Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu’s July 2023 Report

Dear brethren,

Grace to you and peace from God our father and Lord Jesus Christ.

Below is the mission work report for the second quarter of the year 2023.

Beloved in God, I thank my God always for you and to God for his grace on you that has enabled you to enable us here to do the work of God in this part of the world.

Below is the work report:

Evangelism and church visitation

  1. Two weeks in the month of April, 2023 were used for visitation of our churches in Ette town, Ogugu area of Kogi State. This is to encourage these rural dwellers who are now suffering hardship as a result of their government’s neglect that made them lack all things that help life flourish such as good roads, hospitals, schools with a good teacher, and lack of money as a result of road conditions to carry out their farm products. We visited those who are backsliding among them. We helped them financially and encouraged them to remain in the faith and in the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Three new souls were baptized during these visits to Effeche town and Oluepe town.
  2. In the first week of May, 2023, two students were sent with brother Robert Okolo to join the church of Christ at Bebi Obakilu in Cross River State to work with them for a week in house-to- house preaching and open air preaching.  This included a free medical clinic and counseling. They returned with news of 17 newly, baptized people from the work!  My visit to my grandson’s church at Akwuke town to worship with them resulted in the baptism of one woman who also visited to worship with the church that day.


We are making a great effort to make churches in Enugu State who do not believe in Christian education understand the importance of Christian Education in the development of the church starting in the second week of May, 2023.  The mission is sending five students into these churches in Enugu to let them know the importance of raising laborers through Christian Education in the church of Christ in Enugu and beyond. The students have visited ten congregations in Enugu to worship with them and teach them. They will visit more of the churches. The visit every Sunday. The attached to this letter is some of the lessons they are teaching to the churches. The students work inmission home evangelism in Amoli town and in Agbogugu Town.


The mission building project is ongoing. The Amoli town church building is on-going now (see the attachment). It is a block-building now and not zinc batcher like I said before but I will need your help to do the roofing, doors and windows at the cost of 1,500 dollars to do roof, put in iron windows and doors, and plastering with cement. The preacher’s house at IHE town, which was two rooms before, is now four rooms with a toilet, kitchen, and palour.  The roof will be completed before the middle of next month. The church will do other works in the building by themselves. See the attached picture of the house.   Regarding the Effeche town church building, the church has over grown their church building with a lot of women and children. The mission is helping them to mold cement blocks (six hundred blocks has been molded for the project, but they need 1800 blocks).


Different benevolence activities were done in the quarter as food, clothing, and money were given out to the fatherless and motherless and to some of our old women in four of our churches to assist them during their hard times.  All were happy, praising, and thanking God.  They are praying for you who have enable us to help them. I wish any of you could come to see us and these works you have empowered us to do. The churches of Christ and my family greet you all. May love and God’s grace continue to protect you and us here.  

Sincerely thanking you for your fellowship in the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  

Your brother in the Lord,    

Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu

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