Chidi Ogbonna’s July 2023 Report


The Elders

Katy Church of Christ

5458 E 5th Street Katy, TX 77493 USA.  

Dear Elders,  

My name is brother Chidi Ogbonna, I am your benefactor and writing as the preacher of the newly formed congregation at Church of Christ Umuokiri Nvosi in Isiala Ngwa Local Government Area (LGA) of Abia State (South Eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa). I am, by this email, sending you my report of work for this second quarter that will be ending in a few days from today.  

My work in my new place of work is really yielding fruit because we have been having visitors who are interested in worshipping with us.   Some of them were baptized and are constantly worshipping with us. The pictures we are sending alongside this report will show some of the baptisms we had this second quarter. Because this place is a virgin land, we are intensifying our house-to-house gospel preaching.  

In this quarter, we hosted two different gospel meetings where we invited some nearby brethren from other local congregations of the churches of Christ to come help us evangelize our area of operation. Again, we plan to invite brethren from more than twenty-two churches of Christ to help us preach the gospel in celebrating our one year anniversary of our congregation.  We hope to celebrate our one year anniversary as a congregation on first Friday in the month of November, 2023!  

We organized the burial of one of our pioneer members who died in his prime. I preached the gospel of Christ to all who attended the funeral service. I am also enclosing, in this report, the group picture of myself and my first son who is also a gospel preacher preaching in one of the congregation in one of the remotest area of Abia State. He graduated from the Nigerian Institute Of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS), which is our Bible College at Ntisha Onicha Ngwa under the supervision of brother Chad Wagner and his name is Wisdom Ogbonna C.  

I have added market preaching into my preaching ministration and we are going round all the four markets around here in four good days per week!  The people are very receptive of our mini services.   All the church weekly activities are keenly observed and God is blessing our efforts in His glory.  

Brethren, our God has been so gracious to me, my family, and the church of God over here that I cannot really report that I have been able to do and achieve in this quarter that is ending tomorrow.  This is why I am summarizing them all in the below pictures because I believe that pictures tell thousands of stories.  

Finally, I can’t thank you enough for supporting me and my family in this my God given mandate to preach the word. I say may He continue to bless you and your entire members. I am also thankful to Bro Chad Wagner for recommending my work to your congregation and for all his supervisory role. God bless and reward Sir Chad Wagner.  

Yours in Him,    

Chidi Ogbonna

(Church of Christ Umuokiri Nvosi)

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