Reuben Egwu’s August 2023 Report


Presented is the report on our work at the Abakaliki Youth Conference 2023.

In the quest to train disciples who will make disciples that multiply, Reuben Uche Egwu, Ugochukwu Osuigba Bright and I (Obeten Okoi Oka), with the assistance of Frank Chiedozie Francis were with the Youths at Abakaliki Youth Conference 2023.  It was held at the Church of Christ Auditorium (35 Onwe Road Abakaliki, Ebonyi State).

We did the 4 Fields Discipleship Multiplication Training from the 17th to the 19th of August 2023.

The Exposition of Matthew 28:18-20 exposed the Participants/Attendees to the relatively new concept of true discipleship and a better understanding of the passage.  The Brutal Facts humbled them and opened their eyes to realize the number of “lostness” in the Abakaliki Capital Territory of the State.

In all, it was a fruitful exercise as we were able to train 274 young persons of different congregations and enclaves and other persons who participated actively. Also, five (5) souls were harvested after the deployment of the Relational Map, the 15 Seconds Testimony, Jesus’ Story in 3 Circles, and Baptism Hammer. They included Sis. Inya Stella, Sis. Ogo Blessing, Bro. Ogboji Emmanuel, Bro. Ogboji Joshua, and Bro. Ele Chikwado.

The youth and other participants gave their “I will” statement with the promise to go forth, continue the good work, use the training to change their lives, and lead souls to Christ – to the glory of God!

The fire 🔥 is on. The team is ever motivated to deliver more with your prayers. Amen.

By Obeten Okoi Oka

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