Oladokun Samuel Olawale’s October 2023 Report

Calvary greetings,

God Has been faithful in all.  The Church at Igbooloyin is growing in the grace and knowledge Christ.

The undiluted truth is being sounded out every month in an open-air evangelism effort every last Sunday of the month and this has been bringing many prospects to come worship with us. For the past four months, we have been doing this and printing tracts on every outing based on the topics we discussed.  To amplify our voices, we got a new set of sound systems with horn speakers which has been helping in reaching out to many through the word they hear us speak. I am engaging more of my young brothers in the church every weekend for follow-up and we’ve been having Bible classes in different homes that welcome us. We need your prayers for God’s increase.

Personally, I have been involving myself in working with young congregations and also gospel campaigns in Oyo state and recently, we went to Ekiti state.  Soon, next month we’ll be visiting Osun state.

Thanks for your love in all.

We sincerely need your prayers.

Yours in His vineyard,

Oladokun Samuel OLAWALE 

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