Chidi Ogbonna’s October 2023 Report


Dear Brethren,

Below are the summary of my last quarter report of work which
covers from the month of July to September, 2023.

I was actively involved in all of our gospel activities here in Abia
State both in my personal work as the Minister with Church of
Christ Umuokiri Nvosi and our cooperate work with our Abia Team
of WBS ably led by our beloved Chinedum Nwankwo and details as

I attended differently organized gospel meetings in various locality
of Isiala Ngwa South and North L.G.A. of Abia State. I also
conducted and attended over:

  • Twenty Four (24) Bible Classes in these passing quarter both on
    Wednesday and Sundays.
  • Twelve (12) house fellowships in the houses of members of our
  • Twelve (12) house to house evangelism in different houses of the
    dwellers of the community where I currently minister.
  • Eight (8) funeral services in different communities
    God blessed my work for this quarter with some baptisms.

Regarding World Bible School (WBS) I have continued to participate actively with the enrollment
of prospective students and lot of follow-up work where I had one-
on-one contact with the students which occasionally results to their

It has really not been easy with me financially because I was not
aware that my support for the year 2023 was half of what I received
in the year 2022 and this has caused me and my family severe
financial burden. I am pleading with you the leadership of the
church to consider reinstating my complete support as it was in the
year 2022.

The congregation where I am serving will be celebrating her one
year anniversary of the existence of this congregation. The date is
November 10th 2023 and we have mapped out programme of
activities for that day to include; house to house evangelism, indoor
lectureship, singing and praying, lunch etc. I plead for your prayers
that we have a successful one year anniversary as a local

Just last Sunday following my powerful preaching, the Lord
crowned my effort with the baptism of a man who is an indigene of
the community where the church is situated. I pray that this new
convert remains faithful.

Thank you so much for working with me, I pray for its continuation.
Attached are some pictures of my work.

God bless you.

Chidi M. Ogbonn

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