. Our classes continued as Christian Evidence was led by Akanimoh while Prison Epistles was directed by Okoro Chinyere and Scheme of Redemption was taught by Monday Unoke. With your support, the school is waxing strong.  Sabo has two new students enrolled while another 2 will commence studies with us at the Island in the month of October- God’s willing. The instructors are cooperating in spite of the biting economy and we are having excellent performances from both students and instructors.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM:  Both the School at Sabo Oniba, and that of the Island stormed the Sabo Oniba and its environ to evangelize the area on the 30th of September, 2023. It was a fruitful outing as a soul was baptized at Ijanikin on Sunday.

Correspondence Work with (World Bible School) WBS Online

Lagos Team Work: We hope that the team will become active soon.

Online Students Activities: 127

Under Follow-Up:   3

Completed Lessons:  5249

Certificates Awarded: 1364

Baptism: 4

Mission Work with Local Congregations

In an effort to help ministers and church workers look beyond their environment and have a systematic evangelism mind in Lagos, I decided to help young churches function to their capacity. This new duty led me to visit Ikota church, Gbetu in Aja, Etegbin, and Alaba Market congregation.

Ikota is at the heart of Ajah facing the Chevron Estate Ajah. The church faced some challenges recently when the Lagos State government decided to demolish shanti buildings in that area. However, the church is moving on with the dynamic young minds helping out in that area.

I had the privilege of worshiping with the Gbetu congregation last Sunday. It was a time of reunion and excitement. I took the Bible Class explaining the 3Gs (Gather, Grow, and Go) in Discipleship Training to them. My emphasis was on the Grow. While in Gbetu, I could not use a whiteboard to write. I have to arrange for a board for them. The effort of a family has helped in getting the board for them.

Etegbin is one of the congregations we started two years ago. They are looking for a place to worship as a Muslim landlord they are using his balcony is no longer comfortable with it.  We hope that the church will get a place of its own as many brethren have given them some donations to that effect.

The church that meets in Ligali with the leadership of their minister has started a congregation in Alaba Suru Market. Market evangelism is the new strategy we have adopted to work within Lagos. There are many parks in Lagos that attract people from different parts of Nigeria on a daily basis.

Tracts from Sylvester: I want to sincerely appreciate the effort of Bro Sylvester Imogoh of The Gospel Outreach Print Ministry for the work he is doing in the Kingdom and counting me as part of those to work with for years now. Having a godly materials distribution center has been part of my dream for a long time. It is one of the reasons I rented a big office in the center of the western side of Lagos. We are already sharing part of the 50 cartons of tracts that he sent to us a few weeks ago. By the grace of God, it will be used to the glory of God and the blessing of humanity. Thanks to him also for the Bibles and other goodies included. As a team, we shall work together for the growth of the Kingdom.

SCOCIS School Project

Satellite church looking for a way to make Christ’s light shine in the community where we are, started a Nursery and Primary school seven years ago. The seventh academic session started this September. We have started making an effort to register the school with Lagos State Ministry of Education.

We have 5 staff members presently taking care of 45 children.

Conclusion: The last three months came with its challenges but thanks to our Father in heaven for the enablement and your support, we look forward for a more fruitful quarter ahead.

Thanks and God bless you all.

TIM IWE (Self Made Slave for Christ)

Sabo Oniba/Lagos Island Center Director

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