Tim Iwe’s June 2023 Report


INTRODUCTION: According the Adeolu Akinyemi in his article on Nature’s insight titled “If you want to go far, go together,” Pando is a massive colony of quaking aspen trees located in Utah, USA. What’s unique about Pando is that it is one interconnected organism; with all of the trees sharing the same root system. This makes Pando one of the largest and oldest living organisms on earth; estimated to be around 80,000 years old. Bear Valley Bible Institute is linking brethren from different parts of the world together to study the Word of God. This goal is making this institution one of the greatest in our generation. God bless you all for this effort. Work is going on in the two centers I coordinate. We had three new students in Lagos Island. Also, the students who started the program there have seven courses to complete of their 52 courses required to obtain their certificate.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES IN SABO-ONIBA/LAGOS ISLAND: In Sabo-Oniba, Bro Etim Mfon took the Book of Romans, Bro Emmanuel Odoh from Agege came to teach the Major Prophets which is part of Old Testament series, and in April Bro Suliman Yusuf taught “How We Got the Bible.” The students are excited about developing themselves in the word of God by the efforts of this college. In Lagos Island, Bro Ani Augustine took a class in African Traditional Religion, Bro Luka James led in Leadership class, and Femi Adewuyi guided them in Life of Christ 3 (Book of Luke). We are having three new students in the center as stated above.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM: Our Market evangelism has resumed. Two students and a staff member are presently involved in the project. This is a new idea that is fascinating. Many are in their stores and office in the market. They listen to our message as we do Open Air preaching most of the time. We hope to add World Bible School (WBS) lessons once we get a teacher or congregation that will be marking the lessons. Bro Chad is working to make sure we are on this very soon.

Both centers were in Ipara close to Badagry last week Saturday. It was a great outing as the local congregation was excited about seeing us come to help them reach out in their area. We are also considering visiting some congregations that do not have Preachers in our area on Sundays. Two students will be worshipping with these churches once a month. That will increase our effort to encourage these young congregations.

LAGOS WBS WORK: The Online WBS Marking is still going on.

Lagos Team Work: None for these three months.

Online Students Activities: 163

Online Students Active: 17

Under Follow Up: 1

Competed Lessons: 5135

Certificates Awarded: 1307

Baptism:  3

CONCLUSION: The work of the Lord will continue as He finds us worthy in His hand. Thank you all for your prayer and support in this work.

Thanks and God bless you all.

TIM IWE (Self Made Slave for Christ)

Sabo Oniba/Lagos Island Center Director

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