Anameti Akpan’s Work Blessed To Help Widows!

Dearly Beloved,

May God continue to bless all in Jesus Name Amen.

May 1st, I was able to visit Obot Akara so as to see those widows and also visit the farm in which they do cultivate cassava, maize.

The following items were presented to them

  1. Two bags of rice
  2. Those dresses, bags, slippers and necklace (4) sent by women
  3. Money.

The 8 of them were very grateful for those items received; even more so, they were praying for those women who had contributed for the growth of that program (widow’s farm) and they had promised to remain faithful to the Lord.

Here are the pictures below:

  1. Presenting 2 bags of rice to the widows
  2. Widow’s farm
  3. Widows wearing those new dresses
  4. The women sharing those food items
  5. Standing with the women in the farm
  6. The widows standing in the farmland.

Finally, may God bless you all in Jesus name.

Anameti Akpan.

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