Fasonu Victor’s August 2023 Report

Report of Gospel Activities in Ondo City for June to July, 2023.  

Dear brethren!  

Glory, Honour, and Majesty be to God of all flesh for His blessings and care upon all His children! May the name of the Lord God Almighty be exalted forever in Jesus’ name, Amen.  

I am grateful for your love and concern! When l remembered your love and support for me and the work of God in my hands, l would continue to offer my prayers to God on behalf of my brethren and the Church at Katy! God will continue to bless the church, Amen.   Gospel activities in the course of the months (June to July) is a bit interesting! Our God has been blessings my ministry with souls who are willing to obey the command of Jesus about their salvation. The church at Oka baptized two souls in the course of the months!  

  • Radio Program: The program on Radio will be three years old in this coming December, Lord willing! The program is now going very well with the help of God. The brethren here in Ondo City are doing very well too. The preaching program on Radio has been a beacon for the church in the Ondo area and neighboring lands! We are blessed by God with this program!
  • World Bible School (WBS): As l reported in the last report, brethren, if you are  interested in WBS, l am readily available! I have some courses on ground that need teachers as study helpers. I was there at the great workshop in Port Harcourt that was held from July 26-29, 2023! It was a gathering of preachers who are follow-up workers with WBS! I am back in Ondo City! Brother Chad Wagner was present at the workshop too.
  • Bear Valley Bible Institute: The Bible training program is going on as planned! Thank God that we are in the third year of study this August, 2023! We are practically doing our best to encourage the students to continue till the end of the program! Also, we want to organize our 2nd annual Bible seminar on the 26th of August this year! We need your prayers for a successful outing to the glory of God, Amen.
  • Television program: The gospel preaching program is going on as well. We are now on 23 episodes as l write this report! We hope to continue with the program to the glory of God! So far, we have heard reports of brethren making advertisements for the television program! We are making progress.
  • Challenge: First, the Church at Oka needs your prayers! We are looking for a sound gospel preacher who will continue the work, so l can move to another earmarked area for planting of the church! Second, I would love to continue with the work on ground such as the Television and Radio program. This program needs support in order to continue to be on the air! I will appreciate any help in that area, my beloved brethren!

Beloved brethren, l have always appreciated your love and support for me for the propagation of the gospel in my area for the Lord Jesus and His Church!   

May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless the church and allow His blessings to abound unto the church at Katy in Jesus’ name, Amen.  

Your brother in Christ,  

Fasonu Victor

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