Uzoma Nwokoma Alozie’s July 2023 Report


(1) I am Brother Alozie Uzoma (Evangelist); serving the Church that meets at Mbutu Ngwa and its surrounding areas in Isi-Ala Ngwa South LGA of Abia State.  I organize a team called ” Cooperate Evangelism Outreach.” We organize monthly evangelism from Village-to-Village.  Through this unique program, many congregations have been strengthened and many souls have been converted. From April 2023 till this date, l have baptized three souls here (excluding those baptized during invitations by other churches).

(2) Four Congregations invited me to preach funeral sermons during the burials of their departed ones, l preached in two Congregations during their lectureship, and engaged in evangelism efforts. I Declared the whole counsel of God with tracts being shared. 

(3) l also engaged in our old Brethren ministry. For this cause l visited our older brothers and sisters who are sick and confined to their beds for many years. l sat with them for a few hours, sang with them, prayed with them, and gave them words of encouragement.

(4) We also organized a Womens’ Seminar (Sisters Forum). The Sisters taught themselves.

(5) One Radio station in the State invited me to discuss the topic of “Undenominational Christianity.”  After twenty minutes in the discussion, l received calls from my listeners, who bombarded with questions, and they received Biblical answers.

(6) Finally, seeing the massive exodus of youth from the church at campuses, we decided to organize a seminar for children (Kids from l year to 16 years old)  annually tagged ” CATCH THEM YOUNG.” This program has attracted the attention/interest of kids of the kingdom. Last year 435 kids attended!  This year, the 5th edition has been slated to hold on July 22nd.  We have started planning seriously with my committee members and hope to receive the funds necessary to buy items required for the event. All these are done by God’s grace, your financial support and encouragement. The Campaign of Children Seminar will go around the State in the Lord’s Church if we see more sponsors.  I am working with brother Joshua Uzoma evangelist.  

To God be the Glory.    

Brother Alozie Uzoma 

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