Fasonu Victor’s July 2023 Report

Report Of Bear Valley Bible Institute Weekend School, Ondo State (April to June, 2023).  

Dear brethren,  

I am very grateful for the grace of life given to us all. I want to express our thanks to our esteemed Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denver, Colorado, and the leadership of the Church at Bear Valley for their massive support in the spread and training of gospel preachers in Africa -particularly Nigeria! We are grateful and l know the rest of the schools here in Nigeria will continue to appreciate this gesture as well. Thank you.  

Evangelism Report: The School in Ondo City center with the assistance of the Church, Yaba, Ondo City have established the Church of Christ in Oka, Ondo City! Three days of evangelism and Open Air preaching was organized April 14-16, 2023 with all the students in attendance! All glory, honor and majesty is returned to God for the grace given for His work. God’s worship started on April 16, 2023 with 17 members in attendance. The Church at Oka is growing with two more members becoming a member of the Church! All our evangelistic activities are geared toward the Oka area now! All the instructors and the students were on ground for this April evangelism work for the school! The Church at Oka needs continuous prayers for massive growth.  

Also, the Gospel Chariot team was invited to Ondo City by the School and the Church in order to assist us more with massive evangelism work! The team arrived in Ondo City on the 17th of May, 2023! They spent two weeks with us in Ondo City! We preached open – Air in Six locations in Ondo City. More than 50 prospects were contacted and gospel engagements is still going on with them! We pray and believe our God will harvest their souls for Him, Amen.  

Also, in Akure center, they are not left out in this evangelism fervor. Akure center also, through the help of God, has established the Church at Alade, in Idanre local government area. The evangelism program was organized by the Church at Leo with the Bear Valley School as partners in progress from March 31st to April 2, 2023! The Church at Alade started on the 2nd of April, 2023. All the students of Akure study center were present in the gospel exercise! Thereafter, two of our students were sent to assist the Church every Sunday after the establishment of it there! Reports gathered that the Church at Alade is growing gradually to the glory of God. Beloved of God, we have established two congregation of the Lord already! Glory be to God Almighty, Amen.  

Classroom Activities: In Ondo State, Classroom Activities were carried out successfully. In April, 2023, Brother Godwin Emmanuel taught “Personal Evangelism.” While in Akure center, Brother Victor Fasonu taught “Homiletics-1.”  

In May, 2023, Brother Victor Fasonu taught “Homiletics-1 in Ondo Center while Brother Godwin Emmanuel taught “Personal Evangelism in the Akure study center.  

In June, 2023, Brother Victor Fasonu taught “Christian Home in Ondo City center” while in the Akure study center, Brother Rowland Matthew taught “New Testament Church-2.”   

Brother Sunday Odiagbe is a member of the Church at Ayeyemi in Ondo City! He is 48 years old! He is married with kids. He is a humble brother in the Church! He is a good and honest Christian. He’s learning very fast in God’s righteousness more through the School. His aim of studying with Bear Valley Bible Institute is to know the Scriptures with certainty! For him, knowledge of God’s Word is more important than anything else in the world! I hope he will be become a preacher in the near future!  

Financial Report: As a School, we are blessed with our needs! All thanks to all our supporters! Thank you, all.  

Miscellaneous: We are enjoying God’s grace and provision from the school in Denver, Colorado! Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate.  

Beloved of God, thank you brethren for your help in the work of training sound and Bible-based preachers in the 21st Century! We will continue to work with the strength the Lord God Almighty has given! We will not disappoint our God in this assignment and continue to be the best to the glory of God, Amen.       

Fasonu Victor, Coordinator

Bear Valley Bible, Institute, Ondo City, Nigeria

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