Moses Ogar’s July 2023 Report

Brethren, Greetings to you all in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. I pray that you all are in good health. I am sure the Lord is blessing you all.

Here is my Gospel Report for April to June 2023.

As usual, we have preached to many localities with conversations taking place. The Lord is blessing His works through our efforts. We organized Bible classes, song practice with local congregations, Evangelism, House-to-House studies, Lectureships, a World Bible School (WBS) Seminar, and visiting and praying for those hospitalized. I also engaged in personal visits to members and Evangelism House-to-House. God has used us very well. May He do more than this! We pray that God provides more resources and good health to keep the work up. God provides Phil.4:19 and Psalm 23. God bless you all that help me in this work.

EVANGELISM VEHICLE: I keep up with maintenance of the vehicle by visiting my Mechanic regularly. Today, work on the vehicle began with the car door so it can lock and open on the driver’s side. It was not working well about 2 weeks ago. The problem has been resolved. I keep changing the oil and fueling it for godly travels. I sold the small car that was giving me more problems. I spent a lot to repair it and it will not last long if another problem occurs. I thank God that matter is over.

Lord willing I will use the money to buy a small machine; a motorcycle to use for my personal Gospel and WBS works. When God blesses, I will buy a better Vehicle to carry children to church and Bible Study. Now the load of this work lies on the Toyota Picnic mini-van. As God blesses, we will keep working for Him. ‘


We will continue works on this. We pray that in this political administration in Nigeria, things should run well. Let prices of goods and services including fuel decline. Also, God blesses with funds to continue the works. I am planning to bring in sand and Cement to work on the two Apartments. We also need to raise the Church building roof. The heat on us is too much when we are there for worship activities. With God’s help, we shall modernize it. May God help and bless you all to bless us.

Finally, Brethren pray for me to overcome the challenges facing me daily and otherwise. Let Satan not succeed in his tricks against me in Jesus Name. Amen. God blesses you all. I am going to this year’s WBS Great Workshop, Lord willing, in Port Harcourt. This is a far distance from my home to go. Pray for the success of the program.

In Christian Love,

Moses Ogar,
The Evangelist

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