New Church Needed

Grace and Peace be unto you through Jesus Christ our savior and king. Hope this will find you healthy and firm striving relentlessly to expand the Kingdom of Christ. Beloved, l do not relent teaching and preaching that Jesus Christ is Lord, many are responding, Obeying the good news, many are baptized, Churches planted. In my quest preaching from place to place, l visited a community, during my Open Air preaching, few brothers and sisters came out  and identify themselves as members of the Church, they said some them don’t go to worship due to distance, they called on me to plant a church in their Community. I have had meetings to know their seriousness. Finally, they wrote this letter for authenticity. I have called some serious ministers who are Evangelism conscious to brainstorm how we can achieve this divine mandate. I have planned to organize four days Open Air preaching to ascertain the fertility of the community towards the end this month. Though l always plan without fund, hoping some spiritual Christians, Soul saving conscious will help save dying souls here. The Challenges are hiring of Speaking equipment, hiring of Hall, how to cool thirst of those to be invited. The attached is their letter of request. This great work need to be looked into to find a way forward. Brethren, there are places that a calling to send the light. Help send the light or link us

 brethren that can help to achieve His will. I continue to inform you our progress. Brother Alozie 


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