Sin causes trouble, pains and death for mankind, Jeremiah 14:4-14, 17-18. The high corruption of the politicians and those in authority of the country are now causing much trouble, pain, and death of many people in Nigeria.  The situation has resulted in the need of hard work and preaching to people for salvation in churches of Christ in Mbanabo Mission.

Instead of the fear of insecurities in some parts of the country, we depend on God’s strength and protection to go about preaching the way of salvation and working to uplift those who are backsliding because of the hardship of living in the country (Psalm 121:2, 7-8, Hebrews 15:5-6).

The following is the result of our work in the first quarter of the year 2023 including six baptisms recorded within three of our congregations:

  1. Two women and one man at the church of Christ at Oduma town, one woman and one young man at Church of Christ at the town, and one woman at Church of Christ at Effeche town; a total of six new souls baptized into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Mission Building Project work now beginning at Amoli Town Church of Christ.  The building is 30ft long by 15ft wide. The work is now at the foundation level
  3. Four hundred cement blocks have been molded to add to the one we had before at Effeche Town Church of Christ.  We want to enlarge the Church building to 30ft long by 20ft wide as the Church membership has grown in number and the old building no longer contains them.
  4. Work is on-going on at the Preachers’ houses at Ihe Town.  The building is 80% complete.  I will send the picture of these buildings before the next work report
  5. With great joy in my heart, I report to you of the Grandson Church of Christ.  This is the second congregation where God blessed me to plant the seed of God’s Word in Gariki in Enugu Urban.  It is now established.  Another congregation of the Lord’s church is established at Akwuke Town near Gariki in Enugu has been established by the long evangelism work with the students of Bear Valley Bible School in Enugu. The congregation that began last year in February, 2022, now has twelve members.  Thank God I can support them to pay for their meeting building hall in the town.  I paid for the work rate for this year 2023; I also paid for the preacher’s house at the church meeting Hall at Amaoha town for this year.
  6. The Mission’s Benevolence Work: We were able to reach 30 members with financial support for some of the sick where we were blessed to help buy malaria drugs and helped some who do not have money for food.  This was because of the change of currency bills by the Federal Government with a lack of cash in circulation due to bad government policies. Chinaecherem Ndubuisi is a motherless and fatherless girl whom the father brought to the church at Amoli Town before he died.  The girl is doing her junior final exam this year and she has no money to register for the exam.  She also has no relations to help her and that is why I paid the exam registration for her.  I also promised to help her with the remaining part of the school fees because she is very much faithful in attending church worship and Bible classes. The attached picture is that of Chinecherem Ndubuisi.
  7. Community Bible Learning Centre: This is a free Bible learning Center and free basic computer training center for youth using World Bible School (WBS) Courses.  The ten lessons from WBS class helps the students know Basic Bible Lessons that will help them to understand how to become Christians; while the free Basic Computer Lesson enables them to work via their phone to further do their Bible lesson on the internet.  The two days in a week part-time school is aimed to help solve the problem of a lack of interest of young people to study the Bible and that of Christian youth’s lack of interest in Bible Training to work as Evangelists.  Every place of our work now has its particular problem.  For example, in Enugu State, young people do not have interest to do preaching work now.  We have a part-time, one day Bible school in Enugu Urban.  However, only the older, un-trained Preachers are attending the class. Bear Valley Bible School in the USA is helping us with study materials. Thank God, in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, we have young men from the Church who have an interest to study and preach in churches.  We have eighteen students. who by God’s Grace, will graduate this year. Brethren, please continue to pray for this work here as we are having many struggles now in Nigeria, but we are depending on God’s mercy and grace, your prayers, and support to work and move about here (Lamentation 3:20-29).

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