Akpabio Akpabio’s July 2023 Report

It’s my pleasure to intimate you of the progress work here in Abuja after the report I sent to you in May, 2023.

Indeed, a lot has been done in terms of following up on the students and further campaigns for enrollment in various zones. For instance, Nyanya zone led by our brother, Obakemi Moses had visited some schools and other establishments for enrollment and the outcome is awesome as we have more students and prospects on record. I hope brother Obakemi Moses must have sent a report to you.

Kubwa/Dutse zone keep following up the old students, including those you sent their details to us. The zone also visited some establishments like hospital and schools to create awareness and enroll more students which had been successful.

Gwagwalada zone, led by brother Kennedy Abrotu, organized a seminar for sensitisation on World Bible School (WBS) in that area. Both members and non-members were in attendance. The team members use a personal approach for more enrollments.

I can testify that most of the team members are actively involved in the work.

We will have a seminar for the youth of the church to train them on solidifying their faith and encouraging the use of WBS as a tool for alternative evangelism. All Christian youth in Abuja will be expected.

Even more so, we will continue fulfilling our schedule for the year by the grace of God.

We continue to appreciate your efforts, sacrifices and support for us to stand.

We earnestly appreciate our sponsors and keep praying for God to keep them in good health and bless them more.

Finally, we still rely on your support while praying that God should use us the more for the progress of WBS work and His kingdom.

Our warm regards to you and all concerned.

Akpabio Akpabio
WBS Coordinator
Abuja, Nigeria.

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