Reuben Egwu’s and Obeten Okoi Oka’s October 2023 Report


The report on our training at Ndigu-Igube, Ohaukwu Local Government Area (L.G.A.), Ebonyi State is here presented.

In continuation of the effort to train disciples who will make disciples that multiply, Nworie Ogobuch, Orji Moses Edwin and I (Obeten Okoi Oka), were with the brethren at Ndigu-Igube, Ohaukwu L.G.A., Ebonyi State.

The 4 Fields Discipleship Multiplication Training was conducted for three (3) days; from the 8th to the 10th of November 2023.

The comprehensive overview of the training and the exposition of Matthew 28:18-20, using the Sword Method, exposed the participants to the relatively new concept of true discipleship and a better understanding of the passage.  The brutal facts humbled them and opened their eyes to realize the number of “lostness” in the area. The unfolding of each tool made the participants fully realize the depth of their emptiness in spreading the gospel and the simple tools that will help them succeed with ease.

The training was a fruitful exercise as we trained 55 participants; comprising members, preachers, and several visitors. To the glory of God, fourteen (14) souls were harvested after the deployment of the Relational Map, the 15 Seconds Testimony, Jesus’ Story in 3 Circles, Baptism Hammer, and Church Health Circle. They include:

1. Sis. Rachael Agbo

2. Bro. Caleb Elom

3. Sis. Favour Elom

4. Bro. Chibuike Ugadu

5. Bro. Izuchukwu Eze

6. Bro. Sunday Elom

7. Sis. Eze Chinwendu

8. Bro. Eze Emmanuel

9. Bro. Onukpa Kelvin

10. Bro. Akiri Uchenna

11. Sis. Aguma Ukamaka

12. Bro. Onukpa Elvis

13. Bro. Ominyi Chikaodili Israel

14. Bro. Michael Elom

The members of the Church were humbled as they realized the simplified nature of the 4 Fields method of making disciples who multiply. They gave their “I will” statements with the promise to go forth and make disciples who make other disciples, continue the good work, use the training to change their lives, lead souls to Christ, and change the narrative of the lostness in the area. To the glory of God.

The fire 🔥 is on. Team Ebonyi is ever grateful for being found worthy to serve. Commit us to God in your prayers. To God be the glory.

Attached are the group training and baptismal pictures.

Reuben Uche Egwu & Obeten Okoi Oka; reporting from Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

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