Michael Udam’s January 2023 Report

We thank God we made it to 2023 and to the glory of God, work started on the 2nd of January with the first quarter Leadership Conference for church leaders around Northern Cross River hosted by the Ukpagada church. Ninety-eight church leaders from 38 congregations participated and we resolved to put more emphasis on reviving the congregations around us and intensify our approach to evangelism using World Bible School (WBS), Gospelshare, and other available tools at our disposal. Leaders also resolved to work closely with each other to grow the church around Northern Cross River state.

As a way of strengthening fellowship within the congregation and also taking into consideration the special needs of various age groups in the church, I had to plan to have lunch with the youths, the adults, and the children. These meetings afforded me the opportunity of evaluating the progress we are making as a church in the area of bonding and inter-family relationships; especially since we are a rural community.

Honestly, I enjoyed these meetings. Even when each meeting cost me more than 100 USD to provide the food, I returned home very happy and fulfilled as I heard directly from those I led about how excited they are being in Christ and the fellowship we share in Him.

Also, within this month, Healing Hands International USA choose our congregation to pilot the planting of Plantain to fight food insecurity in Africa. The church provided a piece of land and bought suckers to activate the process and to the glory of God, the farm has been established.

Externally, within the month, a nearby congregation invited me to speak in their gospel meeting on the 21st and my topic was Church Growth Destroyers. The brethren were edified and to the glory of God, a few brethren were strengthened who were already feeling discouraged about the behaviors of some brethren that they looked up to.

Our WBS team was also involved in a three-day evangelism effort in Bebi, Obanliku, and three souls were won into the kingdom and top amongst them is a senior lecturer of the College of Education Obudu.

God has been faithful and I am glad that I am found useful in his vineyard.

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