Akinrinade Sunday’s July 2023 Report

Church Of Christ

No 8, Temidire Street, Oja-Oke Egbe, Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti West LGA, Ekiti State, Nigeria.



Calvary greetings In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ; the Author and Finisher of our Faith!  May God continue to bless His Churches In Jesus Name. Amen. Despite the challenge facing Nigeria this time around, we give Glory to Almighty God that His Church is getting stronger every day. This is the report of my Activities with the Church of Christ, worship at Temidire Street, Oja Oke-Egbe, Alele Street, Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti State.  


The Evangelism work of Aramoko Ekiti was going smoothly and with the help of Bro. Olusegun Amos from Ijebu-Jesa always comes most weekends to join us in the work of evangelism. And students from BVBIN&SWSE IBADAN also help me in the work of the Evangelism. From April to June we were able to baptize three People: Bro. John Akinkunmi, Bro. Tope Ademola, and Sis. Blessing Ige. All of them an natives of Aramoko Ekiti and we currently number 27 Christians who worship in the Aramoko Ekiti Congregation. We have more than 30 prospects around the town and we are conducting Bible studies with them. We hope and believe that very soon they will surrender themselves for baptism and obey the Gospel.  


We had three Baptisms:  1. Brother John Akinkunmi (04/112023); 2. Brother Tope Ademola (05/17/2023); and 3. Sister Blessing Ige (06/03/2023)

OUR NENDS Due to heavy rain that has been falling here combined with windy conditions, it has been seriously affecting the building of our meeting place.  Please, we seek support to our meeting place for it not to be destroyed because of the heavy rain and the load on the building is more than its capacity.  


Iron Poles 8 pieces #8,500 per one (#9,500×8) = #76,000 (naira) Cement 12 bags #4,500 per one (#5,200×12) = #62,400

Block 300 pieces #400 per one (#450×300) = #135,000

Iron bender is #12,000

Workmanship is #75,000  


Bamboo 25 pieces #600 per one (#700×25) = #17,500

Plank 4 pieces #2,500 per one (#2,500×4) = #10,000

Nail 5 is #10,000

Birding wire is #4,500

Workmanship is #20,000

Miscellaneous #50,000 

Total of money we need for this is #550,000 which is like $850

We humbly seek for support for this our meeting place for it not to fall. It was the increase in gas prices that makes everything more costly than before.  We hope for your help for our building to stand.  


We are receiving two students for their 6 weeks practicum in Aramoko Ekiti from July 1st to August 13, which they we work with me during the time for Evangelism to be more effective. We hope that their stay time here will bring more people to the fold. As the congregation, we have raise what we need for this and we are to bring good fruit.  


We appreciate God who is keeping us growing every day and all our supporters from the USA and in Nigeria. We appreciate Bro. Chad Wagner, Katy Church Of Christ Mission Presentation, BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN, Bro. Makinde Ebens, Bro. Akinyemi, Bro. Segun Amos. May God whom you are serving through us Bless You More In Jesus Name. Amen.  

Yours In His Vineyard

Bro. Akinrinade Sunday




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